Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Shoshone Bigfoot "Tsawhawbitts" Meaning "Cannibal Giant" RMSO Explores This Legendary Location

Arguably one of the most remote locations in the lower 48

This legendary Bigfoot location was
first named Tsawhawbitts by Shoshone Natives meaning
"Cannibal Giants"

Settlers moved in to mine gold & renamed it Jarbidge meaning
"Monster That Lurks In The Canyon"
Also means
"Weird Beastly Creature"

Hunters Encounter Aggressive Group of Sasquatch Tsawhawbitts Mountains

Cannibal Giants Investigation Tsawhawbitts

RMSO Camp Tsawhawbitts Bigfoot Expedition

Three Possible Trackways of Bigfoot Tsawhawbitts Expedition

Shoshone Legend of Cannibal Giants in Tsawhawbitts Jarbidge Wilderness

Round Table Drive Cannibal Giants Tsawhawbitts Bigfoot Expedition

Night Investigation Shoshone Legend Cannibal Giants Jarbidge

History of the Jahabich & Tsawhawbitts Bigfoot Phenomenon

Bigfoot Investigation Tsawhawbitts

Cannibal Giant Round Table Drive Jarbidge

Photos of Jarbidge


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