Thursday, June 15, 2017

Dump Truck Driver Spots Bigfoot Trapper's Loop Utah

its been maybe 9 years i was driving a 10 wheel dump truck thru over to eden using trappers loop making 5 to 6 trips there and back,one trip i seen big foot only for a second he quickly ran into the trees,semis your up a little higher so you see more then you would from a car,i know what i saw,beleive or dont .

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization 
Wow that is cool. I know of other folks that have saw bigfoot in that area. Did you get a height on him? Did you see his color or see any details of the creature even though the sighting was only for a second or so?

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization 
How long ago did this happen? Time of day & time of year?

he had to duck his head or it would of been above the scrub oak,
it was around the fall,and after noon,im thinking about 9 years ago,i seen a moose and its calve in the same area but it wasnt them i seen people tried to tell me it was,i looked it up about sightings in utah and back then right there was the highest sightings in Utah

and i can tell you that the paterson film must be real cuz same posture

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization
Thanks for the additional details. I know people personally that have saw bigfoot near the same area as you did.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Idaho Woman Spots Bigfoot During the Day North of Bear Lake

Remember when I told you about me North Bear Lake experience? My wife just had a sighting on the highway about a half mile from XXXX on the XXXXXXXXX side. She saw a big black mass, tall not wide, as she passed she knew it was to tall and narrow to be an animal like cow elk or moose, then she herd a loud whistle and smelled a horrible smell that she thought may have been the water that has been sitting since the snow melted, but that water does not smell. We just went over there.

She was so shook up because of the sighting and the overwhelming feeling of being watched that she was in tears. I think she saw something out of the ordinary for sure

OMG crazy. Thanks for letting me know

Did she get a height estimate or have any details. Color or see face profile etc..

Not alot in detail, but if she had to put a height to it she would guess 7-71/2 feet.
Its the whistle that gets me. To hear it while going 65, what ever it was it was loud

Did you make it back to where she saw it and look around for a track way of foot prints?

She couldn't remember the exact spot and haven't had alot of time to walk the road yet.

RMSO follow up.
This was a day time Bigfoot sighting. We received this message May 27th 2017 at 7:28 PM

The area this woman spotted Bigfoot a history with several dozen Bigfoot sightings.
We travel to the location in Idaho, North of Bear Lake May 31st 2017.

We camp 5 days six miles from this sighting report location & spend most of the time checking out the sighting report area & the mountains near the sighting.

 We found a few bigfoot shaped tracks over 10 miles from the sighting location. They were almost 14 inches long & 7 inches at the widest part at the toes.
In camp we heard a few vocalizations the last night along with stomping on the ground on the hill over looking our camp. Was not able to identify the creature or animal that was making the vocalizations and loudly stomping on the ground.

We will be posting our videos of this expedition to Bear Lake soon on YouTube.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Sherriff Almost Hit Bigfoot South of Recent Bigfoot Sighting on Same Highway

Is it just a coincident that a Sherriff almost hit a Bigfoot on Highway 95 many years before Woman's recent Bigfoot sighting on same highway?

March 22nd 2017 Idaho Woman hits deer while staring at a Bigfoot in her rear view mirror along Highway 95 South of Lewiston Idaho.

27 years earlier Adams County Deputy Sherriff almost hits a Bigfoot while speeding to an accident along Highway 95 near Council.

Adams County Deputy Sherriff October 1990 Bigfoot sighting report.

Idaho Woman's March 2017 Bigfoot Sighting Report.
#IdahoBigfoot #US95Bigfoot

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Rock Clacking Vocalizations & Eye Shine Over Mikes Shoulder 8 feet up in Sasquatch Canyon

Mike & Kelly hear rock clacking, vocalizations & then something walking around them. They also can smell an animal in the area.
A few days later when reviewing the footage of this night expedition into Sasquatch Canyon they see this eye shine near them at the same time they were hearing something walking around them.

Slow & Stabilized eye shine section of the expedition video. 

Derek Wright does a break down of the footage.

Full Expedition in Sasquatch Canyon when the eye shine was captured at night.

#SasquatchCanyon #BigfootSightingHotSpot

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Another Bigfoot Sighting Reported in Cache Valley Utah

I really enjoy watching your video's. I have been a Sasquatch enthusiast for probably 20 years. I was born and raised in Wellsville and could tell you of a dozen stories from a few different generations all coming from the same canyon. I think my first sighting as a young boy was on the Wellsvilles. I had a sighting in Logan Canyon 2 years ago. I would love to meet up with you and just chat, or go on a walkabout with you. I believe i know an area where they inhabit this time of year, i have had multiple encounters there through the years. But, im hesitant to tell anyone of the area for fear it will turn into a circus. Get ahold if me if any of this interests you.

What was your Wellsville sighting like? Did you get a good look at the creature?

I did not get a good look at it. I was around 12 years old, me and a buddy were horseback riding. As we were approaching the base of the mountain, we noticed something big and black up on the hillside. We knew the area well since we rode up there alot. We knew it wasnt a familiar object. It was a couple hundred yds away, so we couldnt tell what it was. At that time, (1985ish) there weren't any moose on that range. I have never heard if a Black Bear sighting up there. We watched it for a few minutes, looking back i think it was crouched or sitting on the hillside watching us. At that time, i didnt know much about Sasquatch and probably though it was an imaginary creature. We rode up the mountain to where we had seen it, but it was gone. It was very steep terrain and it took us a while to navigate through the growth and rocks. After that, i heard story after story throughout the years of Sasquatch encounters and came to the conclusion that may have been my first accounter.


Thursday, May 4, 2017

Bigfoot Shakes Mobile Home & Growls Through Window in Gazelle California

+Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization I had a close encounter with a Bigfoot 3 years ago in May 2014. It happened in a mobile home park I lived at the time in a small town called Gazelle in Northern California by Mount Shasta. I wasn't home all by myself when it happened. The encounter happened two nights in a row. The Bigfoot shook the trailer, growling through my window, and bumping the trailer really hard.

Crazy. Did you get a good look at it? If so did you see facial features, height, color etc.?

+Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization No I did not look at it. I was very scared. But the person that was with me at home went outside and he saw something very tall walking towards the property behind where we lived. After the second night that it happened, the next day I saw scratches on my window and my friend found hair on the electric pole next to the trailer. The hair was orangeish brownish gray. It was a big chunk of hair. Before all of this happened I read up on Bigfoots to know their behaviors and where they like to hide. There has been times I heard their sounds in that area before the close encounter happenend and after.

You remember any other details or have any more experiences we would like to hear about them.

A few months before that close encounter happened I was home all by myself. It was around 8:00 pm in the evening it was still light outside. but starting to get dark I heard a growl outside near my window. Then that was it. The year before in the summer time one night the trailer shook, but not too hard.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Poland Bigfoot video of possibly 3 Bigfoot at high elevations

Three Bigfoot filmed by mountain climbers in Poland. Did they capture these elusive giants at high elevations?

Mountain Climber Video of the suspect Bigfoot creatures.

#Bigfoot #Yeti #Yowie #Yeti

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Les Stroud Survivorman Bigfoot & SMTV Links & Videos

Follow up Bigfoot Expedition to pick up some of Les Stroud's equipment left in a Bigfoot sighting hot spot a month earlier.

Podcast discussion with Les Stroud about his Utah Bigfoot expedition, new SMTV channel, Survivorman, Survivorman Bigfoot & music.

To watch Les Stroud's Utah Bigfoot expedition with Kelly Shaw subscribe to his SMTV channel at

#SurvivormanBigfoot #Survivorman #LesStroud

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Kanosh Bigfoot Throws Dog at Campers Tent

When I was younger, about 7-8 years ago. My family and I were in Kanosh camping. Earlier in the day my cousins, dad and brother found a deer carcass strung up in a tree, but it was all positioned funny with the eyes just hanging down. All day something felt off, and the dogs on the trip were really scared. That night we fried some fish and left out our trash (I know not safe). And went to sleep. A few hours later my mom got up to go pee, and she was so scared it was deathly quiet, and she felt watched. An hour after that, one of the dogs sleeping out side got thrown through my aunt and uncles tent, so my uncle and one of my cousins went in the truck to sleep and everyone else piled in my parents tent with me and my brother. someone ended up laying on my feet and I kept waking up, I sat up trying to get comfortable, and I saw a HUGE shadow, it had to be 7 feet tall, and the dogs were growling and going nuts, then the dog got picked up and thrown against the tent. I have never buried my head into a pillow so fast. it was terrifying. the next day the garbage bags were still in tact, but the grill we had used for the fish was picked clean, and the whole area stunk so so so bad. We still don't know what it was, me and my mom swear it was a big foot. Thought I would share! I've had family and friends over the past few years experience similar things in that area!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

8 to 9 foot Tall Auburn Bigfoot Spotted in Jamestown Pennsylvania

Joe - Seen one in pa. Unreal

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization Did you get a good look? Face description, color, height? Killen me smalls. Details of your sighting if you can?

Joe - Seen him walking a fence line thought he was a horse at first then I realized it was big foot didn't see his face .8to9 feet hi no neck had auburn tint to him sun was hitting him.never looked my way .watched him walk about 100 feet long steps could see the muscles in his back. About 20 min. Later went in woods .got the creeps and left

Joe - Wish I never told anybody .they thought I was nuts .never forget

Joe -  He was so shinny.not all dirty lookin

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization What State did you have your sighting in. What year and month?

Joe - Jamestown Pennsylvania

Joe Sorry
.2014 July 10.30 in morning. A petting zoo for children is there.

Joe - You ever seen one? If so you know how I feel

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization Thanks for the details. Awesome

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization  Would you mind if we posted an RMSO blog of your sighting?

Joe - No Sir make me proud.

Joe - They say why you have big foot on your garage? I say because I seen him!!!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Woman Hits Deer Watching Bigfoot Wednesday March 22nd 2017

A woman saw a Bigfoot North of Lewiston Idaho. 
She reported hitting a deer while she watched the 7 to 8 foot tall Bigfoot in her rear view mirror.
Time of crash & sighting was Wednesday March 22 at 11 PM

She believes the "Hairy Beast" was chasing the deer along US95 causing the deer to run in front of her car.

Click here for more on this Bigfoot News story.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Girl stalked by Bigfoot only 1 mile from her school



Feb 20 (13 days ago)
to me
I lived 1- mile from the school I went too. At times I would walk the highway when I was in a hurry to get back home . This was shortly after my first siteing. I have never had much fear of the woods so I one day accidently found the school on one of my long walks so I knew my way threw the woods to our house.There were old logging roads threw there so they weren't hard to travel threw . I wanted time to myself and it was late in the fall , very beautiful day ! I didnt have to babysit my brother that day since he was at the doctors , So I took the long route. I wasn't very far in when I notice something walking beside me about 100 yards away ! It was black. At first I thought "Bear" ! My heart began to race , then I relised it was walking and had slinked behind a tree . It was black as midnight sky , big ! Much bigger then "Him" ! More powerful looking ! Very muscular and it's hair was much shorter. More like that of a gorilla then the other, just slightly longer. It couldn't hide from me and it didn't like it, he paced a few feet towards me and I relised this one wasn't friendly the way he was  acting , actually I think it was pissed the way it walked forward ,then stopped like pondering what to do ?! Since my adrenalin was already up because I thought at first it was a bear, I bolted ! It proceeded me ! It ran with ease . I was scared ! I could tell that it was just keeping pace with me since I ran in track. It could overtake me with ease . I sped up as fast as I could go. It always kept it's distance at this point but I was becoming terrified because I knew it was not having any problems with my pace . I threw my books and bolted as fast as I could run , not looking anymore at him ! He let me go !,when I couldn't run anymore because my heart was thundering into my throat, I looked back and all around me . He was gone ! I didn't trust this , so ran on until I got home. Rustling with my key , trying to get it in the door . After getting in I slammed the door and locked it but I knew it could enter as the other had done. So I stayed freaked out all day !  I never went back threw there again ! I got in a lot of trouble about those school books and had to pay for them, but I didn't care ! I wasn't going back for them ever ! That was his territory and he could keep it !

Kelly Shaw

Feb 23 (10 days ago)
to Robin
Thanks for sending your sighting to us.. How tall do you estimate it was? Did you see its face or eyes?


Feb 22 (11 days ago)
to me
I'd say he was over 7 feet tall... I could feel he was a force to be reckond with by the way he looked at me. He looked much more primitive then the first one . His face was very dark , almost black ! His eyes were too dark to tell what color they were since he was not close. He had less hair then the first one .His hair was about 4-5 inches long, just built more like an ape... Seemed almost like he was a different breed ( of bigfoot)to me ,That might sound strange but I wish you could have seen the difference in them , then you'd understand... Sign ; Robin 
P.S. Ask anything you like. That is a highly populated area for Bigfoot sitings. I knew a young man out there who told me that it was a normal accurence ever since he could remember and he grew up there in the woods ! They do kill the dogs thow... People are always losing them and normally it's because the dogs give the big foots presence away !


Feb 22 (11 days ago)
to me
His face also did not have hair on it like my first encounter..It had less hair than an ape on its face.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Bear Wallow showed strong signs of Bigfoot activity on this expedition

 Bear Wallow showed strong signs of Bigfoot activity on this expedition. 
Foot prints & a tall gray/brown creature running past us in the forest. 
A viewer pointed out the subject below in the direction the creature ran. It looks interesting, we have no idea if it had anything to do with what we saw flashing between trees as it ran away from us. 
We found some impressive structures & cast a large, deep,  Bigfoot shaped track.

Slow & stabilized section of what a viewer pointed out to us as an anomaly bigfoot shaped sitting in the branches of a tree. 

Screen shot photos that a viewer sent to us pointing out the bigfoot shaped anomaly sitting in the branches of a tree.

Full Epic Bear Wallow Bigfoot Expedition video.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Phillip M Reports Seeing Bigfoot near Flagstaff

Phillip M Reports Seeing Bigfoot near Flagstaff
Seen one preparing to cross the route 89 north from Flagstaff to the reservation one summer evening, right after sundown. The "creature," was standing very still near a tree trunk trying not to be noticed. Jet black, 8 to 10 feet tall, and at first I thought it was a horses tail blowing in the light mountain breeze so I slowed down, and turned on my halogen full beam lights. Then, thought is this a bear, but realized it was standing to up and was too tall to be a bear! When I scanned down again, I noticed huge dark skinned colored fingers under the jet black 5 to 10 inch strands of of matted shiny hair! I could not see the feet, since the grass was knee high, but the upper body was clearly displayed. I even was able to see the huge fit body and enormous upper body muscles on the arms, like it could scale a 45 degree wooded mountain or kill a deer by running it down and breaking its neck for food. As I got closer, I realized the enormous size and strength this creature had, and its intelligence to using the dark to hide in plain view! I freaked out and took off on 89 North near the Volcano national park turn off near by. This happened before the two road 89 was made, when it was a single two-way single road going North from Flagstaff, during a drought season in the summer. This creature was more thinking being and less ape animal to me, that was more reason to take off down the road. This area is known for deer crossing, so that is why I think it frequents this area waiting for prey. It could not have grew this large, and maintained the strength it had eating nuts or plant life alone, it needed a high protein source, like deer or other large mammal! The creature I saw was not like the famous California film reel creature, but very fit, tall, and looked more like a male, with its face covered in long hair. I guess it pushed its hair over it face to hide its eyes and to better hide in plain view. I was lucky to see this creature, since it blended in so well in the dark, and near the tree trunks while it stood still. The only reason I seen it was the slight curve in the road and the headlights of the car hitting directly on the creature and the trees. When the wind or breeze blew, it moved the tall grass and hair, but not the fingers and then I thought it was a horse's tail or a large mammal of some type. Then I just blasted the road with my high beam lights, and there it was in plain view. A vehicle was behind me and coming both 100 yards or more. I am usually cautious in this area since I don't want to hit a crossing deer.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Truck Driver looks eye to eye with 10 foot tall Bigfoot Christmas Tree Valley


one time long ago ( 1990) i was going to Christmas tree valley about 70 miles east of Portland Oregon, there is a weigh station for trucks just before the exit to cascade locks, i was talking to the weight master who called me in to the station building ( he was bored )i told him where i was going and he said to get off at the next exit, and go south on the big hill i was only going 20 mph on packed snow and out of the corner of my eye i saw something moving on the side of the road, this Bigfoot stopped right on the road in front of me, it was very tall as i was eye to eye in a int international eagle truck ( 10 foot off the road) it looked right into my truck and took off down the hill, when i finally got to the bottom there was a truck stop called wild bills, i went in and sat down in the restaurant , the waitress came over and asked if i saw a ghost, i said no but you wouldnt believe me if i told you , she said try me , so i told her, she said everybody driving up there sees it

Amazing. Do you have any details on the description of the creature? Color, what was the face and eyes like? Thanks for sharing your encounter.

 william h
it was at least 10 feet tall, i was driving a cab over tractor truck, that was a very high truck setting in the drivers seat i was 8- 9 feet off the ground

look at the first remake of the planet of the apes, the ( good ape ) this is a dead ringer, i had a experience in Wyoming ( was a trucker for 12 years ) back to Wyoming, i was going from Toledo Ohio to Alberta Canada, the interstate was just finished on hw84 ,nothing as in way of fuel stops food etc, it was desolate, winter real cold, well as my luck goes my air buzzer for low air pressure ( brakes ), just before i left 2 days ago, the mechanic said he changed the water filter for the air system , well they lied, now im stopped on the side or the road, i get my coveralls on and grab a fuse ( to heat the air line up ) im laying on the side of the road heating the air line up to melt ice inside the lines, with a flair that s bright enough to see from space probably, all of a sudden i hear footsteps in the crunchy snow, it was defiantly on two legs, it was then the ice melted and the buzzer went off, lol i was in the truck with t my coveralls on but thats ok, i was getting out of there, i know what i heard

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Dr John Bindernagel Discusses Vancouver Bigfoot Trackway

Dr John Bendernagel & Kelly Shaw/Co founder RMSO

Bigfoot biologist Dr John Bindernagel Track evidence
Discussing Vancouver Bigfoot Trackway

Friday, February 10, 2017

Bigfoot Sighting Evaro Montana & Expedition into Kalispell Montana

Our team investigates a Bigfoot sighting report  in Evaro Montana & continues the expedition into Kalispell Montana.

Bigfoot Sighting near Reservation Evaro Montana

Bigfoot Expedition Kalispell Montana

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Is there a back story to the Chaka style Bigfoot photo that is circulating

Does anyone have a back story for this Chaka style juvenile Bigfoot that has been circulating?
Is it a costume or does the photographer claim it is real?

Friday, February 3, 2017

Forest Service Workers Observe Bigfoot on Smoky Dome Mountain

"I later went up to see if there were any tracks and unfortunately it was too grassy. 
 I did try to cover the same ground as the walking figure and at a full run, it still took me nearly a minute to cover the same ground the figure had in 20 seconds. 
 I don't know what it was I saw that day, but it no human being."
YouTube news report done on location.
Link to original written sighting report.