Saturday, October 28, 2017

Unfortunatley when you have chased Bigfoot as long as we have people will start to claim your evidence as theirs

 An RMSO member notified us that Sandra Rains Debusk was showing off one of our suspect bigfoot footprints as her own. We discussed our footprint photo with her & was forced to produce the original photo to prove she is full of Sasquatch poo.
 RMSO took this photo & placed it on our PC August 19 2012. Our entire team at RMSO was very excited when we found this track because it had the most definitive toes on any Bigfoot track we had found... to that point in time. Was a big deal to everyone and that is why one of our members easily identified it in Newark and notified us. Just at first glance we knew exactly what track it is, where & when we took it.
Appears she is giving me the date last time I moved the photo to a new folder. Sorry Sandra this photo does belong to me. I took it in Beaver Creek Idaho during the Summer of 2012.
Sandra said
"I'm actually not even going to discuss it any longer. Somehow, my pic from August 2016 ended up on the video you uploaded Feb 2017."
Kelly replied
"You will see. I have the original from Aug 19 2012.
Sandra's photo below she states she took August 2016

Kelly's photo below with proof he took it August 19 2012

Video containing our footprint photo Sandra mistakenly claimed was hers. Yes it is our photo and we can use it in our videos. Please get your own footage Sandra.

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