Thursday, June 15, 2017

Dump Truck Driver Spots Bigfoot Trapper's Loop Utah

its been maybe 9 years i was driving a 10 wheel dump truck thru over to eden using trappers loop making 5 to 6 trips there and back,one trip i seen big foot only for a second he quickly ran into the trees,semis your up a little higher so you see more then you would from a car,i know what i saw,beleive or dont .

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization 
Wow that is cool. I know of other folks that have saw bigfoot in that area. Did you get a height on him? Did you see his color or see any details of the creature even though the sighting was only for a second or so?

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization 
How long ago did this happen? Time of day & time of year?

he had to duck his head or it would of been above the scrub oak,
it was around the fall,and after noon,im thinking about 9 years ago,i seen a moose and its calve in the same area but it wasnt them i seen people tried to tell me it was,i looked it up about sightings in utah and back then right there was the highest sightings in Utah

and i can tell you that the paterson film must be real cuz same posture

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization
Thanks for the additional details. I know people personally that have saw bigfoot near the same area as you did.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Idaho Woman Spots Bigfoot During the Day North of Bear Lake

Remember when I told you about me North Bear Lake experience? My wife just had a sighting on the highway about a half mile from XXXX on the XXXXXXXXX side. She saw a big black mass, tall not wide, as she passed she knew it was to tall and narrow to be an animal like cow elk or moose, then she herd a loud whistle and smelled a horrible smell that she thought may have been the water that has been sitting since the snow melted, but that water does not smell. We just went over there.

She was so shook up because of the sighting and the overwhelming feeling of being watched that she was in tears. I think she saw something out of the ordinary for sure

OMG crazy. Thanks for letting me know

Did she get a height estimate or have any details. Color or see face profile etc..

Not alot in detail, but if she had to put a height to it she would guess 7-71/2 feet.
Its the whistle that gets me. To hear it while going 65, what ever it was it was loud

Did you make it back to where she saw it and look around for a track way of foot prints?

She couldn't remember the exact spot and haven't had alot of time to walk the road yet.

RMSO follow up.
This was a day time Bigfoot sighting. We received this message May 27th 2017 at 7:28 PM

The area this woman spotted Bigfoot a history with several dozen Bigfoot sightings.
We travel to the location in Idaho, North of Bear Lake May 31st 2017.

We camp 5 days six miles from this sighting report location & spend most of the time checking out the sighting report area & the mountains near the sighting.

 We found a few bigfoot shaped tracks over 10 miles from the sighting location. They were almost 14 inches long & 7 inches at the widest part at the toes.
In camp we heard a few vocalizations the last night along with stomping on the ground on the hill over looking our camp. Was not able to identify the creature or animal that was making the vocalizations and loudly stomping on the ground.

We will be posting our videos of this expedition to Bear Lake soon on YouTube.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Sherriff Almost Hit Bigfoot South of Recent Bigfoot Sighting on Same Highway

Is it just a coincident that a Sherriff almost hit a Bigfoot on Highway 95 many years before Woman's recent Bigfoot sighting on same highway?

March 22nd 2017 Idaho Woman hits deer while staring at a Bigfoot in her rear view mirror along Highway 95 South of Lewiston Idaho.

27 years earlier Adams County Deputy Sherriff almost hits a Bigfoot while speeding to an accident along Highway 95 near Council.

Adams County Deputy Sherriff October 1990 Bigfoot sighting report.

Idaho Woman's March 2017 Bigfoot Sighting Report.
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