Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Nine year old boy sneaks up on Bigfoot

Brave 9 year Old native boy sneaks with in ten yards of Sasquatch and takes 3 pictures of it, while it gets up and walks towards him.
He then ran away back to his house, and has the pictures to prove it.
Full video of encounter

Friday, September 23, 2016

Bigfoot Sighting Location Along with Missing Persons in the Area

Bigfoot Sighting Location Along with Missing Persons in the Area.
RMSO explores this part of Oregon surrounded by the mystery of Bigfoot.

Shell Rock Mine Bigfoot Sighting

Ripplebrook Bigfoot Sighting

Oregon Camper Goes Missing at Bigfoot Sighting Hot Spot

Full Clackamas River Bigfoot Expedition & Sighting reports

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Wildman of Bowl Creek Montana

During a Bigfoot sighting investigation at Bowl Creek Montana Jenny & Kelly hear a mouth pop below a ridge while doing a sighting report video. They direct the camera in the direction of the mouth popping noise they both heard twice.
 They see nothing. After posting the Bigfoot sighting report video. Viewers point out a face hidden in the trees during the search for the source of the mouth pops.
Because neither of them saw this at the time, we question if this is just an illusion of light & shadow, a person hiding under the tree or was it a bigfoot that they were searching for at the bigfoot sighting report location?
Original sighting report video.
Bowls Creek Montana Bigfoot Sighting.
Is this the face of Bigfoot in Bowls Creek Montana?

Suspect face slowed 125% & stabilized.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Michigan Bigfoot may have been captured on live camera

History of several Bigfoot sightings in Michigan. This may be the elusive creature captured on an eagle camera located up in the trees near the Platte River State Fish Hatcher of Beulah in Northern Michigan
Watch the full video of this suspect Michigan Bigfoot


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Monday, September 12, 2016

Bigfoot sighting report from Tom in the bogs of East Holstein region of Germany

(Apologize for the choppy sentences. He was reporting in German. I was having to translate to English & may cause a little confusion in the report.)
Help, help !! In the East Holstein region in Germany , I was just in a bog of a big foot I have pursued  after hearing a whistle. Went out and it ran up to me. I do not know where to report.
Yes the thing here etwar two seconds have seen with my bags dan lamp I walked !! Long black matted fur like a dead animal and big eyes and huge hands as 1.90 meters to 2.10 meters tall with eingen filters without fur and it has disgusting stink.
I do not like a stink animal smells . It smelled like a rotting carcass . It looked somewhat like that of a Neanderthal . I dont know . I ran up to my dirt bike and dan away as fast as he could.
 A terrible noise lichens.
After asking if he has been back to find foot prints of the creature Tom responds.
Ne I trust micht not again there was even a 2 × 2 meter large nest made ​​of reed
Tom is an outdoorsman. He does a lot of fishing. This encounter has scared him and sounds like he does not want to return to the part of the bog where this creature came up to him.
If we get any more information on this sighting in Germany we will make sure to post these updates.