Sunday, August 7, 2016

Bigfoot 20 Feet Away From Two Women at Animas Forks Ghost Town

Ginger C writes RMSO
Wow, we literally just got back from Silverton , and camped right off of 550, in Mineral Creek campground. We've always liked that area, cuz it's loaded with 4 wheel passes. I've grown up hunting, 4 wheeling, and camping.

 When I was 11, and my mom was 40 (I'm 49 now ) , we were on Stony pass, at the other side of Silverton, up pass Animas Forks mining and ghost town. After topping the pass, I told dad that I need to find a tree. When we hit timberline, me and mom got out, and did our business.

 When we were zipping up, a bigfoot stood straight in front of me. I remained still, and quiet, as we gazed at each other. So much expression on its face, seemed so sweet, almost loving. My mom screamed, get, or go on, and it side stepped behind a pine, and we ran. Dad was on his way up, to see who mom was yelling at. But, it was long gone. I never thought they were in America, or even real. Loch Ness monster, bigfoot, all just made up I thought. But we knew instantly what we saw. No mistaking it for a bear. It stood about 20 feet from me, and looked so sad when mom screamed at it. I cherish that encounter, and so does my now 78 yr old mom. Not one day goes by, that I don't relive that event. I'm now open minded to anything.

 I went over Stony pass last week, but it rained me out, when I decided to investigate. As soon as you hit timber, start looking for the arched trees, by the dozens, and horizontal trees, high in the air. Good luck to you guys. I love the San Juan mountains, and will retire there, in a few yrs. Thanks for letting me tell my story. Sorry it's so long. I love love your channel, and I love you two so much. Thank you for your hard work, and you keep squatchin and I'll keep watchin ♡♡♡

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization 2 days ago
wow I am just stunned hearing about your amazing encounter. I really appreciate you telling us about it.

Ginger C.
+Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization Bless you, and a super big Thank You!!! I have to tell you one more part of our encounter. When we got up to our spot ( to pee), we heard talking, cracking , walking ,laughing, and we assumed that the road must switchback above us, so mom said shhhh, so they don't see us. We assumed hikers were there. It got very quiet, and that is when we saw it. We then realized that we were in a small patch of trees . No other humans were on this pass. We met no one coming up or down. Lot less 4 wheeling back then. Now Polaris's are buzzing like bees over those same passes. I saw fewer animals due to the noise, and the popularity of off road vehicles. We have a Polaris Ranger, and we crept quietly and respectfully over those amazing passes. You guys gotta see what can't be seen by the highway. Rent a jeep, and go see. I promise you'll thank me lol. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Have fun, I'm so jealous. My home away from home. ♡♡♡      
Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization 2 days ago
We have already 4X4 back on a lot of those 4 wheeler trails. Is it OK if we post a blog next week with your experience? Would love to share it with more of our following if that's OK

Ginger C.
+Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization Realy!?!? You want to post me and mom's encounter! I'd be honored, and my 78 yr old mom will be so grateful. I kept this story inside for so long, for fear of ridicule. I've been shocked to see that no one at all has doubted me. It's nice to talk to other people who KNOW they exist. Thanks guys, soooooo very much!!!! I'm touched, and shocked, and grateful too. :) :) :)

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