Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A small dosage of Trolls we deal with on a regular basis bringing you Bigfoot sighting reports


Tim Stover upset over the cover photo below used on a bigfoot sighting report.
Apparently Tim needs to work out some personal issues & refrain from being an online bully.
Please show Tim some love. Apparently he isn't getting enough attention.

Blog link to the report Stover is throwing a fit over

Tim Stover's Trolling comments.
This is what you call Click Bait! The photo has absolutely nothing to do with the story and fools people into clicking on the link in hopes to see more photos or possibly video footage. This is what many Youtubers and bloggers do to increase the views on their channels and videos. It’s just a numbers game to them.

Kelly Shaw Don't allow jealousy to cloud your vision Tim

Kelly Shaw A cover photo is expected by everyone on any blog post & this woman's sighting report deserves to have a good cover photo even if it is the famous blog squatch of boggy creek. I have had issues with you criticizing me in the past. I do believe you hate me Tim. Have no idea why. However my hunch is you are afraid you aren't directly in the lime light.

Tim Stover   I’ve removed myself from the lime light because of all the garbage and BS out there. I know an attention seeker and a numbers hustler when I see one.
Have you ever noticed that you never participate in anything on OBH or even comment to others who share? But as soon as someone comments to something you share on OBH then your on it like flies on shit.
Until you learn to care about anything but yourself and the numbers it’s best if you stay away. 

Kelly Shaw Appears you struggle with anger management issues. Perhaps jealousy missed the mark. However I wont sit quietly while you take out your personal issues on me. Find someone else to pick on tough guy.

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  1. Some seem unhappy. Some know it all. Some give others Take. Your giving more than taken Kelly. Enough said. Thanks for the effort.I appreciate you My Friend .GB