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7 to 8 ft tall hairy creature huge bluish green eyes Tahkenitch Lake

Brandon D writes RMSO
Hey guys my name is brandon d. im 28 years old  
in may of 2012 my family and i were at my grandparents floathouse with them on tahkanitch lake on the oregon coast its between florence and redsport 

 on the first night we seen a black bear at around 9 pm kinda strange time for a bear but the 2nd night i was sitting around the fire pit cat fishing and i hear what i thought was my grandpa hammering something it was loud i could hear it over the generator so i went around the dock inside and everyone looked at me and asked me what i was fixing and i said umm that wasent me so me and my wife step out to smoke a ciggarete 

 and i hear a branch snap so i turned on my head lamp and pointed it across the cove about 60 yards and we can see 2 huge blueish green eyes staring at us and i know what cougar eyes look like and bear eyes and they were spaced apart a good distance more than a bear or cougar 

 and about 2 mins later it stood up grabed a tree branch and walked off from what i could see it was about 7.5 to 8 ft tall . 

 Now i was out their in the begining or april 2014 with 4 of my friends and we where playing music and laughing and having a good time then something threw a rock on the roof of the house i dont know what i didnt see anything but last i checked bears dont throw rocks and neither do any other kind of animals and we are 2 miles out on the lake and the only way their is boat or hike over the mountian and it was midnight so i dont think it was a person 

Then june 15 2014 i had my wife my son and daughter and 3 of her friends out their all teenagers 13 years old except sydney she was 12 i was cat fishing and i heared my wife and daughter and her friends scream so i ran around the dock and 40 feet away is an 7or 8 foot tall hairy creature standing their staring at us 6 people seen this if it was a murder case and 6 people said they seen it case closed right so why not with sasquatch? If you need any more info please call me  xxx xxx xxxx ask for brandon thank you .

Incredible encounters Brandon. Appreciate you reporting this to us.

Brandon D
No probalem thank you for your time

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Recent Bigfoot Expedition to Bauman's Deadly Bigfoot Location

Bauman described a creature that many today 
would consider the elusive giant called Bigfoot.
The creature harassed Bauman & his trapping partner for several days in the Bitterroot Forest along the Montana & Idaho boarder.
The final encounter with the usually shy & elusive creature ended in tragedy.

Recent Bigfoot Expedition into 
Famous Deadly Bauman Bigfoot Encounter Location

Late President Theodore Roosevelt wrote about his friend Bauman & his deadly Bigfoot experience trapping in the Bitterroot Forest on the Idaho & Montana boarder.

Recent RMSO Roundtable Drive into
Famous Deadly Bauman Bigfoot Location

Report along with
Video of Bauman's Deadly Bigfoot Location.

1st Documented Bigfoot Expedition to 
Bauman's Famous Deadly Bigfoot Encounter Location

Photos taken at the famous Bauman Bigfoot location

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Woke Up to Kentucky Bigfoot Laying Over Hood of Truck Staring at Me

Lynn N writes RMSO
It was late  one evening I was with family. I went to sleep in the truck it 4x4 wheel drive.  The window where down something woke me up there was a Bigfoot line over the front of the truck looking in at me if it wanted to hurt me it could but it didn't. This was back in 90's

Where were you at? Time of year? How long was your sighting and what did you see? Do you recall height, size or weight? Color? face features? Anything you recall. You said how it started, how did your sighting end?

Lynne N

I say he was 9'  he had light to dark hair I looked at him for about 20 minutes.  My family is Cherokee. That's my dad's side family. I'm mix .one of the family had seen it on the porch
An had chickens come up missing. An found the track it left. I live in Kentucky. It was summer time there is a lost woods here. I went back to sleep I had no guns no lights but moon that was all I had I thank it was wanting to know what was wrong with me .
hat was 1st and only time seen him.  Then in 92  I was walking one of the roads here in Kentucky.  An he decided to flow me I didn't see him but I could hair him walking on the hill to my left .Where I was at to many road was 2 miles an he was braking limes out of trees  never did see him but he was there watching me.i haven't been back sent.

20 minutes? Did you see his face and or eyes?
Lynne N
Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization . I did but don't remember to much about the face. It little hair on the face . But can tell u it was no person. When u don't hair birds or anything else.  I don't remember about its eyes. It had falta noise.

Thanks for informing us. If you recall any other details or circumstances surrounding your encounter we would love to hear about them.. Appreciate all of the information you provide. These kind of sighting reports are the best way to understand this creature.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Sasquatch Canyon is On Fire!

Courageous Fire Crews Battle Forest Fires in Sasquatch Canyon

Bigfoot Sighting Report & Expeditions.

Campers Stalked by Bigfoot in Sasquatch Canyon

Epic Bigfoot Expedition Sasquatch Canyon

Sasquatch Canyon 17 inch by 7 inch Bigfoot Tracks in Snow

October Eyeshine Bigfoot Expedition

RMSO Stalked on Bigfoot Expedition Sasquatch Canyon

8 to 9 foot tall Bigfoot Eyeshine, Rock Clacking & Vocalizations

Bigfoot Hair From Smoky Mountains Tennessee

Robert P writes RMSO
Greetings from Tennessee. Wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed your videos. I especially like your travel vids as I am amazed at the vastness of the wilderness areas in your part of the states. 

 Yes, we have those critters here as well. I live beside the Great Smoky Mountains and do a lot of hiking and a shutterbug as well. I have some hair from a BF, it was a hank of hair that my hiking partner found off trail as he went to “relieve” himself. He found a small cleared area that was torn up and this hank of hair (reddish to dark brown) It looked like a small ponytail and could only have been plucked by a hand. Did not have it identified as there is nothing else to pull a ponytail of hair in a clutch such as that. And five miles from the nearest road as well. Coming down from Thunderhead Mountain one day he heard an awful "roar" up the trail from him, then a few seconds later a response that he said sounded quite angry. It was like no sound that is know to come from any animal in this area and we have heard them all. I believe Les Stroud lives in this county as well. So with this said I will return to watching video of the Logan canyon Bigfoot Roundtable. This may be about number thirty that I have watched. One was over 3 hrs and I watched every minute. Thanks again. RICK

Thanks for the email. Would like to see photos of the hair you collected. We own some hair we found near some bigfoot shaped tracks and sent generous samples to 3 Universities & Museum of Cryptozoology back in September of 2013. So far none have claimed to found a match. 
 Brody a biology student at the time spent a week with his professor at Weber State University with the hair under a microscope making an attempt to match it with an archive of North America mammal hair samples. After about a week of no match that's when we were told to reach out to other Universities..
 So if you can send a couple of good photos would be cool to see if they have similarities or differences.. You can view photos of our hair along with microscope photos part way down on our home page tab of our website.

Richard P
I can send you (by mail) a couple of these hairs. I did keep a small sample of them before my partner took them home. Sadly…when he got home he placed them on the steps as they did smell bad. He noticed that when the dogs ran up to the hair , they sniffed …started looking about …then promptly ran away. He did not retrieve the hairs and they probably blew away. I did not know he would not take care of them or I would have kept them for consideration. Also this was before all the TV footage of Bigfoot etc…So he may not have considered this…I did consider it for nothing else would have explained that situation. Sooo…send me an address and I will put a couple in the envelope and send them to you in the hopes it will help.I have ran across “trail markers” in these mountains and taken pictures, but I have about 26K pictures to look through to find them. If and when I do I will share with you.

I would like to see a few photos of the hair. The whole remaining sample you have and then if you could get a few close ups of a couple different strands.  .

Richard P
These were placed into this glass case the day I collected them from the “pony Tail” my friend found. The longest hair was approximately 6 inches. I do not have a Macro lens (in digital that is) so these pictures may not be worth very much. Shot with canon 5D3 24-70- 2.8 lens. I find the colors in the photos to be very true to what my eye sees. I also suspect some degradation because of age. Hope this helps. Rick

Similar to the hair we found in color and coarseness. I see several of the same colors.

Richard P
Incidentally….One of our local BF hunters, a quite serious one at that, uses a back shoulder cam. He has recorded BF peeking out from behind trees as he travels trails. They are quite aware of where you are facing, so this may me worth looking at in certain areas and times. I certainly hope you and Jenny get to see BF  soon and with video at that. Have a great day!

We used to hike with rear facing gopros & after one season we all got sick and tired of reviewing hundreds of hours of rear facing footage and scrapped that idea after one full season

Thursday, July 5, 2018

U.S. Soldier Describes 12-Foot Tall Giant Killed in Afghanistan

U.S. soldier claims to have shot & killed a 12-foot giant in Afghanistan
The soldiers bundled the giant in cargo netting & a helicopter carried the giant away.

It has a red beard, red hair & two rows of teeth.
The giant skewed a trooper on a pike, others began to shoot & kill the giant.

Soldiers at the base heard that a man killed was three times the height of an average human.

“Well we’d heard that they killed this thing inside a cave, or the mouth of a cave, and there was common knowledge among the military to hear this. When you first hear, you’re thinking like, this has got to be a joke. This has got to be a hoax. Then after things go down a certain way, and you keep hearing it, you start to realize it’s not a joke.”

Read Full Article

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Family of Bigfoot Observed near Dworshak Reservoir


Jessica C writes RMSO
Hello, Nice to meet you. I'm Jessica. I'm a mother of 6 and the wife of my highschool sweetheart for 15 years. 

 When I was 12, just before my 13th birthday, my family moved to North Idaho (from near Boise). I have seen and heard various possible and probable bigfoot related things once in a while since then. Many of them I had mentally filed away in the "pretend it didn't happen" drawer as too weird to actually deal with at the time, but I've been able to think about them more rationally now as an adult in my mid-thirties and I realize that many of these memories fit together if I leave my mind open to the possibility that there is some sort of large undocumented ape species out there. I still feel very uncomfortable with sharing my stories but I *want* to be able to share them, if that makes sense. Anyway, nice to meet you. Thanks for letting me join.

My family moved to a mountain overlooking the Dworshak Reservoir on the Orofino side. In retrospect, I think, odd as it sounds, a family group lived on the mountain peak across the dirt road from us. I saw them once, meandering up their mountain like they were out for a Sunday walk. Almost every experience I had connects to that mountain top and to the two main draws coming down from that mountain top. My experiences there happened between 1996 and 2003 and range from simply feeling watched/uneasy to the aforementioned sighting. I'm not a Bigfoot expert in the least so I'd rather just tell my experiences exactly as they happened and leave it up to the reader to decide if they think it was really Bigfoot related or not, rather than act like I know for sure. Should I tell my experiences here in this post or is there a better way?

Okay first strange incident was in Spring of 2006. I was 13, my sister was 9 or 10 and my brother was 7. We hadn't really explored much yet because we moved in the week before Thanksgiving and those who were in the Orofino area that winter knew it snowed 3 feet Thanksgiving week and then there were bad mud slides and flooding- rough winter. So coming from Boise area and not being used to so much snow yet, us kids pretty much kept to the yard and driveway until spring. When things were pretty much thawed out and it was just rainy, that's when we finally got to explore a bit. We weren't afraid of the woods because we'd had several acres at our previous house with trees and water and had spent our days watching foxes and beavers and herons and digging caves and fishing... we were wild at heart so we looked forward to exploring the woods.

Imagine for simplicity's sake, the road is curved like an s with an extra bump, so maybe like a very rounded M. Imagine my family's 5 acres was in the right bump of the M and across the road uphill from us (from the center of the M upward) was the top of the mountain we were on. We called that mountain top something like "Mr. N's Knob/hill" because it was owned by our next door neighbor to the right who owned several hundred acres around us. That hill was strange, like an optical illusion, because it was so much bigger and more rounded than it appeared, so no matter how far up it you climbed, you always felt like you still had the same amount of hill left to climb before you would reach the top. It looked so small and easy to climb from our house but it was just that it was so nicely rounded that you couldn't actually see all the way up it, making it look smaller. The hill itself was mostly bald on the side that faced us, and we would come to find out eventually that the treeline on the far side was, by contrast, almost all the way at the top. There were 2 main draws that drained off that mountain, and you could imagine the draws crossing the road approximately at the peaks of the bumps of the M. At the bottom of the draw on the right of our imaginary M, (which went along the East edge of our property,) it flattened out where it ran into an old logging road that connected our back pasture to the pasture behind Mr. N's house. My parents used that short cut to visit him, and he us, several times. 

Halfway between the logging road and the main road, my siblings and I were playing. The first day we were playing there it was raining but the tree canopy overhead was thick enough to keep us mostly dry. I don't remember noticing much for sounds, aside from the rain. We were noticing trilium coming up all around there and admiring them. After the first day, we noticed something was making a sound just out of sight like tapping rocks together 5 or 6 times in a row. It would come from one way, then a little farther off and in a different direction, always from heavy timber with lots of underbrush. I don't know how many days we played there, but each day we would get a little further up the draw toward where it crossed the road. I remember going out one day that week and feeling uneasy because we kept hearing loud stick breaking sounds from the heavy brush near the fence. As we meandered up the draw toward the last place we'd played, there was a tree that had been as big around as a human arm that was freshly broken and bent into an arch or doorway shape. Next to it was a trilium we'd admired the day before stomped flat into the pine needles. Just past the "doorway" was a fallen rotten long we'd sat on, and that morning it had rocks sitting on it. My memory is rather fuzzy so I don't recall for sure how many rocks but I believe there were 3, and I also don't recall whether the tree was twisted or just snapped, only that it was broken somehow in 2 places but the bark still held it together enough that it was shaped like a doorway. I remember accusing my siblings of coming up here without me and putting rocks on the log and stomping the flower, but they denied it. I had a distinct feeling that the "doorway" and rocks were some sort of message. In the back of my mind I imagined I was a explorer and saw this, and that it was a symbol that this area was a "door" to another tribe's territory. Then I couldn't get that feeling out of my head that we weren't supposed to go past this "door" and the rock markers, so I made us play below that from then on, for at least a year, and don't remember hearing the stick cracking sounds when we played there anymore, just the occasional rock taps

So that was the first thing that happened, about 5 +/- months after moving there, which was unexplained by known causes. I did ask my dad about the rock taps and he said maybe a woodpecker or squirrel, but I never felt quite satisfied with that explanation because the rock taps were always so uniform and sounded like rocks being banged together, not like a woodpecker or squirrel cracking a nut. I asked him about the rocks on the log and the broken tree too, and he said he hadn't been up there recently but it was probably just wind damage and sibling pranks. I felt like that wasn't quite plausible since the broken tree was right next to a big tree in the well sheltered understory and it was the only visible damage. It has nagged at me as strange ever since. I have lots more similarly odd stories, but this is the only one with rocks on top of things and trees broken into doorway shapes.

My mom, who passed away in 2011, actually SAW them with me, and she was with me when I saw what I think was their house too, but she was really strange about it. It was like she couldn't actually look at them for some reason. Like her mind wouldn't accept it, so she looked away as soon as she laid eyes on them and made up an excuse to explain it away and refused to look again or allow me to talk about it.

My dad is still living there, and he's always been pretty open minded about cryptids. He met a fellow whom he said sounded quite intelligent and sound minded who had run into one face to face once and had no doubt what he'd seen was a Bigfoot, so my dad always felt like, while he wouldn't say that they exist, he wouldn't say they didn't either. Unfortunately I think the Bigfoots were drawn to my siblings and I as children playing, and didn't care much about Dad out mending fences and whatnot. It seemed to me that they weren't interested in bothering Dad, and he didn't pay much attention to rock and wood sounds so unless they threw something right at him or chased him, I doubt he'd have ever realized they were there. I was one of those head in the clouds romantic fool teen girls always dreaming up some epic adventure in my head, but I was also a severe introvert and empath so I could sense moods and presences that nobody else I knew could, when I wasn't distracted by my own daydreaming. Nobody could sneak up on me ever as a kid because I could just sense them coming. Nobody could lie to me about their emotions either because I could always tell. It's possible that these traits that were so annoying to my family were part of why I noticed and remembered weird things that others didn't. Even my sister has basically the same stories as mine but she doesn't remember most of the weird things as being weird. She didn't think it was weird that the tree was broken or the log had rocks on it. Same with my dad. He still lives there but it would take a lot for him to say something was "weird." He could think he saw a Bigfoot walking through the trees but unless he had a picture to prove it to himself he'd likely chalk it up to tired eyes or hunger and head in for a snack and a nap and never think of it again.

Also unfortunate is that there have been at least half a dozen new homes built right around that area since my last encounter, so I'd be surprised if the Bigfoots (if that's really what they were) are still living there. I suppose it's possible, but if I were a Bigfoot I'd have vacated long ago and went somewhere a little less people-y. 

HOWEVER, my dad, when I pressed him about it, did remember one time either shortly before my mom died or shortly after, when he went out to do farm chores after dark. The black lab went with him as usual, but instead of her usual random barking and sniffing, she stopped stock still with her hackles up, staring into the night-black woods. She stayed frozen like that for a bit and then suddenly bolted for the house like Satan was after her. My dad said he looked and looked but all he could see was darkness. He said the way the dog behaved made him wish he'd brought a gun out with him. That was the only time he can recall anything strange or creepy happening that stuck with him. The animals pens he was out feeding are at the base of the hill that about 30 feet up that hill was that broken tree and log with rocks on it from my first story. The trees are thick enough behind the animal shelters that you can't see a thing through them when it's dark out. 

I'm surprised that my father in law, who worked as a logger most of his life until the mill shut down, then worked for the county road department, and has been an avid hunter and camper all his life, claims to have never seen anything. I would think if anyone would have seen something strange, even if it wasn't a Bigfoot-sort-of-strange, in all his years in the woods and on dark mountain roads, it would be him. But he claims to have never had any odd experiences at all.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Shelly's Hayrick Butte Oregon Bigfoot Experience

Shelly writes RMSO

Was watching a recent video of yours where you were going to retrieve some trailcams in the Jarbridge  area and you asked about sightings anyone may have had.  Here is mine.

 It was during the 1967 October rifle hunting season, Dad and I always went to two special areas to hunt, one was Hayrick Butte and the other was Quaking Aspen Swamp and Olallie Meadows in the Three Sisters Wilderness, both locate in or near the Cascades of Central Oregon.  This was my birthday hunt, I had just turned 16y/o, in a couple years I would be going active duty in the Navy.
 On this particular hunt, we were doing the hiking into Quaking Aspen Swamp, Olallie Meadows and towards the Pacific Crest Trail.  After about 7-8 miles in, I spotted a large fairly fresh large bare human like footprint in the middle of the trail.  It was almost 3x the size of my foot and I have big feet. This print was crossing the trail and heading deeper into the wilderness, usually there are not many hunters in this wilderness area and the only other human we met was the forest ranger coming out on horseback with his pack animals in tow.  
 I pointed the track out to dad and he did not seem to be to surprised by it, since I did not know anything about Sasquatch or Bigfoot or the Hairy Man of the Mountain, until many years later, I did not think much more about either.  We stopped and looked around for a bit, I saw movement in amongst the Ponderosa Pines that, at the time, looked to me like a very large bear standing up against a tree watching us.  It was an easy shot away, about 75yds but neither dad nor I had a bear tag, and I did not yet have my cameras like I did after 1971.  We just watched it for a few minutes, then went on our way, we made no aggressive movements towards it, i.e. aiming our rifles at it, and it did not act threatening towards us.  We just parted ways and that was the end of the sighting. 

 That was not the only time I saw the large barefoot tracks in the dust in the Central Oregon Cascades,  Saw them up on Hayrick Butte near Hoodoo Butte, off the Santiam Highway (US-20) just east of the junction with SR-22, that same year.  I will include a photo of Hayrick Butte so you can see what type of terrain it is.  This was another of our annual hunts, we always climbed it, in the photo our climb would be from the opposite side.  Once on top we would roll the big boulders down off the edge and watch them crash through the lodge pole pine that grew there, that was before all the new roads were put in.  After this break we would hike around the edge of the butte top then we would start to hike around the interior.  We never expected to shoot a deer but it was just for fun, because it was there and it became an annual tradition.  

 On one of the hikes around the top, I got this weird feeling that we were being watch, so I told dad, he said it was probably just one of the ghost that dwelled in the area.  It was when we got back to our starting point, that I found the first foot print, it was at least twice the size of my foot print, it had stepped on one of my footprints.  It was not until we started into the interior of the top, that we heard the first of the grunts and other noises.  We also found a few more prints in the dirt, this was the first time that I saw my father worried about something in the woods. Remember, we were both armed with rifles and pistols, dad was an excellent shot, as was myself.  All we wanted to do was get down to our rig and leave the butte behind.  I would make 2 more climbs to the top with dad before I left for the Navy, I would come home every October for hunting season and my birthday.  We continued to climb the butte or hunt in the wilderness, until they changed the hunting rules and those areas were no long in the part of the state where we lived.  I have not had an encounter since these two, even on my solo trips into the back country to enjoy my hobby of photography.

 The Geology of the butte is; it formed when the area was covered by an ice sheet or glacier.  It is known as a tuya volcano, which accounts for its nearly vertical sides. The Photo was shot during the winter ski season from the top of Hoodoo Butte, a cinder cone right next to Hayrick Butte.  The butte stands about 563 ft  above the surrounding forestlands, the top is essentially flat. There is one easy route to the top and that is a forested spine that ascends from the Hoodoo side of the butte.  That forested spine was our descent route after spending most of the day on the top.

Hope this info helps, I have never talked about it or told anyone about this until today, nearly 51+ years after it happened, hope that the info helps.

Shelly A, LPN (ret) (Desert Fox)