Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Is Bigfoot next? A new primate "discovered" almost every year the last 14 years.

 Science has discovered a new species of primate almost every year the last 14 years.
Will the next primate species discovery be the infamous elusive giant of North America?

 Most new primate discoveries are small monkeys or lemurs. 
However two species discovered over the last 14 years are large primates.
Known as great apes.

In 2003 Bili ape or Bondo mystery ape was "officially" discovered by science.
A 6 foot tall & two hundred pound great ape that nests on the ground like a gorilla but have a diet & appearance characteristic of a giant chimpanzee.

Most recently the Tapanuli orangutan was discovered.
It is the rarest of the great apes with only 800 members known to exist.
DNA studies have shown the Tapanuli is the oldest living species of orangutan on the planet.

More about the Bili ape.

More about the Tapanuli orangutan

With a new species of primate being discovered almost every single year for well over a decade.
It doesn't sound unreasonable that a large primate in North America is awaiting discovery. 

Known as Sasquatch.
Others call it Bigfoot, Skunk Ape, Grass man, every other region in North America has their own name for this giant elusive primate on the verge of scientific "discovery"

RMSO Bigfoot Video Capture

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Texas Bigfoot Sighting It Looked Like an Old Caveman

Charles writes us.
Seen one in texas when i was a kid

What happened? Did you get a good look, size, color, facial features? What time of day, what time of year?

Yes the head it was wadeing the creek at about 9 feet deep, I was about 100 yards, fishing on the creek, in the evening, had 3 bad dogs with me, it was brown thick hairs,, head was like the old caveman

Amazing, you are very lucky because Bigfoot sightings are very rare.

The smell was very bad ,lasted two days

Got this in July my cam was 4 foot off ground

What you think

Definitely lots of long dark brown hair. Was this in the area that you had your sighting?

1/2 mile

Excited to see that you are trying to get footage of the creature. Keep us posted.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Couple Hear Bigfoot Vocalizations in Freedom Indiana after Firemans Bigfoot Sighting

Priscilla writes to us.
Dear Sirs,
My husband and I went to Indiana to visit our daughter for 2 weeks. She didn't have enough room for us in her small house, so we decided to camp in our tent. It being October, we had to run our heater every night. Every night, about 10 o'clock, we would get in our bed. We would always hear a big pack of coyote start hollering. We also noticed something else would start hollering with them. First it would howl like a person mimicking a wolf, then it would whoop, then came screams that were gut wrenching and lasted longer than anything I ever heard.

My daughter lives in Freedom, Indiana. Her house is in a deeply forested area. My husband and I are from Indiana also and have spent most of our married life, (40years) camping and hiking trails, etc.. but we have never heard anything like that anywhere. I personally have lived by the Rogue river in Merlin, Oregon. I never even heard anything like that there. It never occurred to me to record it.

The last night we heard it, it was right outside my daughter's front yard. That thing sure had a set of lungs. The only thing we could figure was, it was Bigfoot!

There was an abundance of deer and it was hunting season. I just wonder if our tent was upsetting it thinking we were hunters taking it's food supply.

You may call us if you'd like.  We now live in Arizona.

Our Response

Hi Priscilla

 Thank you for informing us of your experience. Very interesting. I have included a link to a Ohio vocalization that the witness believes may be a bigfoot. He claims that when this creature vocalizes it gets all the coyotes in the area going also. So your report reminded me of this one. When you get a chance to listen to it. Let me know if it is similar or different. And what are the similarities or differences of what you heard?

Appreciate hearing from you

Vocalizations from Wolfgang at his parents house in Ohio

Priscilla responds
I listened to the link. It sounded like the whoops we heard. The screams were very long, at least a minute to a minute & 1/2 long. That's what I meant by a set of lungs, If you can imagine a man screaming that long. I am a Registered Nurse, so I know to be a person to listen to detail.

Sincerely we left Indiana, my daughter says a deputy sheriff bought the property across the road for hunting. I think the animal hunts it's game on. It will be interesting to hear what happens now. Will it scare the tar out of him or will he be an ___ and try to kill it?

This one runs with the  coyotes. 

The is for responding so quickly. There was a fireman that spotted a Bigfoot running out of some burning woods in Monroe county also, right before we got there.  My 25 year old grandson says that thing has been there ever since they moved there over 2 years ago. 



Monday, November 13, 2017

Looking for Bigfoot Sightings near Pikes Peak Colorado & Surrounding Counties

RMSO is interested in hearing about all Bigfoot sightings.

Report Bigfoot sightings to kcshaw40@gmail.com

Currently RMSO has two research contacts living between Denver & Colorado Springs.
Brody & Tanner
They will be researching Pikes Peak, surrounding Counties of Teller, El Paso, Fremont, Pueblo Douglas, to scout Bigfoot sighting reports for reliable expedition locations.

Currently Derek, Mike, Jenny & Kelly investigate Bigfoot sightings West of Denver.

Colorado boasts the largest concentration of Bigfoot sightings in the entire Rocky Mountain chain, we would like to keep up to date on Bigfoot sightings in the State.

All sighting report witnesses will remain anonymous unless you specify otherwise.
#RMSOBigfoot #RockyMountainSasquatchOrganization

Friday, November 3, 2017

Walker Lake Bigfoot Sighting Whirly Mountain California

I grew up in westwood. Very close to here. I saw Bigfoot in 1999 at walker lake. Clear as day. Scared the shit out of me.

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch
Would love to hear details of your 1999 encounter. How it happened, what you saw, how the bigfoot reacted. Estimated height, weight, color etc.. of the bigfoot. Facial features if you saw the face?

Okay here it is... btw... I've been fishing bridge creek and whirley mountain runoff for thirty years... anyways... A good friend and I went fishing one morning in Hamilton branch very close to walker lake (mountain meadows reservoir). We got to the creek well before light and were parked for about an hour at the bridge with the yellow gate. About 1/4 to 1/5 mile from walker lake itself. We just sat there, in the car, bullshitting waiting for sunrise. This was June by the way. Just as it was getting light I was the first to spot it. It was across the bridge on the left side about twenty feet off the road. We were about 35 yards away! It's color and motion was what took my attention. I backhanded my buddy across the chest in mid sentence when I saw it, so he could see it too of course. I immediately thought it was a bear, but it was walking through the brush towards us.... And it was standing up! I know bears stand up and walk a little bit, not like this. And my brain couldn't make sense of the size of his head. It was absolutely, clear as day, less than half the width of a small black bear. I could only see it from about the chest up, it was obviously walking swiftly on two feet. I was overcome with fear for a sec. I wanted to believe it was some fu**ed up looking bear. But we were both scared. At this point it noticed our car parked there and took an immediate right. (Left to us). And within a couple steps was completely obscured by the brush. My buddy started the car, but we didn't go anywhere. We sat there in udder fear. After about fifteen minutes we both decided we had to go inspect the spot. And at this point one of us had said the word Bigfoot. We walked across the bridge up to exactly where we knew we saw him. And it turned out that the immediate right he took was a dirt road. The brush beside the road is about 6 feet tall. He was absolutely at least 7 feet tall, walking gracefully on two legs, with a head not much larger than a man's. The road was hard gravel decomposed granite that they use around here. No footprints at all. We looked very well. I would be happy to show you the spot and introduce you to my buddy who saw him too. Just let me know.

As I just re read your reply I realized I forgot to mention that between his movement, and the surprise and shock of the moment, I regretfully could not, or did not see any facial features. I was consumed with trying to rationalize it as a bear. I'm not sure if I explained it right, but fear was the order of the day. And I've grown up in the mountains and woods. I've lived in the wild for months and months at a time. This was different.
Email me at kcshaw40@gmail.com
We would love to hook up with you all & check out the spot where all of this happened. Thank you for sharing your bigfoot experience with us.
#CaliforniaBigfoot #WalkerLakeBigfoot #HamiltonBranchSasquatch

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Nathan Reo of Utah Sasquatch still has not cleared up his Monument Wallow Bigfoot Hoax

Nathan uploaded to his YouTube channel what seemed like the most amazing clip of bigfoot vocalizations, groans & wood knocks. He Named it Monument Wallow. All of the vocalizations sounded human in my opinion.

Soon after the release of this unbelievable video filled with dozens of what Nathan Reo claimed were "bigfoot interactions & vocalizations". Reddit proved that Nathan Reo was adding these amazing audios in post production.

Nathan was using a camera that recorded in mono however whenever a vocalization or wood knock took place in the video it switched to stereo.
Obviously Reo was adding an additional sound track in post production.

Nathan made the claim he was only "enhancing" these sounds already in the video.

Being the nice guy that I am. I recommended to Nathan to post the raw footage to prove the audibles  were really in the video before editing. Seems fair,
an easy way to lay to rest Nathan had not committed the most amazing hoax of audios in bigfoot history.

To this day Nathan has not put out the raw footage? 

Why? Is it because the raw footage is the smoking gun of a complete fabricated fictional video of bigfoot vocalizations?

Not only has Nathan not produced the raw footage to prove it was there before adding a 2nd sound track. He removed it from YouTube. 

He now charges people on Patron 2 bucks to view this video full of hoaxed audibles he claims is bigfoot.

Here is a walk through tutorial of Reditts instructions on how he identified Reo was planting a 2nd sound track in post production.

My personal opinion. If Reo was telling the truth he would of readily vindicated himself showing off the raw footage. Over a year has gone by & he wants this to blow over. 

Where is the Raw Footage Nathan Reo of Utah Sasquatch? You wont produce it because you know there isn't anything in the raw footage. You master minded a simple hoax & have been busted. Apologize. We are not going to let these types of claims be swept under the rug.

Below is the media site that Reo charges 2 dollars a view to watch his video hoax of fake vocalizations and wood knocks.

Put out the Raw Footage Nathan Reo. Prove to us that you did not do what we already know.
Simple way to get past this. Post the raw footage.
 #UtahSasquatchHoax #NathanReoHoax

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Unfortunatley when you have chased Bigfoot as long as we have people will start to claim your evidence as theirs

 An RMSO member notified us that Sandra Rains Debusk was showing off one of our suspect bigfoot footprints as her own. We discussed our footprint photo with her & was forced to produce the original photo to prove she is full of Sasquatch poo.
 RMSO took this photo & placed it on our PC August 19 2012. Our entire team at RMSO was very excited when we found this track because it had the most definitive toes on any Bigfoot track we had found... to that point in time. Was a big deal to everyone and that is why one of our members easily identified it in Newark and notified us. Just at first glance we knew exactly what track it is, where & when we took it.
Appears she is giving me the date last time I moved the photo to a new folder. Sorry Sandra this photo does belong to me. I took it in Beaver Creek Idaho during the Summer of 2012.
Sandra said
"I'm actually not even going to discuss it any longer. Somehow, my pic from August 2016 ended up on the video you uploaded Feb 2017."
Kelly replied
"You will see. I have the original from Aug 19 2012.
Sandra's photo below she states she took August 2016

Kelly's photo below with proof he took it August 19 2012

Video containing our footprint photo Sandra mistakenly claimed was hers. Yes it is our photo and we can use it in our videos. Please get your own footage Sandra.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Canadian Bear Hunter Bigfoot Experience

Peter  writes us
hello folks ,,i am a canadian bear hunter ...hunted bear for years ,north of the french river ,,south of sudbury .....we ran baits over 12 miles ..5 of us hunting ..the person who hunts the last bait ,,has the truck ,after dropping everyone off...the person who sat in the last bait the day before ,,said he saw parts of a massive black bear ,,going thru the dense bush..said he had no shot with his bow ,,and didnt for some reason .want to go back to that stand ...over the years ,,no one got a bear from that stand .but always bait was gone ...and some said its a freaky stand to sit in ,i just put it down to nerves ,,i decided to sit myself ,with my rifle ........i was in the stand for maybe 2 hrs ,everything normal absolutely no wind ..this was on june 9th ......listening to the sounds of the bush ..chirping birds ,,scurrying sqiurels etc ,,,,,,,,....................... then all of a sudden deathly silence ..this is a signal for me a bear was coming in..................................i was intently starring into the bush looking for the bear ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,CRASH ..HOLY SHIT ,A BLOODY GREAT TREE SMASHES TO THE GROUND .. scarred the shit out of me ,,that one was very close ,and to my right ,,what the hell was that ,,no beaver pond or any sign of beaver ....it sounded like it was maybe 25 yrds ...i got ready to shoot ,but saw nothing ...then behind me another tree goes down ,,,what the hell ,,now i am realy on edge ,,i sat ,for maybe another 45 mins ,,dead silence ,Xuck this ,it was starting to get dark ,i was shook up to say the least ,,walked out to the road ,,and there ,laying across the road ,,inches from my truck ,a tree was broken ,about 2ft up from the ground ,,,it was a aspen, about 6 inches thick ,blocking the road ,, now i am realy freeked ...i broke of the smaller branches off ,and drove my truck over the trunk ,,get the hell outa here ,,,,,,,,,,,,picked up the other hunters ,as it was now full dark .....................in all my experiance ,,hunting bear ,i have never seen or heard anything like it ........................that was 25 yrs ago ,for some reason ,the spring bear hunt was canncelled...it wasnt till i saw your BIGFOOT blogs ,,and the tree breaking habit with them ,and from what i have read ,from other posters on big foot ,it all fits in ..i didnt mention it to the other hunters , the hunt finished the next day ,and we drove back to toronto,,, the only person i told this to ,was a native buddy ,,he just said one word WINDEGO ,, now i am 68 yrs old ,no longer hunt bear , but WOW it was an experiance ,,,please give me your thoughts ,and comments

Monday, October 16, 2017

Burney Creek California Bigfoot Sighting by Two Fishermen

Living in Northern Calif my whole life and being a avid outdoorsman I can say without hesitation or fear of ridicule that " Bigfoot " absolutely exists. When I was 14 in 1984 I went to Burney , Ca to visit cousins that summer. My cousin and I were fishing for brook trout in " Burney Creek " and had travelled pretty far into the woods along the creek . Just fishing different spots and not really paying much attention to how far we had actually wandered along the creek.
It was about 4 pm and we noticed it was starting to get darker as the sun had passed overhead and dipped below the crest of a mountain to the west of us. We decided we had better start heading back after realizing just how far we had actually gone. Having left the house at 7:30 am that morning we were pretty far from town and the safety of my aunt and uncles house. As we started back wanting not to get stuck in the dark out there so far away we stopped fishing our way back and just walked . It wasn't long before we heard something off to our left crashing its way through the buck brush on the other side of the creek . Not thinking to much of it assuming it was a deer heading to the water we just kept walking and talking. A few moments later my cousin and I both realized that the " Deer " or whatever it was had gained some serious ground and was no longer 40 to 50 yards to the left rear of us but was now almost paralleling us as it was crashing through the thick brush in our direction. Looking at each other silently as we both realized its loud thumping steps weren't being made by 4 separate hoofs impacting the soil as it walked but instead were being made by 2 separate thuds with at least a second of time disappearing in between each step. Intuition , fear or just plain common sense instantly set to work on both of us and we went from a steady walk to a " Keep up if you can ! " sprint back towards town . No longer paying any attention to anything besides what was in front of us and each step , we made good ground pretty fast being a couple of tall thin teens with a adrenalin rush and desire to see the next day . Pretty soon we were back onto the small gravel road we started our journey from that morning and just a few hundred yards from town and completely out of breath so we slowed to look behind us and listen . Eerily silent it had become with just the noise of us catching our breath and the flowing water of " Burney Creek " as it flowed past some 40 yards to our rear . Suddenly and simultaneously we both seen what had been crushing its way toward the creek and us some 20 minutes and 3 miles or so earlier. A very large hair covered bipedal figure that was now standing at the wooded edge of the creek next to the end of a small wooded bridge we had just hoofed across. And by very large I mean huge considering it was half the width of the bridge at the shoulders and the bridge that was some 4 to 5 ft above the creek and yet only appeared to be just below waist height of the creature as it stood down by the creek next to the bridge . Whatever it was , it just stood there for what seemed like forever just staring at us as we stood there just staring back at it. Then it just stepped back into the thick brush and it was gone. And without a word spoken to each other we turned and started a half hearted jog back towards town. It was a good 15 minutes later as we walked through the front gate before a word was spoke about what we had just experienced. And thats when my always nonchalant cousin just turned to me and calm as could be said " We're going to get yelled at for being gone all day . " A comment I completely ignored by asking him " Do you think that was a Bigfoot ? " to which he replied in a almost laughing voice " Not as big as the foot my dads about to put in your ass for losing his trout pole ! " True story !