Thursday, January 18, 2018

John A Bindernagel passed away today Jan 18 2018

John A Bindernagel 1941 to January 18th 2018
With great sadness I announce the passing of an icon in the world of Bigfoot research.

Bindernagel grew up in Ontario Canada was a PHD in Biology.
He moved to a Bigfoot sighting hot spot, British Columbia in 1975 to study Sasquatch.
Over the years of research he collected casts of tracks he believed to belong to Bigfoot.
He claims to have heard the creature at Comox Lake. He compared the vocalizations to the whoops of the chimpanzee.

I received several DNA traps & gorilla pheromone chips designed & constructed by John Bindernagel November 2014. Bindernagel provided them to Les Stroud for our Uinta Mountain Bigfoot expedition. Was very excited to be using materials Bindernagel had designed & created. 

I met  John Bendernagel April 8th 2015 in Pocatello Idaho at a fundraiser for the Anthropological Society.
At that time I thanked him for the DNA traps & gorilla pheromone chips.
We discussed primate manipulation of sticks, trees & vegetation. At that time I informed Bendernagel of RMSO's GPS map over lay study of suspect Bigfoot structures in the Uinta Mountains of Utah. I agreed to keep in touch with him & provide data of my Utah structure study.

Was an honor to meet Bindernagel & exciting to provide data to someone I had admired in the field of primate research.

My heart goes out to your family John Bindernagel. The world of bigfoot research morns for you & your family. You will be missed, however your contributions & spirit in the Bigfoot Community will live on. Thank you for all of your hard work & contributions.
Rest in Peace.


  1. R.I.P. Dr. Binbernagel. Thank you for your many years of hard work, proving that sasquatch is real. We will miss you and your many documentaries.