Tuesday, October 20, 2015

RMSO moves a collection of Gamecameras closer to a recent Bigfoot sighting location

After a recent Bigfoot sighting by an archery hunter RMSO team collects game cameras in the area & move them closer to the new Bigfoot sighting location.
We collect the cameras at night in order to get them moved to the newest sighting as soon as possible.

RMSO Night Investigation Sasquatch Canyon

Here is a small example of what RMSO finds & experiences in this Bigfoot sighting hot spot.
Local ranchers have told RMSO they believe these canyons are haunted.

Eyeshine October Sasquatch Canyon Expedition

Sasquatch Canyon 17 by 7 inch Bigfoot shape foot prints in snow

In the same general area RMSO filmed the foot prints in the snow, something runs up the mountain & hides from RMSO investigators. Derek points out the subject in the video below.

Sasquatch Canyon Suspect Bigfoot Break Down of Video

Two Sets of Bigfoot Trackways Sasquatch Canyon

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