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Large Male Montana Bigfoot Throws Rock at Woman Bow Hunting

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Large Male Montana Bigfoot 
Throws Rock at Woman Bow Hunting

Donna writes RMSO
 I live in NW MT and I had an encounter with a large male Bigfoot in 2016. He threw a rock at me while I was bow hunting in September. I was hunting by myself and I was a couple miles from my truck that was parked behind a gated road. 

 I was standing on a ledge overlooking an overgrown clear-cut. The rather large rock landed at my feet. I looked around to see if someone threw the rock at me. I saw nothing. All was quiet. No birds or squirrel noises. 

 I heard a whistle and looked in the direction it came from. There was a huge creature standing between 2 trees and he was was shaking the trees in the clearing about 75 yards away from me. 

 I have been in the woods and hunted for most of my life. This was not a bear or a moose. I took an elk trail to get get off that mountain as fast as I could, but the elk trail was close to some dark timber where you couldn't see very far.

 I heard growling and huffing coming from the dark overgrown timber. I thought that was impossible since the Bigfoot I saw was on my right side and the timber was on my left. I was in between a family!

 They let me leave, but to this day, I believe that is their home. I have cast a footprint from the female and every time I go back and give them something to eat. They always leave a gift in return.  They are definitely territorial, but not dangerous.

RMSO asks

Were you able to estimate the height of the one you saw? Could you tell what color it was? Do you recall seeing the face or eyes?

Donna continues

 I estimate his height at 8 feet. He was too far away to see eye color or facial features. He was all black and his hair was shiny.  It was a sunny morning and he looked like he had been in water recently.

 I know it was a male because of the way he acted. Territorial, but he could have killed me with that rock he threw. It was a clear warning. I have not been back in there by myself since, but they are still there. I cast a footprint in the mud by a spring a couple years ago. There were 2 prints. One was very small in comparison. Maybe a young one. I made a cast of the 13 1/2 inch track. My guess it was a female.

RMSO responds
Right on, definitely was not the 8 footer you saw..  From the many times we have tracked them. There are usually two or more.. This could be a female or a large youngster.. Thank you for contacting us with your experience, evidence and story.

Donna states
 I am a firm believer that they are not hostile. They have left me gifts, but at the time didn't realize it. I love that area and go there often. I hear them. They break trees and leave mushrooms freshly picked upside down in the break. 

 They have left me twisted up grass into a human like figure on a rock that I have left apples, nuts and granola bar. Unfortunately my game cam caught only elk in the field. Nothing went to the rock where I left the food. Yet, there was the twisted grass left there and the food was gone.

RMSO continues
Sneaky buggers  🙂   we have put camera lines in places we see them travel to and from a creek.. After putting up cameras the track trail changed over 100 yards south.. We do believe they see the IR triggers on the cameras.. However we still leave the cameras out there hoping they make a mistake or get used to them and eventually give us a selfie of them.

Donna responds
My cams took pics of a lot of elk romping around and playing, but nothing triggered the cam at the rock where I left the treats. It's very odd.

 I do have a hand on a night time trail cam pic. It's in an entirely different location. That cam has been taken off the tree and placed face down in the dirt. I have never been able to locate it the last time I checked on it. It's just gone. I'll send that pic too.

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