Saturday, September 9, 2017

Reward! 12 Pounds of Bigfoot Scat for Information to Help Ted Kyzenski Find Missing 74 Pounds of Bigfoot Poop!

Looking for Robert XXXXXXXX. Little sissy stole 74 pounds of Bigfoot shit from my storage facility. Figured I could get some of my YouTube friends help me locate this worthless puke. I'm offering 12 pounds of Bigfoot scat from my 1983 Northern California spring expedition. This is an excellent sample of Bigfoot scat so thanks for any info.

That's terrible. Did you report him to the police?

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

First Man 25 million years of evolution

Is pierolapithecus our common ancestor?
If not then who is?

Watch as the journey unfolds with the development of homo erectus & homo sapiens through the millions of years of evolution & countless miles of migrations. 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Devils Bend Bigfoot Sighting by Idaho Fisherman on Kelly Creek

The most recent Bigfoot sighting reported in this general area of Idaho was North of Lewiston on March 22nd 2017.

There is a long history of Bigfoot sightings in this part of Idaho, recently a fisherman reported his 1983 sighting on Devils Bend along Kelly Creek Idaho.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Snake River Bigfoot Spotted in Devils Corral Canyon Idaho

Bigfoot, He travels through the winding canyons of the great snake river. In 1970 I saw him and was followed by him on a night of full moon, in July He struck a mighty pose standing on the canyon ledge about 30 yards above me. I could see his hair rippled by the breeze in the light of that full moon. It was a long run out of that box canyon called DEVILS CORRAL THAT NIGHT. NOW I LIVE IN BLACKFOOT AND I HAVE A SNEAKING SUSPICION A SMALL GROUP OF THEM MIGHT BE GETTING STUDIED BY A CERTAIN BIGFOOT AUTHORITY OUT ON SACRED GROUND. 
Kelly Shaw Hope, Interesting. I do agree the creature follows the Snake River Canyons. If you don't mind asking I love details of bigfoot encounters and sightings. How long was your encounter and sighting? Could you see the color of its hair, were you able to see its face or eyes? And were you able to get a rough estimate of its height? Sorry all of the questions, I love to hear about peoples personal experiences with bigfoot. Did the creature make any vocalizations that night?

Hope Kelly we were teenagers taking a hike down in a box canyon outside of Twin Falls. It was late evening when we started our hike I was always watching for animal tracks and I noticed an impression about 16 inches long and four or five inches wide. Only one in a watercress covered spring run off, I stuck my hand down in it and felt for depth .It was about 5 or 6 inches deep and I thought it was an odd track but it was filled with water so it appeared rectangular only. We hiked as it got dark and heard a bipedal sound and snorty breathing following aside us and stopping when we did but saw nothing. We decided to exit back to the spring as we walked I told the others to watch for skunks cause I could smell one. Then we stopped for a breather at the base of the canyon wall ,as I looked up the wall to a ledge protruding half way up it, I saw what I thought was a human siluette sitting on a rock. Then it stood up taller than any man I had ever seen I would estimate 7-8 ft. Tall. The moon was slightly behind it as it's face was in shadow but I could see long hair waving from shoulders to legs, looking very muscular no neck. Just watching us so close I was afraid to point. I said to the others, What's That!? My boyfriend looked up and said RUN! AND WE DID ALL THE WAY UP THE CANYON ROAD TO THE TOP. I think there was probably 2 of them one was running by us ,and one sitting on the ledge. After 40 yrs I put it together and we never went there again and never told anyone but his mom. They are like any other animal they follow food, habit , and shelter. And I don't think they are hard to find if you seriously want to find one. Their numbers are rising it's obvious.

Kelly Shaw Thank you for elaborating. I pass through Twin Falls often to visit Bigfoot sighting locations and it makes perfect sense to me that these creatures use the Snake River Canyons as their own highway so to speak, plus I am sure many live along this River too

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Monday, July 10, 2017

Bear Hunter Observes Bigfoot With Rifle Scope Challis National Forest

2016 Spring Bear Hunt
During the 2016 late spring bear hunt I saw and heard something I can not explain.
The location was in the Challis National forest between Challis Idaho and Salmon Idaho.
My son and I have hunted this area for the last several years. However our good friend who we hunt with has been hunting this specific area since the early 1980’s. To get to our tree stands you travel about 15 miles outside the small town of Challis Idaho on your way towards Salmon. Approximately 1 and 1/2 to 2 miles past the Ellis / Pesimoroi junction you turn left and crossing the Salmon river at Deer Gulch Access, Dry Gulch Road turns into Hat Creek Road. Follow up gravel road about 27 miles until the road runs out. You must use a jeep or atv for about 10 to 12 miles until you reach the low timber we then hike in another 3/4 mile to our stands. (will include picture from my tree stand.) Our first stand is on Iron Mountain
On the morning of June 11, 2016 at about 7am my friends and I headed out to our tree stands for our annual spring bear hunt. We took our 4 wheelers from the cabin and arrived at our stands more than an hour later. Each of the 3 stands is spaced about 3/4 mile to 1 mile apart. Ted and Darin were letting me get settled into my stand first since I was recently recovering from back surgery a few months prior. We drove towards my stand and began to hike the final 3/4 mile in. Both Ted and I are USMC veterans and as we walked in towards my stand, we notice the sounds of the forest were just not there. It was to quiet, eerily quiet. No birds, no squirrels no nothing. I Mentioned to Ted things just felt weird. Like we were walking into an ambush or something. Ted said maybe “eclipse” is watching us. Eclipse is a really huge black boar we had been seeing on our trail cams for the last 5 years. But could never get a shot at. We named him Eclipse because he is so big he eclipses our 50 gallon bait barrel when standing in front of it. We just laughed it off and walked into the stand.  As I climb the stand about 8ft up the stand shifted and I damn near fell out of it. Thats when we realized something had messed with our ladder. thats not unheard of. Bears are curious creatures and do stuff like this all the time. so we just re-secured our straps and I climbed up in.

 As with most hunts the first 30 to 45 minutes  is boring. Nothing going into the bait barrel. I Notice I would catch myself dozing off. At one point I must have fallen totally asleep because I woke to what I thought was someone saying “Yoop, Yoop, Yoop” then a pause and it would repeat “Yoop, Yoop, Yoop.” I cleared my eyes expecting to see Ted or Darin. I first looked down, then straight ahead towards the bait and then to my right up the hill.

 Thats when I saw it. I first noticed its color a deep rich red/brown coat, but much longer then a bears coat.  It was squatted down in a small open area between trees.  The length of the coat struck me as odd so I pulled up my rifle to get a better look threw the scope. just as I got my scope on it, it turned still in the squatting position then stood up, used the smaller tree for a moment to get his balance and walked away on 2 legs back into the tree line. I froze. I always said if I saw a bigfoot (I am not saying this is what it was.)  if I saw ever one I would shoot it. But at that moment I just froze. I couldn’t do it. I believe I was in shock, partially fear of the unknown. But mostly because of how much this thing looked like a human. When it stood up, I could clearly see its back, head, butt, legs, shoulders, arms and back of its hand  and the muscles flex as it grabbed the tree for balance. I sat there in disbelieve of what I just saw. I looked at my watch 11am, We agreed to meet at 1pm for a lunch. Because of my recent surgery Ted and Darin agreed to meet at my stand to help me climb down. 2 hrs to wait. Shit was I anxious. Now I am on hyper alert. after about 30 minutes I heard a clicking sound. At first I was thinking it was a deer or elk calf trying to locate its mother. But the clicks started moving around me. By the third time I pulled out my phone and recorded them. (I will up load them with this report.) I grew up hunting in Oregon and Idaho, I have taught my kids to hunt. I can’t tell you what it was. But I can tell you what it wasn’t. It wasn’t a Bear, it wasn’t an Elk and it wasn’t a guy in a monkey suit hoaxing me.
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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Dump Truck Driver Spots Bigfoot Trapper's Loop Utah

its been maybe 9 years i was driving a 10 wheel dump truck thru over to eden using trappers loop making 5 to 6 trips there and back,one trip i seen big foot only for a second he quickly ran into the trees,semis your up a little higher so you see more then you would from a car,i know what i saw,beleive or dont .

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization 
Wow that is cool. I know of other folks that have saw bigfoot in that area. Did you get a height on him? Did you see his color or see any details of the creature even though the sighting was only for a second or so?

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization 
How long ago did this happen? Time of day & time of year?

he had to duck his head or it would of been above the scrub oak,
it was around the fall,and after noon,im thinking about 9 years ago,i seen a moose and its calve in the same area but it wasnt them i seen people tried to tell me it was,i looked it up about sightings in utah and back then right there was the highest sightings in Utah

and i can tell you that the paterson film must be real cuz same posture

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization
Thanks for the additional details. I know people personally that have saw bigfoot near the same area as you did.