Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Is the 4th of July Bigfoot real?

Bigfoot Evidence Video
ThinkerThunker break down.
Another break down


  1. On ThinkerThunker's dissection of July 4th Bigfoot. I agree with the knee rises well above where ours does. I think because the length between hip and knee is longer and the length between knee and ankle is shorter than ours. The lower leg has to be raised higher to take in the length of the foot. It may just be an optical problem, but the length of the foot seems to the same length as the distance from knee to ankle.

  2. Lol....this is comical. The Big Guy has been eluding humans for centuries but all of a sudden a camera catches 3 of them in one moment! Nah. This is a hoax in my book.

  3. thinker thunker: I think you should get a friend to don some big feet and display the walking difference. I do understand how some would think the higher knee thrust could support their opinion that that shows someone compensating to get a big foot to clear the ground with each step. I think it would be very educational for all to see a sideXside of this.
    Thanks for your work.