Friday, December 9, 2016

Bigfoot Observed on Home Surveillance Camera in Idaho

Tracy Brown I have had a few "occurrences "
And one sighting on my surveillance camera.
Kelly Shaw Have you posted your surveillance camera footage?
Tracy Brown Lol..there was no hard drive at the time..i had gotten the bare bones..when that happened I naturally went to rewind to view..(with my ex's system there was a hard drive) yes it was disappointing..i did soon there after purchased one for it.
The momory is burned in my mind.
North of Sandpoint Idaho
Kelly Shaw If you are OK with it. I would love to feature your surveillance camera sighting on my RMSO Bigfoot blog? If you are alright with it and when you find the time you can email your story to me at
Tracy Brown I am searching for photos of the
View from outside the house..I lived there 3 yrs ago..So far I found video out a different side of the house..and a video of the inside ..which is close to the view I had the surveillance camera pointing..if you follow that.
Bare with me...A lot of my photos are not on my computer..but should be on a disc somewhere.
Still need to sketch the figure walking past fence (it was a side view) so I didnt see its face..and I think im ojay with was freaky enuff ...
Tracy Brown Finally found what i had recreated...the fence was 6'
I cut out a paper creature and fixed it to the fence.
I should have video from the other side of the fence..when we had a large windstorm that blew down many trees..not sure where that disc the moment.
Tracy Brown I had been living here for two weeks...the owners where in N.D.
Working the oil field. The house had been vacant for a year or more. I heard voices on my driveway on the opposite side of the house ..the pic of the mountains..
I went to view the camera monitor, which had 4 screens up.
While looking at the two boys coming down the driveway, movement in another camera caught my eye.
The thing was passing by the fence in the opposite direction.
So the boys were heading toward the creek the BF was heading away. Just below this area..behind the house where it was coming from is a type of cliff...with many trees and then the creek then the street. Down there would be a pretty nice place for him to hang out.
The fur was reddish brown and matted. My first thought was the figure looked in hanging your head in depression..and then the hair became apparent to me, being all over. Big bulky thing. I even think my recreation cutout could have been wider.
I ran to grab my shotgun and was at the front door in seconds.
Saw nothing when I looked out the side window.
I have been trained as a police officer..I just reacted.
This area of Idaho has a reputation..
Of everyone owning gun and being very rough. Gun shots often. NO ONE..would commit suicide in this way..dressing up etc. I was afraid to be outside for about a month. It was July.
There were other occurances here as well.
Tracy Brown I estimate it to have been 7.5' tall.
I measured the ground behind the fence to the top of the fence at 6'

Tracy Brown Found the file of video I took after the wind storm. Shortly after taking video I was on the porch outside and heard a true wood knock from down below the house and a response from across the property, which is thickly wooded.

Kelly Shaw Thank you for digging up all of this. Did you decide on doing your Bigfoot sketch?

Tracy Brown I thought the re actment photo was good enuff..but i will show u the sketch...its a side view.

Tracy Brown If its cool Id like to share my opinion on BF locations...
(From believer to knower..)
I believe they are very close to populous. ..We are mostly in populated area...with other of us in the outskirts or rural areas..I believe they are on the edges of the wilderness...where they can easily go in and out of "our" areas.. I dont believe they solely or mostly are far into wilderness areas. I believe the are quite similar to are interested in our things and property.. And choose to live, close.
Like we move to get close to nature ..they, I believe, are close to us. Just my feeling.

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  1. Interesting report, but going on it would be so much better if you put(:) after your name and the other persons names. would make it so much easier to read, the way you have it in this report confused me at first then i realized you were doing that to tell who was saying what..(Im easily thanks for sharing.