Sunday, February 12, 2017

Truck Driver looks eye to eye with 10 foot tall Bigfoot Christmas Tree Valley


one time long ago ( 1990) i was going to Christmas tree valley about 70 miles east of Portland Oregon, there is a weigh station for trucks just before the exit to cascade locks, i was talking to the weight master who called me in to the station building ( he was bored )i told him where i was going and he said to get off at the next exit, and go south on the big hill i was only going 20 mph on packed snow and out of the corner of my eye i saw something moving on the side of the road, this Bigfoot stopped right on the road in front of me, it was very tall as i was eye to eye in a int international eagle truck ( 10 foot off the road) it looked right into my truck and took off down the hill, when i finally got to the bottom there was a truck stop called wild bills, i went in and sat down in the restaurant , the waitress came over and asked if i saw a ghost, i said no but you wouldnt believe me if i told you , she said try me , so i told her, she said everybody driving up there sees it

Amazing. Do you have any details on the description of the creature? Color, what was the face and eyes like? Thanks for sharing your encounter.

 william h
it was at least 10 feet tall, i was driving a cab over tractor truck, that was a very high truck setting in the drivers seat i was 8- 9 feet off the ground

look at the first remake of the planet of the apes, the ( good ape ) this is a dead ringer, i had a experience in Wyoming ( was a trucker for 12 years ) back to Wyoming, i was going from Toledo Ohio to Alberta Canada, the interstate was just finished on hw84 ,nothing as in way of fuel stops food etc, it was desolate, winter real cold, well as my luck goes my air buzzer for low air pressure ( brakes ), just before i left 2 days ago, the mechanic said he changed the water filter for the air system , well they lied, now im stopped on the side or the road, i get my coveralls on and grab a fuse ( to heat the air line up ) im laying on the side of the road heating the air line up to melt ice inside the lines, with a flair that s bright enough to see from space probably, all of a sudden i hear footsteps in the crunchy snow, it was defiantly on two legs, it was then the ice melted and the buzzer went off, lol i was in the truck with t my coveralls on but thats ok, i was getting out of there, i know what i heard

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