Saturday, November 18, 2017

Bigfoot Vocalizations Heard after Fireman's Bigfoot Sighting in Freedom Indiana

Priscilla writes RMSO
Dear Sirs,
My husband and I went to Indiana to visit our daughter for 2 weeks. She didn't have enough room for us in her small house, so we decided to camp in our tent. It being October, we had to run our heater every night. Every night, about 10 o'clock, we would get in our bed. We would always hear a big pack of coyote start hollering. We also noticed something else would start hollering with them. First it would howl like a person mimicking a wolf, then it would whoop, then came screams that were gut wrenching and lasted longer than anything I ever heard.

My daughter lives in Freedom, Indiana. Her house is in a deeply forested area. My husband and I are from Indiana also and have spent most of our married life, (40years) camping and hiking trails, etc.. but we have never heard anything like that anywhere. I personally have lived by the Rogue river in Merlin, Oregon. I never even heard anything like that there. It never occurred to me to record it.

The last night we heard it, it was right outside my daughter's front yard. That thing sure had a set of lungs. The only thing we could figure was, it was Bigfoot!

There was an abundance of deer and it was hunting season. I just wonder if our tent was upsetting it thinking we were hunters taking it's food supply.

You may call us if you'd like.  We now live in Arizona.

Hi Priscilla

 Thank you for informing us of your experience. Very interesting. I have included a link to a Ohio vocalization that the witness believes may be a bigfoot. He claims that when this creature vocalizes it gets all the coyotes in the area going also. So your report reminded me of this one. When you get a chance to listen to it. Let me know if it is similar or different. And what are the similarities or differences of what you heard?

Appreciate hearing from you

Vocalizations from Wolfgang at his parents house in Ohio

I listened to the link. It sounded like the whoops we heard. The screams were very long, at least a minute to a minute & 1/2 long. That's what I meant by a set of lungs, If you can imagine a man screaming that long. I am a Registered Nurse, so I know to be a person to listen to detail.

Sincerely we left Indiana, my daughter says a deputy sheriff bought the property across the road for hunting. I think the animal hunts it's game on. It will be interesting to hear what happens now. Will it scare the tar out of him or will he be an ___ and try to kill it?

This one runs with the  coyotes. 

The is for responding so quickly. There was a fireman that spotted a Bigfoot running out of some burning woods in Monroe county also, right before we got there.  My 25 year old grandson says that thing has been there ever since they moved there over 2 years ago. 



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