Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Snake River Bigfoot Spotted in Devils Corral Canyon Idaho

Bigfoot, He travels through the winding canyons of the great snake river. In 1970 I saw him and was followed by him on a night of full moon, in July He struck a mighty pose standing on the canyon ledge about 30 yards above me. I could see his hair rippled by the breeze in the light of that full moon. It was a long run out of that box canyon called DEVILS CORRAL THAT NIGHT. NOW I LIVE IN BLACKFOOT AND I HAVE A SNEAKING SUSPICION A SMALL GROUP OF THEM MIGHT BE GETTING STUDIED BY A CERTAIN BIGFOOT AUTHORITY OUT ON SACRED GROUND. 
Kelly Shaw Hope, Interesting. I do agree the creature follows the Snake River Canyons. If you don't mind asking I love details of bigfoot encounters and sightings. How long was your encounter and sighting? Could you see the color of its hair, were you able to see its face or eyes? And were you able to get a rough estimate of its height? Sorry all of the questions, I love to hear about peoples personal experiences with bigfoot. Did the creature make any vocalizations that night?

Hope Kelly we were teenagers taking a hike down in a box canyon outside of Twin Falls. It was late evening when we started our hike I was always watching for animal tracks and I noticed an impression about 16 inches long and four or five inches wide. Only one in a watercress covered spring run off, I stuck my hand down in it and felt for depth .It was about 5 or 6 inches deep and I thought it was an odd track but it was filled with water so it appeared rectangular only. We hiked as it got dark and heard a bipedal sound and snorty breathing following aside us and stopping when we did but saw nothing. We decided to exit back to the spring as we walked I told the others to watch for skunks cause I could smell one. Then we stopped for a breather at the base of the canyon wall ,as I looked up the wall to a ledge protruding half way up it, I saw what I thought was a human siluette sitting on a rock. Then it stood up taller than any man I had ever seen I would estimate 7-8 ft. Tall. The moon was slightly behind it as it's face was in shadow but I could see long hair waving from shoulders to legs, looking very muscular no neck. Just watching us so close I was afraid to point. I said to the others, What's That!? My boyfriend looked up and said RUN! AND WE DID ALL THE WAY UP THE CANYON ROAD TO THE TOP. I think there was probably 2 of them one was running by us ,and one sitting on the ledge. After 40 yrs I put it together and we never went there again and never told anyone but his mom. They are like any other animal they follow food, habit , and shelter. And I don't think they are hard to find if you seriously want to find one. Their numbers are rising it's obvious.

Kelly Shaw Thank you for elaborating. I pass through Twin Falls often to visit Bigfoot sighting locations and it makes perfect sense to me that these creatures use the Snake River Canyons as their own highway so to speak, plus I am sure many live along this River too

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