Sunday, March 5, 2017

Girl stalked by Bigfoot only 1 mile from her school



Feb 20 (13 days ago)

I lived 1- mile from the school I went too. At times I would walk the highway when I was in a hurry to get back home . This was shortly after my first siteing. I have never had much fear of the woods so I one day accidently found the school on one of my long walks so I knew my way threw the woods to our house.There were old logging roads threw there so they weren't hard to travel threw . I wanted time to myself and it was late in the fall , very beautiful day ! I didnt have to babysit my brother that day since he was at the doctors , So I took the long route. I wasn't very far in when I notice something walking beside me about 100 yards away ! It was black. At first I thought "Bear" ! My heart began to race , then I relised it was walking and had slinked behind a tree . It was black as midnight sky , big ! Much bigger then "Him" ! More powerful looking ! Very muscular and it's hair was much shorter. More like that of a gorilla then the other, just slightly longer. It couldn't hide from me and it didn't like it, he paced a few feet towards me and I relised this one wasn't friendly the way he was  acting , actually I think it was pissed the way it walked forward ,then stopped like pondering what to do ?! Since my adrenalin was already up because I thought at first it was a bear, I bolted ! It proceeded me ! It ran with ease . I was scared ! I could tell that it was just keeping pace with me since I ran in track. It could overtake me with ease . I sped up as fast as I could go. It always kept it's distance at this point but I was becoming terrified because I knew it was not having any problems with my pace . I threw my books and bolted as fast as I could run , not looking anymore at him ! He let me go !,when I couldn't run anymore because my heart was thundering into my throat, I looked back and all around me . He was gone ! I didn't trust this , so ran on until I got home. Rustling with my key , trying to get it in the door . After getting in I slammed the door and locked it but I knew it could enter as the other had done. So I stayed freaked out all day !  I never went back threw there again ! I got in a lot of trouble about those school books and had to pay for them, but I didn't care ! I wasn't going back for them ever ! That was his territory and he could keep it !

Kelly Shaw 

Feb 23 (10 days ago)

Thanks for sending your sighting to us.. How tall do you estimate it was? Did you see its face or eyes?


Feb 22 (11 days ago)

I'd say he was over 7 feet tall... I could feel he was a force to be reckond with by the way he looked at me. He looked much more primitive then the first one . His face was very dark , almost black ! His eyes were too dark to tell what color they were since he was not close. He had less hair then the first one .His hair was about 4-5 inches long, just built more like an ape... Seemed almost like he was a different breed ( of bigfoot)to me ,That might sound strange but I wish you could have seen the difference in them , then you'd understand... Sign ; Robin 
P.S. Ask anything you like. That is a highly populated area for Bigfoot sitings. I knew a young man out there who told me that it was a normal accurence ever since he could remember and he grew up there in the woods ! They do kill the dogs thow... People are always losing them and normally it's because the dogs give the big foots presence away !


Feb 22 (11 days ago)

His face also did not have hair on it like my first encounter..It had less hair than an ape on its face.

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  1. Hi Kelly, do you have the first account with Robin and one entering her home, including a description? Thx, p