Thursday, October 26, 2017

Bear Hunter Bigfoot Experience in Canada

Peter writes RMSO
hello folks ,,i am a canadian bear hunter ...hunted bear for years ,north of the french river ,,south of sudbury .....we ran baits over 12 miles ..5 of us hunting ..the person who hunts the last bait ,,has the truck ,after dropping everyone off...the person who sat in the last bait the day before ,,said he saw parts of a massive black bear ,,going thru the dense bush..said he had no shot with his bow ,,and didnt for some reason .want to go back to that stand ...over the years ,,no one got a bear from that stand .but always bait was gone ...and some said its a freaky stand to sit in ,i just put it down to nerves ,,i decided to sit myself ,with my rifle ........i was in the stand for maybe 2 hrs ,everything normal absolutely no wind ..this was on june 9th ......listening to the sounds of the bush ..chirping birds ,,scurrying sqiurels etc ,,,,,,,,....................... then all of a sudden deathly silence ..this is a signal for me a bear was coming in..................................i was intently starring into the bush looking for the bear ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,CRASH ..HOLY SHIT ,A BLOODY GREAT TREE SMASHES TO THE GROUND .. scarred the shit out of me ,,that one was very close ,and to my right ,,what the hell was that ,,no beaver pond or any sign of beaver sounded like it was maybe 25 yrds ...i got ready to shoot ,but saw nothing ...then behind me another tree goes down ,,,what the hell ,,now i am realy on edge ,,i sat ,for maybe another 45 mins ,,dead silence ,Xuck this ,it was starting to get dark ,i was shook up to say the least ,,walked out to the road ,,and there ,laying across the road ,,inches from my truck ,a tree was broken ,about 2ft up from the ground ,,,it was a aspen, about 6 inches thick ,blocking the road ,, now i am realy freeked ...i broke of the smaller branches off ,and drove my truck over the trunk ,,get the hell outa here ,,,,,,,,,,,,picked up the other hunters ,as it was now full dark all my experiance ,,hunting bear ,i have never seen or heard anything like it ........................that was 25 yrs ago ,for some reason ,the spring bear hunt was wasnt till i saw your BIGFOOT blogs ,,and the tree breaking habit with them ,and from what i have read ,from other posters on big foot ,it all fits in ..i didnt mention it to the other hunters , the hunt finished the next day ,and we drove back to toronto,,, the only person i told this to ,was a native buddy ,,he just said one word WINDEGO ,, now i am 68 yrs old ,no longer hunt bear , but WOW it was an experiance ,,,please give me your thoughts ,and comments

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