Monday, October 16, 2017

Burney Creek California Bigfoot Sighting by Two Fishermen

Living in Northern Calif my whole life and being a avid outdoorsman I can say without hesitation or fear of ridicule that " Bigfoot " absolutely exists. When I was 14 in 1984 I went to Burney , Ca to visit cousins that summer. My cousin and I were fishing for brook trout in " Burney Creek " and had travelled pretty far into the woods along the creek . Just fishing different spots and not really paying much attention to how far we had actually wandered along the creek.
It was about 4 pm and we noticed it was starting to get darker as the sun had passed overhead and dipped below the crest of a mountain to the west of us. We decided we had better start heading back after realizing just how far we had actually gone. Having left the house at 7:30 am that morning we were pretty far from town and the safety of my aunt and uncles house. As we started back wanting not to get stuck in the dark out there so far away we stopped fishing our way back and just walked . It wasn't long before we heard something off to our left crashing its way through the buck brush on the other side of the creek . Not thinking to much of it assuming it was a deer heading to the water we just kept walking and talking. A few moments later my cousin and I both realized that the " Deer " or whatever it was had gained some serious ground and was no longer 40 to 50 yards to the left rear of us but was now almost paralleling us as it was crashing through the thick brush in our direction. Looking at each other silently as we both realized its loud thumping steps weren't being made by 4 separate hoofs impacting the soil as it walked but instead were being made by 2 separate thuds with at least a second of time disappearing in between each step. Intuition , fear or just plain common sense instantly set to work on both of us and we went from a steady walk to a " Keep up if you can ! " sprint back towards town . No longer paying any attention to anything besides what was in front of us and each step , we made good ground pretty fast being a couple of tall thin teens with a adrenalin rush and desire to see the next day . Pretty soon we were back onto the small gravel road we started our journey from that morning and just a few hundred yards from town and completely out of breath so we slowed to look behind us and listen . Eerily silent it had become with just the noise of us catching our breath and the flowing water of " Burney Creek " as it flowed past some 40 yards to our rear . Suddenly and simultaneously we both seen what had been crushing its way toward the creek and us some 20 minutes and 3 miles or so earlier. A very large hair covered bipedal figure that was now standing at the wooded edge of the creek next to the end of a small wooded bridge we had just hoofed across. And by very large I mean huge considering it was half the width of the bridge at the shoulders and the bridge that was some 4 to 5 ft above the creek and yet only appeared to be just below waist height of the creature as it stood down by the creek next to the bridge . Whatever it was , it just stood there for what seemed like forever just staring at us as we stood there just staring back at it. Then it just stepped back into the thick brush and it was gone. And without a word spoken to each other we turned and started a half hearted jog back towards town. It was a good 15 minutes later as we walked through the front gate before a word was spoke about what we had just experienced. And thats when my always nonchalant cousin just turned to me and calm as could be said " We're going to get yelled at for being gone all day . " A comment I completely ignored by asking him " Do you think that was a Bigfoot ? " to which he replied in a almost laughing voice " Not as big as the foot my dads about to put in your ass for losing his trout pole ! " True story !


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Its good Bigfooting manners not place a game camera where people want to enjoy recreation

Mark asked on Jarbidge Expedition Video.
Kelly, do you have any trouble with people stealing your cameras?

My Reply.
Knock on wood, no haven't had that trouble. Lost 4 game cameras over the last 7 years, all of them chewed on by animals. I try to place them in bigfoot sighting areas that have minimal human traffic, yet ideal for animals. If I notice I am seeing people using the area, I don't place them or I move the cameras. Is good manners not to place a game camera where people want to enjoy recreation.

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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Reward! 12 Pounds of Bigfoot Scat for Information to Help Ted Kyzenski Find Missing 74 Pounds of Bigfoot Poop!

Looking for Robert XXXXXXXX. Little sissy stole 74 pounds of Bigfoot shit from my storage facility. Figured I could get some of my YouTube friends help me locate this worthless puke. I'm offering 12 pounds of Bigfoot scat from my 1983 Northern California spring expedition. This is an excellent sample of Bigfoot scat so thanks for any info.

That's terrible. Did you report him to the police?

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

First Man 25 million years of evolution

Is pierolapithecus our common ancestor?
If not then who is?

Watch as the journey unfolds with the development of homo erectus & homo sapiens through the millions of years of evolution & countless miles of migrations. 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Devils Bend Bigfoot Sighting by Idaho Fisherman on Kelly Creek

The most recent Bigfoot sighting reported in this general area of Idaho was North of Lewiston on March 22nd 2017.

There is a long history of Bigfoot sightings in this part of Idaho, recently a fisherman reported his 1983 sighting on Devils Bend along Kelly Creek Idaho.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Snake River Bigfoot Spotted in Devils Corral Canyon Idaho

Bigfoot, He travels through the winding canyons of the great snake river. In 1970 I saw him and was followed by him on a night of full moon, in July He struck a mighty pose standing on the canyon ledge about 30 yards above me. I could see his hair rippled by the breeze in the light of that full moon. It was a long run out of that box canyon called DEVILS CORRAL THAT NIGHT. NOW I LIVE IN BLACKFOOT AND I HAVE A SNEAKING SUSPICION A SMALL GROUP OF THEM MIGHT BE GETTING STUDIED BY A CERTAIN BIGFOOT AUTHORITY OUT ON SACRED GROUND. 
Kelly Shaw Hope, Interesting. I do agree the creature follows the Snake River Canyons. If you don't mind asking I love details of bigfoot encounters and sightings. How long was your encounter and sighting? Could you see the color of its hair, were you able to see its face or eyes? And were you able to get a rough estimate of its height? Sorry all of the questions, I love to hear about peoples personal experiences with bigfoot. Did the creature make any vocalizations that night?

Hope Kelly we were teenagers taking a hike down in a box canyon outside of Twin Falls. It was late evening when we started our hike I was always watching for animal tracks and I noticed an impression about 16 inches long and four or five inches wide. Only one in a watercress covered spring run off, I stuck my hand down in it and felt for depth .It was about 5 or 6 inches deep and I thought it was an odd track but it was filled with water so it appeared rectangular only. We hiked as it got dark and heard a bipedal sound and snorty breathing following aside us and stopping when we did but saw nothing. We decided to exit back to the spring as we walked I told the others to watch for skunks cause I could smell one. Then we stopped for a breather at the base of the canyon wall ,as I looked up the wall to a ledge protruding half way up it, I saw what I thought was a human siluette sitting on a rock. Then it stood up taller than any man I had ever seen I would estimate 7-8 ft. Tall. The moon was slightly behind it as it's face was in shadow but I could see long hair waving from shoulders to legs, looking very muscular no neck. Just watching us so close I was afraid to point. I said to the others, What's That!? My boyfriend looked up and said RUN! AND WE DID ALL THE WAY UP THE CANYON ROAD TO THE TOP. I think there was probably 2 of them one was running by us ,and one sitting on the ledge. After 40 yrs I put it together and we never went there again and never told anyone but his mom. They are like any other animal they follow food, habit , and shelter. And I don't think they are hard to find if you seriously want to find one. Their numbers are rising it's obvious.

Kelly Shaw Thank you for elaborating. I pass through Twin Falls often to visit Bigfoot sighting locations and it makes perfect sense to me that these creatures use the Snake River Canyons as their own highway so to speak, plus I am sure many live along this River too

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