Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Grand Canyon Hiker Spots Bigfoot

B.G. writes RMSO
I went on a backpacking trek in the Grand Canyon back in the early 1990's with some buddies of mine as a way to get away to the outdoors before my soon to be born son was to arrive. On my second day in the canyon, hiking along Hermit's Crest Trail, facing east, I was jogging with one of the guys, a friend who was a surfer from England, while trying to make some time up as the rest of our group had left us behind because of our surfer buddy's badly aching knees. While we were jogging, I started to go into a trance state (I have practice transcendental meditation since I was about twelve years old) and although I was not purposely trying to get into a higher state of consciousness, there I was finding myself there.

Anyway, as I was jogging along, I started to see Shiva, Goddess of Destruction manifest in front of me but who was at least a hundred yards ahead of me. The weird thing is, I never believed in such deities. But, there she was, dancing in front of me, and she was so beautiful with all this golden light emanating out from her in every direction. I continued to jog as I started to describe what I was seeing to my British friend. He said that he didn't see her, but that he was curious and wanted me to keep giving him details about what I was experiencing. 

After about a minute or so, she faded away and left me curious myself as to why that particular deity would manifest in front of me. Right then, as I was wondering these things, I heard a very stern voice speak into my right ear very, very clearly. It demanded to know why my friend and I were in "his" canyon. I was really, really shocked. But, I was also calm and remained calm. I knew the voice was Native American...I could hear it in his accent...and just his demeanor.

I responded to him by saying that we came here to enjoy the amazing canyon and it's landscape and that we were there to heal ourselves of physical and emotional imbalances. I asked him who he was as well. He responded by saying, again...quite sternly and in an authoritative voice, that he is the Eagle Spirit who guards and watches over the canyon. Honestly, I could FEEL his presence all around me.

Once again, I told my buddy what was happening to me and asked if he was feeling anything or seeing anything out of the ordinary, as I was sort of blinded with all this gold light flowing around me everywhere, even coming out of the ground and from the cliffs surrounding us. He said that he did feel some sort of presence all of a sudden and that he heard me talking to this entity, but did not hear the canyon spirit himself.

Then, as we were still jogging along the trail, my buddy got really close to me from behind and stopped me as he started squealing. I mean, literally, he was either scared or freaking out. I didn't know what was wrong with him. He was pointing ahead of us and stabbing his finger up and towards a side canyon which was quite a ways away from where we were. I asked him what. I mean, what did he see? He finally calmed down enough to finally verbalize what he was saying. He swore that he had seen some huge, harry person or thing looking at us...and said that it dipped down below the edge of this berm into this side canyon. I wanted to run to that location and he wanted to run in the opposite direction. And he is this huge, tall, muscular long-haired (at that time anyway) surfer dude who worked as a bouncer at a night club in San Francisco at that time. This was like I said, way back in the early 1990's. 

Anyway, I never got to see this creature that he claims to have seen. But then, he seriously did NOT want to go investigate and I did. But when he showed me where he believed he had seen this thing...it really was quite a ways away from us and from where the trail lead to along the canyon. Later on that evening, when we finally caught up with our other buddies, we had just kept our mouths shut about our strange experience...mine and his. But apparently, our other friends ended up asking us if we had heard any strange whoops, screams and what they thought were yells earlier in their trek that day. Then we both opened up and told them what we both experienced. None of us could shut after that during the entire trip which as about a four day trek through the canyon.

Anyway, it's a strange story and I don't go around telling everyone because of the ridicule and laughter it evokes from the less open-minded people out there in the world.

Thank you for letting me share.

Keep posting those videos. Because I totally believe in what you are doing. Be safe as always.



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