Monday, October 17, 2016

Eugene's Bigfoot Sighting Adobe Buttes & Gunnison River Colorado

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The "sighting" I referred to on Reddit happened on 2-5-2014.  This was my 2nd sighting of Sasquatches in this area.  I was taking my dogs out into Adobe Buttes to let them run and chase things.  I'm an amputee (just one leg) so I go into remote areas so I can let the dogs run off-leash.  We travel in my 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport.
very bumpy
We came around a bend to where I could see down a good 100' into a series of washes with steep sides.  I saw an adult Sasquatch walking side-by-side with a juvenile coming down along the bottom of one of the washes.  I was about 100 yards away from them.  When they saw me they darted into one of the side canyons and I never saw them again.  They seemed to be generally headed in the direction of the Gunnison River. 
I proceeded to drive further back that road, about 2 miles further.  I came to a deep canyon/arroyo that's about 30' deep with straight up-n-down sides.  I like this spot because there's a "cut" going down into the canyon and back up the other side.  It's where the seasonal sheep herders move the flock from one side of the canyon to the other.  Mule deer and Pronghorn Antelopes also use that cut, as do things like coyotes and rabbits, and Sasquatches. 
Anyway, the dogs were out running around and I walked down into the canyon.  Wanted to see if there was any water flowing down there.  It was wet, considering it was only 5 degrees outside that day!  I was looking around and saw what looked like a small kid's bare foot-prints in the mud, about 5 inches long.  The tracks showed it had been walking around down there and stopped to look up the canyon around a tight bend with a lot of brush. 
I had my camera with me, but didn't have it turned on when I saw the 2 creatures.  I did take pix of the foot prints, which I put on Imgur:
My first sighting happened up on Smith Mountain while I was driving through a rocky area on the road with both my dogs in the Jeep.  A large male Sasquatch ran across the road in front of us, about 50' ahead.  This was also in the 1st week of February, but a year earlier, in 2013.
The Sasquatch saw the Jeep and stopped in front of a juniper pine tree, looked at me, then went down onto it's knees, as if to hide?  I turned around in the Jeep to make sure both my dogs were still in there, since the windows were down.  Neither dog even saw it.  When I turned back around, it was gone.  There's lots of places out there to hide in those junipers.
Once again the camera was sitting on the seat, not turned on, so I didn't get any pix of it.  I went back about a week later and looked at that pine tree and the Sasquatch had to have been over 8' tall.  It was covered in fur the exact same color as an Irish Setter's fur would be.  It's face was the only thing that didn't have hair on it, but I still only got a fraction of a second's worth of view of it.  What startled me most were it's eyes.  It looked like it was looking right through my soul, if I had one.
My 2 sightings happened about 8 or 9 miles apart, but both times were in desert terrains.  Adobe Buttes is about 5,600' in elevation and Smith Mountain averages around 6,500'.  From the direction the male was traveling, it had to have just climbed up over a 300' cliff to get up to where we were (the road runs about 30 feet over from the edge of that cliff).  It was also headed towards the Gunnison River and towards the town of Hotchkiss.
Good Luck Out There...

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