Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Scientists Pinpoint Recurring Radio Blasts Outside of Milky Way Galaxy

For the 1st time Scientists have been able to pinpoint radio blasts outside of our own Milky Way Galaxy.
The fast radio bursts "FBR" are short lived yet powerful radio waves.
The detection of these radio bursts have opened up a spawn of different explanations, from black holes, extra-terrestrial intelligence to pulsars.
The 1st radio wave blasts were detected from The Parkes Radio Telescope Australia in 2007.
This FBR is unique because it is recurring & cannot easily be ruled out as some kind of a one time cosmic explosion. Other explanations must be explored.
These recurring radio blasts have been pinpointed to FRB 121102 Galaxy over 3 billion light years away.
More on this cosmic discovery in the LA Times and the BBC News

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