Sunday, March 18, 2018

Desolation Wilderness Bigfoot Reports & Expeditions

We travel to two Bigfoot sighting locations West of Lake Tahoe near the Desolation Wilderness.
Bigfoot Sighting reports at location & expedition to each provided below.

Sighting Report
Backpacker Harassed by Bigfoot Wrights Lake to Enchanted Pools
#EnchantedPoolsBigfoot #WrightsLakeBigfoot

Wrights Lake Bigfoot Expedition with Shawn Evidence
#EnchantedPoolsSasquatch #WrightsLakeBigfoot

Desolation Wilderness Bigfoot Expedition
Lake Aloha Bigfoot Expedition

Sighting Report
Campers Spot Bigfoot in Desolation Wilderness
#DesolationWildernessSasquatch #LakeAlohaBigfoot

Desolation Wilderness Bigfoot Expedition
#DesolationWildernessBigfoot #LakeAlohaBigfoot

#LakeTahoeBigfoot #CaliforniaBigfoot

Top 15 Rocky Mountain Bigfoot Sightings

Top Viewed Rocky Mountain Bigfoot Sighting Reports

1- Bigfoot Chases Five People then Spotted by Elk Hunter 3 days later
Idaho 290,000

2- Hunter Terrified by Bigfoot at Deadwood
Idaho 278,000

3- Hunters Encounter Aggressive Group of Sasquatch Tsawhawbitts Mountains
Nevada 232,000

4- Boy Craps Pants After Seeing Bigfoot Coalville Utah
Utah 205,000

5- Water Truck Driver Encounters Bigfoot at Deadwood River
Idaho 174,000

6- Hunters Harassed by Bigfoot Carson Lake Colorado
Colorado 162,000

7- Twelve people observe Bigfoot for 14 minutes Uinta Mountains
Utah 144,000

8- Two Elk Hunters Surprised by Bigfoot Thousand Peaks
Utah 122,000

9- Bowls Creek Montana Bigfoot Sighting
Montana 116,000

10- White Bigfoot Spotted near Boulder Utah
Utah 115,000

11- Bigfoot Circles Bear Hunters Tree Stand
Idaho 115,000

12- Bauman's Deadly Bigfoot Encounter on Location
Montana/Idaho Border 80,000

13- Elk Hunters Terrified by Bigfoot at Tony Grove
Utah 68,000

14- Lime Creek Colorado Bigfoot Sighting
Colorado 58,000

15- Three Bigfoot Spotted by two Separate Bow Hunters Bloody Bucket
Idaho 54,000

Top Ten Pacific Northwest Bigfoot Sightings

Top Ten Viewed Bigfoot Sighting Reports in the Pacific Northwest

1- Klamath Bigfoot Sighting by a Father & Two Boys
California 152,000

2- Father & Son Observe Bigfoot While Packing an Elk Blue Mountains Washington
Washington 94,000

3- Campers Spot Bigfoot in Desolation Wilderness
California 77,000

4- Woman Spots Two Bigfoot Coast Orick California
California 75,000

5- Campers Encounter Three Bigfoot at Suttle Lake
Oregon 50,000

6- Bigfoot Screams in Car Window Redwoods CA Sighting Report
California 48,000

7- Oregon Camper goes Missing at Bigfoot Sighting Hot Spot
Oregon 47,000

8- Myrtle Point Woman Sees Bigfoot From 10 Feet Away Oregon
Oregon 42,000

9- Clackamas River Bigfoot Expedition & Sighting Reports
Oregon 37,000

10- Three Bigfoot Retrieve Fisherman's Catch Mount Saint Helens
Washington 34,000

Friday, March 16, 2018

Top Dozen Bigfoot Encounters Idaho

#IdahoBigfootSightings #SasquatchSpottedIdaho

#1- Bauman's Deadly Bigfoot Encounter Idaho & Montana Border

#2- Bigfoot Raids The Ghost Town of Deadwood

#3- Bigfoot Circles Bear Hunters Tree Stand

#4- Three Bigfoot Spotted by two Bow Hunters Bloody Bucket

#5- Camper Abandoned Camp After Bigfoot Activity Beaver Creek

#6- Bigfoot Chases 5 People then is Spotted by Elk Hunter 3 days later

#7- Bigfoot Spotted Twice Same Hunting Trip Challis & Salmon

#8- Bigfoot The Solitary Savage of The Snake River

#9- Girl Followed by Bigfoot in Devil Corral Canyon

#10- Four Bigfoot Sightings St Charles Idaho to Ovid

#11 Officer Observes Bigfoot Same Place Hunters Harassed by Bigfoot Bear Lake Territorial Gove of Aspen

#12- Cascade Idaho Bigfoot Sighting

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Bigfoot Kills Two Hogs in Oklahoma

Kenneth Roberts
I drew this, I seen this bigfoot in 1961 ada Oklahoma, I was 5yrs old just behind our house
#OklahomaBigfoot #AdaSasquatch
What happened? Time of day, time of year? Do you recall how tall, color, eyes etc..? I know it was a long time ago, but interested in details that you recall?
Kenneth Roberts
It was very big an smelled real bad. He just stood there watching me. The hair was long an brown/ black ish its eyes were almost redish.
It was med day, hot and not to cloudy, we was at a stream just behind our house
Were you out at the stream when you saw the creature? 
Kenneth Roberts
Yes, I was just looking around when I notice how quite it got,  no animals were making any noise,I was 5yrs old it was the biggest thing I every seen, I can still see it even now 
How long did the sighting last? How did it end?
Kenneth Roberts
It last about 10  minutes then I took off running as fast I could for home, It did killed two hogs next door, a old farmer lived
Did you have a staring match with the Bigfoot the whole 10 minutes? Did it make any facial expressions during this encounter? Were you close enough to hear it breath etc..?
Kenneth Roberts
Yes, he just look at each other, his lips were long and rain, his nose was wide
yeah I was always out in the woods just watching the animals, birds, snakes, I seen a few bears, coyotes, I look on the bank for tracks
Kenneth Roberts
I was on the bank looking for anything when I notice
Anyone else in your family ever see it? You said it killed farmer neighbors hogs. Did he see the creature too?
Kenneth Roberts
My dad and uncle Jim track it for a few Miles,  they came across the two hogs what was left of them
Did it appear to consume the hogs? Did they explain the condition of the dead hogs when they found them?
Kenneth Roberts
Anyway. I was thinking that  it was not feel right when I look to my left and seen a very big leg stinking out of the water and look up seen his big hand, then I seen his face
Yes. The two hogs was haft eattin.both of their nicks were broken
His face was tan brown and long hair ever where
I send you the whole story

Kenneth Roberts
In 1961 I was 5 yrs old and we live in ada Oklahoma.
My dad got a job on a cattle ranch he was a real cowboy and the rancher he worked for give a hours so we could live in a one bedroom house.
My uncle Jim, my mom, sister and ant murtey live next door.
There was a old farmer who live on the other side of us with his wife, they had some hog's, chicken's, cows.
Behind our house was a stream maybe 30 feet from our house.
I was always in the woods looking around learning as my papa and dad always tried to teach me about the woods and the animals.
One day I was out side and my mother told me to stay close, she how I was lol. But I went down to the stream and sit down so I could pull off my shoes and socks I did NOT want a whipping lol I rolled up my jeans to my needs and tied my shoes and socks around my neck and walk into the stream, the water was cool and I walk to the other side of the bank to look for tracks
 There were trees next to the stream birds were singing, I was there for some time before I notice how quiet it was.( my father and his father always told me that when the animals were quite it ment that there was an animal hunting so be careful.
I first small it, it was the worst I ever smalled, then I notice a repeal in the water as I look to my left I seen a very big leg out of the water I could make out a big foot just under the water. It was comeing from behind a tree as look up I seen a big hand on a brench, I look to the tree, the brench meet the tree and that's when I seen his big face.
He had been watching me, his eye were reddish color and not to far apart but not close together, his nose was like our nose not wider, his lips were long and thin,  his face look like a dark tan and look like leather, his was big ,I have never seen anything this big and strong looking.
He would look at me looking at him he would turn his alittle. It seem like hours but it was minutes since we look at each other, I took off running as hard an fast as I could for home, if it had wanted me he could have run me down.
I ran inside the kitchen were my mother was cooking, my little brother was in his high chair, I hook the screen door shut and just sit looking out, my mother said that's the first time that I didn't have to call you in lol.
She ask me what I seen I didn't known what to say at least I said a very big hog.she just look at me and walk over to my brother.
When my dad got home she told him and he ask me the same, I said the same thing to him he just look at me.
After we had dinner there was a knock at our front door my dad went to answer and I was by his side, it was the famer from next door. They said Hello's, then the famer ask my dad if he had heard anything funny last night, said no.
My uncle Jim show up and we all followed the famer to were he kept his hogs. He said that two were missing  there were A many footprints around in the mud, they way bigger than my fathers who was size 10. It was bigger then uncle Jim he was a sized 12.
You could see these tracks walking out of the hog pen right the fence into the gulle next to the stream.
Uncle took off for his house and dad told me to get back to mom and stay there, I run into uncle Jim he had two shot guns and two bags of shells.
It was a few hours until my dad uncle Jim gat they talk out front for a bit then dad came in and rub my head then he shut the front door and lock it. he sit down next to mom told her they found the two hogs  that is what was left of them there heads and shoulder was there but the rest was gone, there nicks were broken, no teeth marks no claw marks and lot of footprints big and small.
We go to sleep, I slept on the couch and mom and dad in the bedroom with my brother.
Late that night I heard it outside of our house, I went the floor and snake it to the bedroom. I woke on the couch in the morning dad ask why I was on there floor so I told him that it was outside and we went looking, my dad was a real good tracker and he found some marks the smell was still there
RMSOThank you for taking the time to report this to us.
Kenneth RobertsThank you for listen