Thursday, February 15, 2018

Clint Richins Legacy In The Bigfoot Community Will Live On

April 6, 1968 - January 30, 2018
Clint Richins


Clint saw a YouTube video I did about his 2004 Bigfoot sighting near Thousand Peaks Ranch in the Chalk Creek area of Utah.
He contacted me & we discussed his Bigfoot sighting in more detail. We became online friends at that point in time. December of 2013.
Here is the sighting report near Thousand Peaks Ranch I re-did after getting better details from Clint.

Several years later Clint films Bigfoot shaped tracks near where he had his 2004 sighting. The tracks appear to be made by a smaller Bigfoot. This shows possible family unit in the area. Apparently Bigfoot are not born 7 feet tall with 20inch footprints. They must grow to that size.
Clint writes about these tracks below
"These are a Juvenile Sasquatch tracks, that we found yesterday morning in Chalk Creek. While hunting Elk. About a 1/4 mile from the Thousand Peaks Ranch fence line. They are in a line, like a Sasquatch walks. They are two inches in, while my boot didnt break the surface. This is about 3/4 of a mile from were we had one growl at us back in 2004. Also a Dr. And his brother saw one in 2004, a week later; after us. The Stillman ranch that borders it, also has a sighting..I talked to Ryan Hanson from Morgan, that saw that one. Also the Thousand Peaks Ranch has allot of sightings on it..including one from the guy thats in my ward. He saw one in Holliday Park..that is by that ranch.
I found this same type of a track in Florida on the Deseret Cattle and Citrus Ranch, in 2005. I had someone with me as well, that time. A friend of mine David L. Carver has seen this same track on the beach at Pineview Res. And in a line. He showed me the photo last night. And Kelly Shaw and his Sasquatch group have found Juvenile tracks like this as well. One thing I noticed, is a toenail marks on the right foot, just before the film ends. Also I noticed how far apart they were to my strides..I'm 6'4, and around 220 lbs. I didnt even make a dent in the ground as I walked. Also there were other boot tracks of someone that had found them before us, up there. This pond is at the end of a four-wheel trail."

Clint's Bigfoot sighting turned him into an enthusiast & part time researcher.

I was able to meet Clint face to face June 10th 2014. He contacted me regarding Curtis's Bigfoot sighting at Lost Creek June 8th 2014.
Clint contacted us at RMSO regarding Curtis's sighting within a few hours of it happening on June 8th.
He arranged for RMSO & BFRO Utah investigator Todd Strong to meet with the witness Curtis at the location of the Bigfoot sighting on June 10th.
Here is the investigation video.

The short five years I knew Clint I can tell you that I was impressed by his modesty. He was a humble cowboy that worked hard. He was a giant gentle man that loved his family, horses & the out doors.
Sad to hear about your passing Clint. However your memory will live on in the hearts and minds of many people, family and friends.
Take care we will all meet up again.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Mt St Helens Bigfoot Expedition Jorge Omar Giving RMSO Real Time Updates

Jorge Omar 
Mr Kelly!
Ready when You Are..
Mr. Kelly Its a Big Excitement for Me  to Be out here trying to Sync with Oma and be able to Share it with You.
I see You Have been Looking for Him! That Makes Me Happy!! For sometime i Thought i Was Alone..
There are A couple of Things i would like to Share With You l you dont Mind,,
The First and Most Important is That Oma and Those like Him are Real! Meaning they Do Exist! They are Living Beings!
The Second is That One Man if its A Good Man, could Go into The Woods and encounter Them..
We Humans are Raised to be Homo Sapiens Sapiens.
Meaning we Think Twice!
Thats How we Live our Lives.
Oma doesnt. He Can hardly think Once. 😉

If You Want to Know if I am Real, Heres my Location. Ive been Staying in This Canyon for a couple days because Incredibly my _Phone picks up LTE connection...
Amazing what Technology Enables These Days!...

Just a few Miles south  from my Loc. Is Spirit Lake
Near Mt St Helens.
For Hundreds Of Years the Local Natives Knew about Oma and Knew that the Area near The Lake was Forbidden for Them to Go.. I Can see Why,,
After the Eruption on 1980 that Changed.

Kelly Shaw
Wild man of the woods. That is where my Grandfather saw three of them while fishing at the base of Mt St Helens in the 1930s.
Thank you for the updates.

Jorge Omar
Your Grandfather a Great Man!!
They Can Feel a Mans Heart and only Those Who have a Good Heart get The Chance to see Them.
That much I Can Say!
Its a Tremendous Pleasure Mr Kelly!

Kelly Shaw

He was fishing when three of them walked up on him and started to observe him. He wanted to run, but the blocked his only escape. Only choice he has was stay there or jump in the lake. After a while he started to throw some of the trout to them he had caught before they walked up.. The smallest of the three kept retrieving them and taking them back to the other two. After he gave them most of his fish they finally walked off and disappeared.  His experience at Mt St Helens is what turned me into a bigfoot enthusiast. I am excited that you are there.

Jorge Omar
What you Say is the Truth!
I Can Testify in Court and to God that They are Not a Threat to Humans!
On the Contrary Humans Represent they're Greatest Threat..
However Little Can be Done in Court without Physical Evidence!
For That Precise Reason i Believe i Find Myself Sharing with You Today!
For Most Everybody wants to See Oma just to close a Chapter.
Where as I Want to See Them Protected Under Law.
Much is to Be Done and Little is The Time and People to get Things Done..

Logging Operations and Illegal Hunting and Pouching as Well as Mining Operations have Horribly Affected their Habitat not to Mention Their Population and Breeding Rate

I have Quietly been Working on Locating Them,
The Areas they Frequently Go to and Such. Its not Easy Finding their Whereabouts

The Area near Walla Walla near Deduct Spring Was a Safeheaven for Them until The People started Going up and all over Looking For Them.
They are Not Very Smart But they Know what to Avoid.

The Hardest Part of Locating Them Is to Outlast,
Meaning they Can be Out There as Long as They Want
Where as I Can Be Out here as Long as i Can WithStand..

Mr K!
Im still here.
However my Cooking Stove broke
And I dont Want to Make any Fires so as to Keep this Area Clean!
Ill have to Head Down to Town and Resupply!
Kelly Shaw
Thank you for real time location updates while you are on your Bigfoot expedition. Keep me posted on the Sasquatch situation when you can. Beautiful area Jorge Omar!