Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Greyish Bigfoot Spotted in High Sierras

Hi Kelly, The first sighting took place in the winter in December 2013  on a very cold day in the single digits. During that winter the area didn't get much snow and because of this I was able to drive further back towards Ebbett's Pass, just before where the gate is locked. I went to explore an area where I found some nice bigfoot tracks(14 and 17 inches) earlier that spring up on a steep mountain side. Nearby is a creek that goes up deep into the high sierra with no trails in the area. When I crossed the creek I heard something big come crashing down the mountain towards me in which I quickly went back to my vehicle and took off. I decided to drive back down the road just about a half mile and pulled off where Silver Creek is. I went across silver creek and started to scan the mountain ridge with my Parks Binoculars just above where I heard something crashing down the mountain. As I was scanning towards the top of this rocky volcanic cliff I'd notice this tall hairy creature standing there looking over the valley that I was down in. The sun was just starting to set over the mountains to the west. The sun was gleaming on it's greyish hair. I estimated it to be about eight feet tall and probably about 800 lbs. I watched it for about five minutes. I then reach for my  phone to take a photo but by the time I got it out it stepped off the rock it was standing on. A few weeks later I got over the fear and hiked up to the top of that peak and discovered a cave right behind where it was standing on the other side of the peak. There was some stacked rocks just before the cave where this narrow gorge was that lead to the cave. Also there was two rocks that someone or something put on a small boulder that would fit perfect in a large hand which I felt from where they were located would be used for a ambush to kill a deer. I took one of the rocks home to put next to one of my castings of the 14 inch tracks. Nobody was back there the whole time I was there and left as it was getting dark. 
The second encounter happen last  summer about 1500 feet higher west of the first encounter. I went to an area where I found the same 14 and 17 inch tracks in 2014 by a pond not far from a road side crossing sighting by two deer hunters back in the 70' one evening. Anyways I parked by a creek and crossed to go up this very steep mountain side where there are no trails. As I came up to the top of the ridge, I stepped on a small rock only to have this very large creature make this loud snort sound coming out of it's nose. I flew back maybe ten feet as it went back on the other side of the ridge just a few feet. It then tossed a rock just to the left of me. That's when I pulled my side arm out and rushed back down the mountain side looking back behind me all the way down. It was in the morning hours and on a sunny day. The winds were heavy that day and because of that I believe I spooked it as it didn't hear me coming up from the other side of the mountain as it was probably sitting there watching below on it's side down on a creek below it. This is the direction that the deer hunter saw this bigfoot come from that evening. That was the reason I went up there to look because I felt it was hanging out somewhere along that ridge during the day time laying low till night time. Plus that was one of the areas I found tracks. I just didn't think I would come upon it that quick. Didn't get a good look at it as it happened so quick.

Casting is near latest encounter which was casted just feet from pond with bigfoot walking away from shoreline. Top of  mountain is where first sighting was and was taken just weeks afterwards.  Silver Peak is last photo which is 10,000 feet in elevation.   

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