Saturday, December 30, 2017

Hunters ran out of camp at night by a group of Bigfoot in a area the Shoshone Indians call Cannibal Giants

Hunters Encounter Aggressive Group of Sasquatch Tsawhawbitts Mountains
Several years of expeditions looking for what locals call a Weird Beastly Creature in the Jarbidge Wilderness.

Shoshone Legend of Cannibal Giants in Tsawhawbitts Jarbidge Wilderness

Three Possible Trackways of Bigfoot Tsawhawbitts Expedition
History of the Jahabich & Tsawhawbitts Bigfoot Phenomenon
Search for Weird Beastly Creature Jarbidge Wilderness Bigfoot Expedition
Round Table Drive Cannibal Giants Tsawhawbitts Bigfoot Expedition
Cannibal Giants Investigation Tsawhawbitts

RMSO Camp Tsawhawbitts Bigfoot Expedition
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Friday, December 15, 2017

Campers may have called in a Bigfoot at Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon Sequoia National Park
We stayed at Upper Stony Creek campground in Kings Canyon Sequoia National Park. We took the nearest hardest hike all the way up a mountain by a waterfall. Guine intermittently yells "hey bear" really loud. But several times while scaling this hill she does a whooping bigfoot call. No responses of course. Everything seems dead up there. Like no bear, nothing. So as we make our descent, she is yelling "hey bear" again and startles something in the woods near us. Something really big. I immediately think we stumbled on a bear so I pulled the Ruger because we were way too close for comfort. Now it could have been a bear or a deer. But once we heard this loud crashing noise from being startled it got quiet. Any other animal would crash through the woods to get away from us. But this one stayed. It got real still and didn't move. We couldn't see what it was. It made two sudden moves in the forest and stopped like it knew it made a mistake. We don't know what it was. I just figured a scared animal would run. It's possible my girlfriend called a curious bigfoot in. Because her calls are intense.

Kings Canyon I presume?

Yep. Upper Stony Creek to be precise.

Do you mind if I post this to my blog? I will use your 1st name only.

I don't care, but I don't know if it was a bigfoot. It was just odd.

Yes, you don't know what it was. I got that from the conversation.

Cool, then go for it

I have never saw bigfoot personally clearly enough to make that claim. Have had 4 or 5 encounters including vocalizations over the last 10 years that I think could of been bigfoot even though no sighting. Really wont be able to wrap my head around it until I have a clear sighting of my own.

Yeah I can imagine. Dude I was so glad my girlfriend finally had some experiences. She is completely on board with it now. It's obvious they don't want to be seen. I think the one I saw in 91 was a juvenile. He was probably only about 6 foot. Ballzy enough to run through my camp to scare the rat shit out of me.

The younger ones seem more daring & I believe that is why they are spotted the most. Older ones are better at not leaving behind tracks & are more adapt at staying hidden.

Yeah that makes sense.

Not to sound cliché', on many expeditions where we find track ways of what I think are bigfoot. We usually find a small set of tracks that aren't exciting at all because they could easily be human. Then those small ones lead us to larger tracks. The large ones clearly show they try not to leave foot prints behind.

I hope you get to see one. But from a distance.

Hahaha. Hope to see it closely from the protection of my car. However my luck I will be peeing behind my tent at night, come face to face with it. No camera just peeing lol

Yeah man, it will send a shock through your body you aren't expecting. Your nerves feel on fire.
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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Is Bigfoot next? A new primate "discovered" almost every year the last 14 years.

 Science has discovered a new species of primate almost every year the last 14 years.
Will the next primate species discovery be the infamous elusive giant of North America?

 Most new primate discoveries are small monkeys or lemurs. 
However two species discovered over the last 14 years are large primates.
Known as great apes.

In 2003 Bili ape or Bondo mystery ape was "officially" discovered by science.
A 6 foot tall & two hundred pound great ape that nests on the ground like a gorilla but have a diet & appearance characteristic of a giant chimpanzee.

Most recently the Tapanuli orangutan was discovered.
It is the rarest of the great apes with only 800 members known to exist.
DNA studies have shown the Tapanuli is the oldest living species of orangutan on the planet.

More about the Bili ape.

More about the Tapanuli orangutan

With a new species of primate being discovered almost every single year for well over a decade.
It doesn't sound unreasonable that a large primate in North America is awaiting discovery. 

Known as Sasquatch.
Others call it Bigfoot, Skunk Ape, Grass man, every other region in North America has their own name for this giant elusive primate on the verge of scientific "discovery"

RMSO Bigfoot Video Capture

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Texas Bigfoot Sighting It Looked Like an Old Caveman

Charles writes us.
Seen one in texas when i was a kid

What happened? Did you get a good look, size, color, facial features? What time of day, what time of year?

Yes the head it was wadeing the creek at about 9 feet deep, I was about 100 yards, fishing on the creek, in the evening, had 3 bad dogs with me, it was brown thick hairs,, head was like the old caveman

Amazing, you are very lucky because Bigfoot sightings are very rare.

The smell was very bad ,lasted two days

Got this in July my cam was 4 foot off ground

What you think

Definitely lots of long dark brown hair. Was this in the area that you had your sighting?

1/2 mile

Excited to see that you are trying to get footage of the creature. Keep us posted.