Friday, November 3, 2017

Whirly Mountain Bigfoot Walker Lake California

rsm writes RMSO
I grew up in westwood. Very close to here. I saw Bigfoot in 1999 at walker lake. Clear as day. Scared the shit out of me.

Would love to hear details of your 1999 encounter. How it happened, what you saw, how the bigfoot reacted. Estimated height, weight, color etc.. of the bigfoot. Facial features if you saw the face?

Okay here it is... btw... I've been fishing bridge creek and whirley mountain runoff for thirty years... anyways... A good friend and I went fishing one morning in Hamilton branch very close to walker lake (mountain meadows reservoir). We got to the creek well before light and were parked for about an hour at the bridge with the yellow gate. About 1/4 to 1/5 mile from walker lake itself. We just sat there, in the car, bullshitting waiting for sunrise. This was June by the way. Just as it was getting light I was the first to spot it. It was across the bridge on the left side about twenty feet off the road. We were about 35 yards away! It's color and motion was what took my attention. I backhanded my buddy across the chest in mid sentence when I saw it, so he could see it too of course. I immediately thought it was a bear, but it was walking through the brush towards us.... And it was standing up! I know bears stand up and walk a little bit, not like this. And my brain couldn't make sense of the size of his head. It was absolutely, clear as day, less than half the width of a small black bear. I could only see it from about the chest up, it was obviously walking swiftly on two feet. I was overcome with fear for a sec. I wanted to believe it was some fu**ed up looking bear. But we were both scared. At this point it noticed our car parked there and took an immediate right. (Left to us). And within a couple steps was completely obscured by the brush. My buddy started the car, but we didn't go anywhere. We sat there in udder fear. After about fifteen minutes we both decided we had to go inspect the spot. And at this point one of us had said the word Bigfoot. We walked across the bridge up to exactly where we knew we saw him. And it turned out that the immediate right he took was a dirt road. The brush beside the road is about 6 feet tall. He was absolutely at least 7 feet tall, walking gracefully on two legs, with a head not much larger than a man's. The road was hard gravel decomposed granite that they use around here. No footprints at all. We looked very well. I would be happy to show you the spot and introduce you to my buddy who saw him too. Just let me know.

As I just re read your reply I realized I forgot to mention that between his movement, and the surprise and shock of the moment, I regretfully could not, or did not see any facial features. I was consumed with trying to rationalize it as a bear. I'm not sure if I explained it right, but fear was the order of the day. And I've grown up in the mountains and woods. I've lived in the wild for months and months at a time. This was different.
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We would love to hook up with you all & check out the spot where all of this happened. Thank you for sharing your bigfoot experience with us.
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  1. The intense fear seems to be very common in these sightings. I wonder why this is? They were in the relative safety of their car.