Friday, March 23, 2018

Modern Day Sightings of Bigfoot, Solitary Savage of The Snake River & Cannibal Giants may be The Same Creature

 The Solitary Savage of The Snake River
The largest concentration of Bigfoot sighting reports come from the Pacific Northwest.
The Snake River is a gateway into the Rocky Mountains from the Pacific Northwest.
This elusive creature could easily follow the Columbia River to the Snake River & Bigfoot would soon be dwelling in the Great Rocky Mountains of North America

Below are sighting reports of a creature early settlers called the Solitary Savage of The Snake River.

Bigfoot The Solitary Savage of The Snake River

Some of the earliest reports of what many would consider Bigfoot today
were observed by Native American Indians.
The Shoshone called this creature dwelling in the Saw Tooth Mountains of Idaho &
the Jarbidge Mountains of Nevada Tsawhabitts  translated to english "Cannibal Giant".

The following is a history of the Shoshone Cannibal Giant.
Shoshone Legend of Cannibal Giants in Tsawhawbitts Jarbidge Wilderness

Recent Sighting of this elusive giant.
Hunters Encounter Aggressive Group of Sasquatch Tsawhawbitts Mountains

Three Possible Trackways of Bigfoot Tsawhawbitts Expedition

Snake River Cave
Another cave in Devil Corral Canyon next to Snake River
Devil Corral Canyon Spring

Another modern day Bigfoot sighting along the Snake River
Girl Followed by Bigfoot in Devil Corral Canyon

Follow-up of Devil Corral Canyon Expedition
Moving Anomaly in Devil Corral Canyon Bigfoot Expedition Video

Snake River
Devil Corral Canyon Spring
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