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Giant Midnight Mountain Bigfoot Confronts Hunters with Glare of Irritation


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Sasquatch Glares at Hunters with Irritation
in a Territorial Confrontation

Giant Midnight Mountain Bigfoot 
Confronts Hunters with Glare of Irritation

Jacob H messages RMSO

Found this out hunting two weeks ago...haven't said much about it yet....

RMSO asks
What is the length and width of this impression?

Jacob continues
I was hunting and did not have a measuring tape I were a 11 &1/2 it was about 3 inches longer than my foot and about twice as wide I'd guess 15 to 16 long around 6 to 7 wide...
Next to a heavy used game trail that was dry water runs off on one side of the trail after rain causing about a 2 foot wide path of moisture in dirt the rest is like concrete. So u less the stride is less than 2ft it would be 1 print. There were spots in the dry where you could see out lines but no definition.

That was my guess when you said it was around 3 inches longer than your size 11.5
Where or what state what this footprint photo obtained?

Southeast Idaho

So in the Bear River Range Mountains?

Bear River near Mink Creek, Idaho

OK so was this up Franklin Basin Road or did you find it in the Valley Near Mink Creek?

So there's a Canyon just past mink creek called immigration Canyon. There's a road that cuts back and goes East Side of the highway called xxxx xxxxxx road. I hunt back up there fairly regularly in a place they call the xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx..
 Me and my brother a brother have had a couple encounters back there. And also some other odd things happen.

OK, I know exactly where you are talking about.
There have been some crazy bigfoot encounters near that spot.

The trail is close to the xxx xxxxx it's a game trail not marked we found one track that was pictured pressed into the soft dirt where it was somewhat wet still from the shade then found imprints without as much detail about every 6ft in the brush.

A couple of guys got charged by a bigfoot back in there with thier hunting dogs.. Scared the crap out of thier dogs & they fired shots to get it to leave
A cop got stuck back in there & stayed the night and had a bigfoot come up to his truck and sniff the ground a few feet away where the cop had been peeing during the night.. The bigfoot peed right over his spot...

Lower on the mountain near Camp Barlett some weekend warriors on drill had an encounter

I have had 2 where I have actually seen bigfoot and 3 other occurrences where I have seen one and have felt like he was very aggressive.

Both in Idaho? When was the most recent?

2 weeks ago

Same time you took a photo of that bigfoot track?

 It would have been 3 days prior to the photo in a different Canyon one Canyon over.

 So we had hiked back in to something timber. And posted up on top of a knowl where you could see about 180 degrees and started spotting for deer. We had been seeing a few does and were quietly talking. 

 Out of no where we heard a whoop type of sound down below us. We were caught off guard by the noise but didnt think much about it. We got back to spotting for deer and my brother said to look toward the center of the valley about 500 to 600 yards in front of us. There was a silvery orb floating, moving back and forth slowly then would stop for a min then would start to move slowly down again until it landed in the trees where we lost sight of it. 

 I made the comment that the woot that we heard earlier was bigfoot more so just teasing my brother about it not truly believing it. So he in fun made a really loud whoop sound that echoed the valley and almost instantly below us again the whoop answered back. 

 Scared the crap out of us so we got our stuff packed as fast as possible and started to leave then we heard a loud crash off to the side of us...tree falling? So we started to push through the brush and got to a clearing.  

 On the way back to the four wheeler we had left and as soon as we stepped into the clearing maybe 20 yards across on the other side a big figure was standing there buck brush up to his knees. It just looked at us. It looked irritated that we were there. We both had pistols in our hands just in case it came at us. 
Then another crash on our left side we both looked and when we turned back it was gone.

We ran as fast as we could back to the wheeler a mile or so away
And left, havent been back up there since.
Hope that made some sense messaging from my phone...

Were you guys able to estimate the creatures height or width?

Track was a mile apart from sighting I would guess 8 1/2ft tall maybe a bit more... buck brush was up to his knees and close to chest height on us.
He was super thick hard to say I'm not the best guesser but from judging elk I'd say 
475 to 550ish sounds crazy when I say that

Amazing right in the area some very aggressive encounters have took place in the past too.
We do look around sighting report areas if they happen in a place with a history of them.. Cant get to each and every one.. But do know the bigfoot you saw & possibly his traveling companion start heading south through the Bear River Mountain Range & into the Wasatch Mountain Range this time every year.. We track their movements with sighting reports & the tracks they leave behind.

2020 one of the two was filmed in the Sink
We tracked them to Beaver Mountain.. Then they were spotted in Franklin Basin. Then 4 weeks later a guy came face to face with both of them on Monte Cristo
As rare as these creatures are.. I do believe they are the same ones that keep getting spotted and encountered there
Trying to figure out what one of the two you saw.. What color was he? Was he balding on his head or not?

 He was very dark in color but almost looked like he had a red tint to him as well....not sure what color youd call it, a dark reddish brown I'd guess. Hair seemed thin on the arms but main body seemed thicker. If I had to guess I'd say male had definit chest definition.
Head didnt look way thin. Face was bare but was framed in pretty good. Never saw back of its head.

A person that saw one about same height south of there, said it had a pissed off look on its face..
Another person that saw one November of last year south of yours also said it had a serious look to its face and never changed face expression the whole time.

That's how this was.

The guy that came face to face with two of them on Monta Cristo.. Stated both male.. Both around 8'6 and one was dark brown or black with graying.. It was thick around the waist and was balding on the head.. The one that it was with was dark brown close to black and had a thinner waist and better shape as if younger.. The older one stepped in front of the younger one as if in protection putting itelf between the witness & it..

The witness had a sidearm drawn although did not point it at the creatures.. The way the encounter ended.. Seems they know what he had in his hand.

This one had a thinner waist for sure.
We never pointed either didnt want to seem aggressive back at them
That makes sense then the one smashing trees off to the side was probably the big one
Older one that is.

Yea and he is protective and acts like he rather be the one shot or harmed over the younger one
Let me know if you see or hear anything else...
Those two that travel together.. One leaves a track around 14 to 15 in length.. The other is a little bigger 16 to 17 inch in length..
The way your sighting ended sounded like you had two there but just saw the one.

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