Friday, January 12, 2018

Oil Bigfoot of Montana strikes again?

LGF writes RMSO
ok so the story has been modified along the years pictures have appeared and disappeared in the family but i will try to make out true and false facts... It all started in Montana not sure of the exact location but for sure it was on a logging site the year might be 1991 or 1988 my uncle and my grand father were working on an old CAT skidder, my uncle a big 7 foot 5 built like a bear men was emptying the oil from the skidder, gummy oil as he said then something broke the window of his truck it looked like a well it was a big wooden spear 10 foot long passed throw the windshield across the seat ended its road in the back of the cabin... my uncle loved his truck more than anything got out of under the skidder started screaming and yelling every insult possible then my grand pa arrived and asked what he was doing an other spear passed throw the tail gated my uncle took a Winchester rifle shot 8 rounds in the woods nothing happened... later my uncle saw someone (the bigfoot) roaming around the camp.. he saw him from the garage about 50 meters away from the camp in witch my uncle was working on the skidder... the bigfoot (as he did not know was a bigfoot) was holding a spear like the 2 others who impaled his truck... uncle got so angry that he took a five gallon bucket filled up with gummy flat black oil and launch literally the bucket it hit the creature in the back and splashed everywhere here is where the creature got its nickname BLACK BACK 

now thats all what i got of really true for now but ill try to get more info on that i have a big family and everyone has its way and events of the story, but, if you ask one of my family members about BLACK BACK they all know who it is... i will email you other parts of the story when i will have them if you want, have a good day and beware of BLACK BACK!!!!!

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Oil Bigfoot of Montana

Monday, January 8, 2018

Oil Bigfoot of Montana

B. Hunter emails RMSO
Hey, i dont know if its the right YouTube channel for this bigfoot sighting but anyway. I was 11 year old at the time in 1991 and today I'm 37 and I still remember exactly what happen

I was riding my ATV on a logging site in Montana and you know there was a part of the road that was wide, straight and about 3/4 of a mile long so my dad told me I could go a little faster. I had to stop at the beginning to let a skidder pass like my dad told me, then a look to my left and I saw a... i dont know how to tell you a big brown figure standing about 8 or maybe i dont know 10 or even 11 foot tall right when I saw it.
I did not freeze i just put the pedal to the metal and hoped it was nothing then something stood in the road it was brown in the front but then it just turned to not face me and i tried to dodge him/her but he jump side ways like if he wanted me to hit him in that back and its just what i did...
I did not mean to hit him but still. About a mile or two after i stopped and looked at the front of the ATV and it was full of "gummy" or "sticky" oil. When i told it to my dad after 2 or 3 years of hiding it to everyone he told me it was Back Black or Black Jack i dont know what he was talking about and i still wonder today

Weird. Did your atv take any damage? Did you get a look at the face of the creature? Your story is confusing. You saw it on the side of the road when the skidder passed you and then it was in front of you on the road? Can you elaborate? I am not sure I follow your account correctly. Was there more than one? One on the side of the road and then when you put petal to metal you ran into a different one?
B. Hunter
Did your atv take any damage? Answer : Yes it did just so you know how much (I had told my dad that I had ran into a fallen tree and he believed me just looking at the damage)
Did you get a look at the face of the creature? Answer : Yes they both looked like not an ape but not a human 
Was there more than one? Answer : Yes the first one was ALL brown the second one was brown in the front and black or full of that oil like liquid
When you put the pedal to the metal you ran into a different one? Answer : Yes i am sure 

Oh and a little information the one on the side of the road was holding a big stick same height and there was no bark on it

Thank you for the information. What part of Montana did this happen in? Interesting.

B. Hunter
Near Golden ridge and Gilman I would tell you the exact location but my grand father (the owner of the place) did not want me to reveal it 

Understand thanks

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Hunters ran out of camp at night by a group of Bigfoot in a area the Shoshone Indians call Cannibal Giants

Hunters Encounter Aggressive Group of Sasquatch Tsawhawbitts Mountains
Several years of expeditions looking for what locals call a Weird Beastly Creature in the Jarbidge Wilderness.

Shoshone Legend of Cannibal Giants in Tsawhawbitts Jarbidge Wilderness

Three Possible Trackways of Bigfoot Tsawhawbitts Expedition
History of the Jahabich & Tsawhawbitts Bigfoot Phenomenon
Search for Weird Beastly Creature Jarbidge Wilderness Bigfoot Expedition
Round Table Drive Cannibal Giants Tsawhawbitts Bigfoot Expedition
Cannibal Giants Investigation Tsawhawbitts

RMSO Camp Tsawhawbitts Bigfoot Expedition
#NevadaBigfoot #JarbidgeSasquatch

Friday, December 15, 2017

Campers may have called in a Bigfoot at Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon Sequoia National Park
We stayed at Upper Stony Creek campground in Kings Canyon Sequoia National Park. We took the nearest hardest hike all the way up a mountain by a waterfall. Guine intermittently yells "hey bear" really loud. But several times while scaling this hill she does a whooping bigfoot call. No responses of course. Everything seems dead up there. Like no bear, nothing. So as we make our descent, she is yelling "hey bear" again and startles something in the woods near us. Something really big. I immediately think we stumbled on a bear so I pulled the Ruger because we were way too close for comfort. Now it could have been a bear or a deer. But once we heard this loud crashing noise from being startled it got quiet. Any other animal would crash through the woods to get away from us. But this one stayed. It got real still and didn't move. We couldn't see what it was. It made two sudden moves in the forest and stopped like it knew it made a mistake. We don't know what it was. I just figured a scared animal would run. It's possible my girlfriend called a curious bigfoot in. Because her calls are intense.

Kings Canyon I presume?

Yep. Upper Stony Creek to be precise.

Do you mind if I post this to my blog? I will use your 1st name only.

I don't care, but I don't know if it was a bigfoot. It was just odd.

Yes, you don't know what it was. I got that from the conversation.

Cool, then go for it

I have never saw bigfoot personally clearly enough to make that claim. Have had 4 or 5 encounters including vocalizations over the last 10 years that I think could of been bigfoot even though no sighting. Really wont be able to wrap my head around it until I have a clear sighting of my own.

Yeah I can imagine. Dude I was so glad my girlfriend finally had some experiences. She is completely on board with it now. It's obvious they don't want to be seen. I think the one I saw in 91 was a juvenile. He was probably only about 6 foot. Ballzy enough to run through my camp to scare the rat shit out of me.

The younger ones seem more daring & I believe that is why they are spotted the most. Older ones are better at not leaving behind tracks & are more adapt at staying hidden.

Yeah that makes sense.

Not to sound cliché', on many expeditions where we find track ways of what I think are bigfoot. We usually find a small set of tracks that aren't exciting at all because they could easily be human. Then those small ones lead us to larger tracks. The large ones clearly show they try not to leave foot prints behind.

I hope you get to see one. But from a distance.

Hahaha. Hope to see it closely from the protection of my car. However my luck I will be peeing behind my tent at night, come face to face with it. No camera just peeing lol

Yeah man, it will send a shock through your body you aren't expecting. Your nerves feel on fire.
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