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Photos of Shaver Sasquatch Carrying Infant Bigfoot on Shoulders


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Video of Shaver Bigfoot & Sasquatch Evidence

Photos of Shaver Sasquatch
Carrying Infant Bigfoot on Shoulders

Artie "TroutSlayer" writes RMSO
This is at shaver lake, CA I was fishing and started seeing lots of prints on the ground in the back of an inlet. I also notice some like a mother and child because there were small prints and some big ones every so often.  When i zoomed in on this pic I could see a bigfoot in the background.

Looks like a big foot with a baby on its shoulders

RMSO responds
Hi Artie, interesting. 
  If that is a Sasquatch, it looks like it may have something smaller and same color on its shoulders. Very dark brown with shades of black.
 How long ago did this happen? Did you take photos of the foot prints?

Artie continues
This was last summer May 12 2021.
The area I was fishing at was littered with prints
I took my cousin and he also said, that they were bigfoot prints.
 If you look behind me there are some posts in the ground that still have barb wire but it is pushed down and the direction of all the prints are to and from that direction
That area is like a bigfoot highway

Biggest footprints I saw were like 20inches
I noticed them first, when I was on my way walking to that fishing spot.

  Then found fresh tracks of the baby prints and then saw the moms footprints. They were like in a rocky part where no normal person would be walking barefoot and in the same direction I was going.

RMSO asks
How long were the suspected mother tracks near the smaller footprints?

Artie responds
The moms prints were around 14 to 15inches long.
Then when I got to the place were I was fishing. I landed that trout like within 5 min and had my buddy take the pic of me holding the fish. I went back and just started to look at the background of some pics and spotted what I believe is mother and child.

RMSO responds
In our experience 14 to 15 inch long feet is usually as big as an adult females will get.
We search in an area where we find a youngsters 8 inch long foot prints along side its mothers 14inch long tracks. 

 Once in a while we will find giant 19 inch long by 8 inch wide tracks, along side female and youngster tracks.

Artie continues
There are a couple lakes and spots out here were I've seen prints and experience some wild things but never had evidence like this pic.

 I haven't been back there since I went with my older cousin. It feels like your being watched.
There's another spot called balsam forebay that had lots of prints

 And Huntington lake, I've also seen some a large tracks at Wishon lake. 
Basically when you go up the Sierra at about 5,000ft you start seeing prints at all the lakes

RMSO responds
Sierras are well known for bigfoot sightings

Artie continues
 The photos are a fraction of what I've seen out there as well as snapped branches up high.
At night I have seen eyeshine up high too.

 A separate instance I had a stringer of fish in the water in a nice pool area of a creek and decided to leave the fish there and continue up the creek to fish and just come get the stringer. When I went back to the stringer, it had been moved and there were some tiny weird shaped foot prints leading to and from the stringer. 

Some of the pics of these footprints do not do them justice, when you see in person you get the real feel of there depth and impression.

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