Friday, September 25, 2015

#Bigfoot RMSO travels to the location of yet another aggressive Bigfoot encounter in the remote Mountains of Montana.


  1. I wonder.... one area known for deadly aggressive encounters right? Makes me think, what if... this area had now or at one time a very hardcore group of squatch hunters that might have chased, hunted down, and killed/wounded Sasquatches in that area. Say for example, this group stumbled upon a large community of BFs and they harassed them to the point of them no longer being ok with allowing them in their area to making sure they never come back.Either attacking to scare or even killing them?
    OR, what if..... a gene went haywire, and 2 aggressive BFs mated and that gene pool grew to a group of aggressive BFs?
    Maybe their just off their Prozac?

  2. I agree, even a bear wounded by people that survives will sometimes turn into man hunters. Very well could explain what was going on in that area during that time.