Tuesday, March 28, 2017

8 to 9 foot Tall Auburn Bigfoot Spotted in Jamestown Pennsylvania

Joe - Seen one in pa. Unreal

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization Did you get a good look? Face description, color, height? Killen me smalls. Details of your sighting if you can?

Joe - Seen him walking a fence line thought he was a horse at first then I realized it was big foot didn't see his face .8to9 feet hi no neck had auburn tint to him sun was hitting him.never looked my way .watched him walk about 100 feet long steps could see the muscles in his back. About 20 min. Later went in woods .got the creeps and left

Joe - Wish I never told anybody .they thought I was nuts .never forget

Joe -  He was so shinny.not all dirty lookin

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization What State did you have your sighting in. What year and month?

Joe - Jamestown Pennsylvania

Joe Sorry
.2014 July 10.30 in morning. A petting zoo for children is there.

Joe - You ever seen one? If so you know how I feel

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization Thanks for the details. Awesome

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization  Would you mind if we posted an RMSO blog of your sighting?

Joe - No Sir make me proud.

Joe - They say why you have big foot on your garage? I say because I seen him!!!

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