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Shadow Rim Girl Scout Bigfoot Sighting

Tina writes RMSO
Hi Kelly, 
 Tina K,
Thanks for the reply on yt.
I don't have exact dates,  however, around late 60's or early 70's,  I went up to Shadow Rim Girl Scout camp with my troop, there were about 30/36 girls and  4 adults. 
 We stayed in the lodge/ messhall and after dinner we were doing GS stuff and  getting ready to get into our sleeping bags, when something started happening outside (about 8/9 pm),  that scared all the girls and they were screaming,  the 2 men with us (leaders husband's), went outside to see what was going on.

 Myself I thought silly girls could be just a deer/elk. The guys came back in and said whatever it was is gone.
 Late during the night I decided I was going to get up early about the crack of dawn, and go over to Chase creek  and see if it was iced over, so I could ice skating in my tennis shoes.  

 Next morning I went to the creek by myself and was skating around,  I slipped and fell,  while I was getting up I looked behind me kinda with a quick glance, I thought I saw a hairy monster,  but when I looked again it was gone. So started skating a little bit more, then thought I'd better get back to the lodge cuz if I did see something it might get me and I thought everybody would be looking for me. 

 When I got back sure enough one of my friends was outside looking for me.  She asked me where I was, I told her on the creek and she wanted to go too. I really didn't want to go back over there, but she talked me into it. 
 Next morning me and 4 other girls went to the creek however we saw nothing.  I was kinda hoping they would see what I thought I saw the morning before,  to prove I did see something. 
 So that's what my experience was, what I thought I saw was mixed light to dark brownish red . 
I have included a drawing to the best of what i can remember. 
Back then there was only tent pads for the summer camping,  but there are cabins now. Where my encounter was where the road goes over the creek to the cabins and I was on the right side of the road. 
Again Thx for inquiring about my experience, 
Stay Safe,

I love the drawing. Appreciate hearing about your encounter. 
What State did this happen in?

Thank you, yes I'm was born in AZ.
THE encounter was at Shawdow Rim GS camp, 43 minutes northwest of Christopher creek , by Payson, AZ

OK awesome.I really enjoyed searching for Bigfoot in that area. We found several compelling track ways while we were out there. Do plan on going back at some point in time because we loved the area


Oh definitely,  Payson area has always been a stomping grounds since I was little,  also Williams AZ area. I lived in and around Williams for 30yrs, had home by Grand Canyon. I've had encounters of Bigfoot by Williams since I was about 12yrs old. My last possible encounter was at White Horse Lake, South of Williams last July 2017 . The picture I sent "Placed Below" was in the road from White Horse Lake  to  J D Dam. My very first encounter was at White Horse Lake,  sitting around the campfire and hearing howling coming from Sycamore Canyon a cpl miles behind  the lake, i asked my dad what that howling was and he told me it was a donkey,  i thought to myself That's not a donkey or coyote.  I also saw one at a tank nw of Williams in 1989 , That really scared me and we my ex, kids and I left. I think I was followed home from Flagstaff to my home in Valle, AZ too, I worked at JC Penny's at mall in Flagstaff,  I would rake hwy 180 every night I'd stop 2/3miles past Snowbowl rd to potty, well one night after getting home , I was reading in bed about 1am there was a blood curdling howling scream  my window,  I slammed the window shut fast and just started  shaking . I know coyote howling and yippy noise, that was no coyote and I new I wouldn't find prints cuz we had cinders all around the house and driveway.
But my husband and I are getting ready to buy property possibly in the Heber/Overheard area or even Strawberry/Pine. So I  think my encounters wI'll continue. 

The picture was from last July camping at White Horse Lake,  first night  about 2am  west of the Lake I heard coyote, yipping and then howling and it wasn't coyote howling,  then about 330am I hear something getting into my food I left on the table on purpose and by the time I tried quietly unzipping the tent it was gone. Next day Saturday is when we went researching 

 think I also had an encounter 30miles north of Ashfork,AZ in 1985on the Sevens Ranch, slapping on the side of the renovated school bus  and  a litter of puppies missing and the momma dog sometimes would go off in the woods and come back, stinky,  poppy, musty smelling. 
You know I never realized I was possibly having settle encounters til I started watching Bigfoot videos in 2016 on YouTube

Sorry about misspelled words etc, I just got a new phone, and I proof read then I send something and realized the phone changed my words or left some out 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Bigfoot Sightings Near Flagstaff Arizona

Collection of Bigfoot Sighting reports near 
Flagstaff Arizona

On location video reports along with copy of written report.

Woman's Bigfoot Sighting Near Flagstaff

Girl Goes Berserk as Bigfoot steps towards her between Grand Canyon & Flagstaff

Woman hiking in Arizona describes Troll like Bigfoot

Bigfoot Sighting Tour South Utah & North Arizona

Original Post of Phillips Bigfoot sighting report

Phillip M Reports Seeing Bigfoot near Flagstaff
Seen one preparing to cross the route 89 north from Flagstaff to the reservation one summer evening, right after sundown. The "creature," was standing very still near a tree trunk trying not to be noticed. Jet black, 8 to 10 feet tall, and at first I thought it was a horses tail blowing in the light mountain breeze so I slowed down, and turned on my halogen full beam lights. Then, thought is this a bear, but realized it was standing to up and was too tall to be a bear! When I scanned down again, I noticed huge dark skinned colored fingers under the jet black 5 to 10 inch strands of of matted shiny hair! I could not see the feet, since the grass was knee high, but the upper body was clearly displayed. I even was able to see the huge fit body and enormous upper body muscles on the arms, like it could scale a 45 degree wooded mountain or kill a deer by running it down and breaking its neck for food. As I got closer, I realized the enormous size and strength this creature had, and its intelligence to using the dark to hide in plain view! I freaked out and took off on 89 North near the Volcano national park turn off near by. This happened before the two road 89 was made, when it was a single two-way single road going North from Flagstaff, during a drought season in the summer. This creature was more thinking being and less ape animal to me, that was more reason to take off down the road. This area is known for deer crossing, so that is why I think it frequents this area waiting for prey. It could not have grew this large, and maintained the strength it had eating nuts or plant life alone, it needed a high protein source, like deer or other large mammal! The creature I saw was not like the famous California film reel creature, but very fit, tall, and looked more like a male, with its face covered in long hair. I guess it pushed its hair over it face to hide its eyes and to better hide in plain view. I was lucky to see this creature, since it blended in so well in the dark, and near the tree trunks while it stood still. The only reason I seen it was the slight curve in the road and the headlights of the car hitting directly on the creature and the trees. When the wind or breeze blew, it moved the tall grass and hair, but not the fingers and then I thought it was a horse's tail or a large mammal of some type. Then I just blasted the road with my high beam lights, and there it was in plain view. A vehicle was behind me and coming both 100 yards or more. I am usually cautious in this area since I don't want to hit a crossing deer.

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Original Holstein Germany Bigfoot Sighting Interview in German & Translation Included

After a few people that are fluent in German asked to see the original Holstein Germany Bigfoot sighting report. I decided to post my interview with Tom along with my online translation. 
Hopefully people fluent in German can shed light into any misunderstanding from myself & Tom.
Appreciate everyone's patience,  definitely a language gap. 
I want to thank Tom for reporting his sighting to RMSO.

Hilfe hilfe !! Bei mir in der Region Ostholstein in Deutschland wurde ich eben in einem moor von ein big food verfolgt ich habe etwas pfeifen gehört und bin hin gegangen dan lief es auf mich zu ich weiß nicht wo ich mich melden soll oder was ich machen soll

After using online translation Kelly responds
Sure we would like to hear your Bigfoot sighting report from Germany

 Is macks me skary !!!!!!

OK what happened, what did you see? Did you see enough of the creature to give us a good description?

Ja habe das ding hier etwar 2 Sekunden gesehen mit meiner Taschen lampe dan bin ich gelaufen !! Langes schwarzes verfilztes fell mit eingen stellen ohne fell und es hat ekelhaft gestunken wie ein totes tier und große augen und riesige hände so 1,90 meter bis 2,10 meter groß

Kelly trying to respond in German using online translater
OK so rock es wie ein stinktier> Hast du irh Gesicht zu sehen? War es Mensch orger Affe suct wie? Wie hat ihre Begegnung enden? Haben Sie laufen, hat es weg gehen weg? Hat es irgendwelche vocalizations machen? Hat es bei lhnen aussehen direkt?

Ich weiß nicht wie ein stink tier riecht . Es roch wie ein verwesender Kadaver. Ja es sah etwas aus wie das eines Neandertalers . Ich weiß es nicht . Ich bin gelaufen bis zu meinem dirt bike und dan weg so schnell es ging

Was ist vocalizations ?

Vocalizations sind Klange, es mit seinem Mund oder Stimme machen kann

Ja ein schrecklichens geräusch

War das Gerausch wie ein Knurren oder ein Schrei? Oder is es etwas, das Sie beschreiben?

Es war ein schrei

Tolle. Waren Sie zuruck, um zu sehen, wenn Sie irgendqelche Bubspuren oder etwas finden kann?
Es war eih schrei translated to English it was a hoot? Maybe bad translation?
Es war eigh screi ins Englische ubersetxt Es war ein Schrei? Vielleicht eine schlecte Ubersetzung?

Ne das trau ich micht nicht noch mal da war mal ein 2×2 meter großes nest aus schilf

Ein schrei 

OK ehrfurchtig, hoffen, dass Sie auchtun. Kingt beangstigend.

Ja oder solte ich es jagen ? 
Mit einer falle 

Thank you. I will post this report.

(Apologize for the choppy sentences. He was reporting in German. I was having to translate to English & may cause a little confusion in the report.)

Help, help !! In the East Holstein region in Germany , I was just in a bog of a big foot I have pursued  after hearing a whistle. Went out and it ran up to me. I do not know where to report.

Yes the thing here etwar two seconds have seen with my bags dan lamp I walked !! Long black matted fur like a dead animal and big eyes and huge hands as 1.90 meters to 2.10 meters tall with eingen filters without fur and it has disgusting stink.

I do not like a stink animal smells . It smelled like a rotting carcass . It looked somewhat like that of a Neanderthal . I dont know . I ran up to my dirt bike and dan away as fast as he could.

 A terrible noise lichens.

After asking if he has been back to find foot prints of the creature Tom responds.

Ne I trust micht not again there was even a 2 × 2 meter large nest made ​​of reed

Tom is an outdoorsman. He does a lot of fishing. This encounter has scared him and sounds like he does not want to return to the part of the bog where this creature came up to him.

If we get any more information on this sighting in Germany we will make sure to post these updates.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A small dosage of Trolls we deal with on a regular basis bringing you Bigfoot sighting reports


Tim Stover upset over the cover photo below used on a bigfoot sighting report.
Apparently Tim needs to work out some personal issues & refrain from being an online bully.
Please show Tim some love. Apparently he isn't getting enough attention.

Blog link to the report Stover is throwing a fit over

Tim Stover's Trolling comments.
This is what you call Click Bait! The photo has absolutely nothing to do with the story and fools people into clicking on the link in hopes to see more photos or possibly video footage. This is what many Youtubers and bloggers do to increase the views on their channels and videos. It’s just a numbers game to them.

Kelly Shaw Don't allow jealousy to cloud your vision Tim

Kelly Shaw A cover photo is expected by everyone on any blog post & this woman's sighting report deserves to have a good cover photo even if it is the famous blog squatch of boggy creek. I have had issues with you criticizing me in the past. I do believe you hate me Tim. Have no idea why. However my hunch is you are afraid you aren't directly in the lime light.

Tim Stover   I’ve removed myself from the lime light because of all the garbage and BS out there. I know an attention seeker and a numbers hustler when I see one.
Have you ever noticed that you never participate in anything on OBH or even comment to others who share? But as soon as someone comments to something you share on OBH then your on it like flies on shit.
Until you learn to care about anything but yourself and the numbers it’s best if you stay away. 

Kelly Shaw Appears you struggle with anger management issues. Perhaps jealousy missed the mark. However I wont sit quietly while you take out your personal issues on me. Find someone else to pick on tough guy.

Fouke Monster Bigfoot Sighting Reported

Regina writes RMSO
Thank you Kelly for replying to my post. 

This wasn"t an earth shaking encounter by today’s standards, however at the time of the sighting it was.  I am enclosing the notation I had made regarding my sighting which was some time ago.  However the details were imprinted in my mind forever.  What reminded me of the encounter was the “Finding Bigfoot” episode where the police dashcam video captured a BF crossing the road:  Here it is.  


I don't know where this was taped (regarding the police dashcam).  However in 1968, we were traveling north from Shreveport towards Texarkana on our way to Memphis.  It was about 3 am in the morning. We hit a very lonely stretch of road which was heavily forrested by pine trees on both sides of the road and very little right of way on the road.  On a curve, our headlights caught a bipedal creature about 7-8 feet tall running across the highway from the right to left, taking only about three large steps and into the pines.  This was not a bear... Arms were excessively long and had a rounded head, no neck, no ears, no snout and a massive build.  My mom, two sisters and I all were all extremely shaken to the core and stopped at the next motel some 20 miles down the road.   No more night driving for us.  I had put this in the back of my mind for 30+ years until I accidentally came across this dash cam video. It gave me chills and  made my hair stand on end, as this is exactly what I saw some 30 years prior.  I never said anything over the years  as occasionally overtime when I tried to explain what I saw,  I was chided and berated, laughed at etc. I saw what I saw.  This was not a bear, not quite human, but I will take it to the grave with me. Somehow I feel lucky now that I may have seen a new undiscovered species. I also discovered just recently that my sighting was in the Fouke, Arkansas area where there had apparently been Bigfoot sightings.  Keep an open mind. Just remember the Panda and the gorilla were just fables for many years until verified. 

This was to the best of my recollection.   The date may have been 1967 to 68. It was during summer. I hope this note was not too confusing.  I have hunted elk, deer and bear in Missionary Ridge mtm. Durango, Colorado, so I definitely know a bear when I see one.
Thank you for your interest and may I say I love your channel.

Kelly responds
Read your sighting report. Very interesting. I appreciate you informing us about this sighting of yours.

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Top Videos of Bigfoot From Around the World

Cover Photo of Mississippi Bigfoot Circled
You can watch entire video third post below.

Collection of videos that we believe may be real for many reasons.
We always hear comments why isn't there a single good photo or video of  Bigfoot?
Here is a small collection of 8 videos out of hundreds circulating on Television & the internet.
We realize that there are many hoaxed videos or photos floating around however we feel that most of these posted on this blog may in fact be a real Bigfoot.
Take a look & decide for your self.

Currently the most popular Bigfoot video. 
Filmed October 20th 1967 in Bluff Creek.
The famous Patterson footage

1994 Bigfoot footage in the Blue Mountains of 
Oregon near the Washington boarder
Filmed by Paul Freeman

We call this The Mississippi Bigfoot
Name of the video is.
I think I saw a skunk-ape please help

Jumping Russian Yeti

Excellent quality Bigfoot video Canada
Bigfoot Sasquatch New Sighting. Calgary AB Canada

Boy films Bigfoot in back yard.

Lettuce Park Bigfoot/Skunk-ape

Bigfoot Family Filmed in Utah

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Uinta Mountain Bigfoot Track Similar to Blue Mountain Bigfoot Track

Our RMSO team found a Utah trackway of footprints in 2012 similar to the Paul Freeman one shown in the chart  below. With a crazy outward facing pinky toe. However the footprint we found was much larger. Over 17 inches in length & 8 inches wide at the toe splay. Crazy outward facing pinky toe helped the toe splay width I am sure.

  Dr Meldrum authenticated Paul Freeman cast as being from a real animal because of the authentic dermal ridges.. 

 I have witnessed & documented similar larger tracks. I believe the Paul Freeman cast is a real Bigfoot track.

 We found the track shown above & began to cast it about an hour before dark. 
Because of the wet cold conditions it took over two hours to set up. 

 We had to stay there over an hour past dark while a creature harassed us from the tree line with intimidation stomping, breaking branches and breaking saplings the whole time. Even though it made loud displays of aggression it was careful not to show it self to us the whole time. 

Just before dark I decided to go up to where the creature was putting on a sound display of harassment. Although I was afraid, I choked down my fear and talked Jenny into going up there with me to try and find the creature. After all we were here at the 1977 Bigfoot sighting location looking for Bigfoot. We had to attempt to see it and try to video it.

 As we got closer to the tree line it became quiet & we could hear it sneaking quietly back into the draw. We found the area of destruction. Because of the heavy foliage no definite foot print shapes. Just smashed down grass, vegetation & torn off tree limbs etc.. 

 We searched for the creature for nearly 40 minutes then as it started to get dark we retreated back down to the Bigfoot footprint cast.

After we got down to the cast the creature rushed the tree line and began the noisy harassment again. It kept it up until we dug the cast up and left long after dark.

 I believe the creature that was trying to intimidating us & trying to get us to leave was more than likely the same creature that left behind the trackway. Along with the Bigfoot footprint we cast in April of 2012 on the South slopes in the Uinta Mountains of Utah..

Brody & Jenny at a structure we found about 100 yards from Bigfoot tracks just one week after finding the Bigfoot trackway.

Kelly Shaw showing Les Stroud the Bigfoot trackway location in South Uinta Mountains of Utah 

Bigfoot Takes Fishermans Salmon at Mouth of Rogue River

James W
I want to give you my report from the Rogue rally area or the Rogue River area where I was fishing a few years back, I kept it to myself but it was an interesting experience so if you're interested message me here and we'll chat RMSO
Sure I would love to hear about your sighting
James WThis is incident happened at the mouth of the Rogue River in southern Oregon I was fishing for salmon and bass and had caught two salmon at the time and had watched this Bigfoot come across the path he had red hair had the face of a would look like an orangutan and he turned and looked at me not violently or anything he just was like a deadpan look and I had taken one of my salmon out and laid it on some newspaper that I had and walked back I put my gear down went down to my knees and I just your to the fish to him he looked at the fish looked at me walked over and picked it up and grunted a little bit and left the the way that he was going the fault that following weekend but the dates aren't all that clear to me anymore it's been so long another salmon and in the same place on the newspaper where all these fruits berries and nuts that have been left there and I noticed that he had been in the area because there was a definite smell it was in the middle of summer so
Amazing. Thanks for informing us of your sighting. Were you able to estimate the height or weight? How close were you from it when you first spotted it? How close did it come to you when it took your salmon gift?
James W
Yes 9 foot range. With red hair
And a foot print 17 ins long and 5 ins wide.
Jenny and Kelly was at the Rouge River Summer of 2017.. RMSO was out looking for Bigfoot nearly the same time and same place & this guy saw one!