Thursday, September 22, 2016

Wildman of Bowl Creek Montana

During a Bigfoot sighting investigation at Bowl Creek Montana Jenny & Kelly hear a mouth pop below a ridge while doing a sighting report video. They direct the camera in the direction of the mouth popping noise they both heard twice.
 They see nothing. After posting the Bigfoot sighting report video. Viewers point out a face hidden in the trees during the search for the source of the mouth pops.
Because neither of them saw this at the time, we question if this is just an illusion of light & shadow, a person hiding under the tree or was it a bigfoot that they were searching for at the bigfoot sighting report location?
Original sighting report video.
Bowls Creek Montana Bigfoot Sighting.
Is this the face of Bigfoot in Bowls Creek Montana?

Suspect face slowed 125% & stabilized.

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