Monday, June 6, 2016

Gorilla Looking Bigfoot in Sequoia King Canyon

Hi my names is Frank im form L.A. I have all ways wanted to tell my story but never had any one that would belive it ,but my cuzn Tony that was with me...hear it's is like I said my name is Frank and I'm 32 years old male. Me and my family have been camping in sequoia ever sense I could Remer. My earliest memory's is like around 1992 I was in second grand all my family goes out around summer time to sequoia king canyon camping ..every single year . We all ways stayed at the camp ground "Stony creek" my family's favorite spot for many years . I had couple of experience there ,like I said the earliest experience I had I was in second grand ,all the adults set up camp and all the kids go out to play in the woods ,I was running trying to hide from my cuzn and ran far in to the trees I hid behind a tree waiting for my cuzn to find me in heard sum thing moving like 30 feet away ,when I looked I seen a big gorila looking thing behind a tree looking at me.! I froze in place then ran fast as hell . I was screaming told my cuzns didn't belive me the oldest was like 13 didn't belive me that was my first time... Every year after that never seen anything. Till like 2002 - 2004 I'm not sure what year it was ,I do Remer that the forest by Yosemite was on fire for like 1 week straight .everyone in sequoia was not able to have camp fires that year ,at all or you would get a fine . It SUCKED that year ,we stayed in a camp site named "princess "  .I was like 16 years old at that time my cuzn was like 19 he was drinking that night with all the adults having a good time made the best of it .when we first got there we decided that we wanted to live dangerous we pitched a 2 person tent like 100 feet out from our camp site on the out skirts where it became forest all ready .any way that night we could here branches braking in the woods ,but we never thought nothing of it because so many other are all out there gathering wood camping you know just populated with campers . Any way that night me and my cuzn went to our tent to sleep that night . My cuzn got sick and threw up out side of the tent before he went in to sleep ,I know genius hu.any way I threw dirt all over it and went to bed like 12 am. And that's when it happen like 2 hours latter I was awaken by 2 giant vibration foot steps 1 2 3 4 5 steps I heard coming closer and closer .the way I would describe it it would be like in jurassic park when you see the cup rippling, I felt that on my back! .I slowly turned to my cuzn and shook him awake and covered his mouth with out making a noise as soon as I woke him it's like right away he felt that vibration to walking up I will never forget get that my head I thought to my self this is no bear ! It sound massive !  Like in my head I would say like only an elephant would be big enough to make the floor vibrate like that ,as if what ever it was it wanted to see if any one was in there or would wake up make noise but we didn't silent we stayed covering each others mouth scream deep in side only ! Terrifying!  When it got close it's like it was waiting for a sound from inside but nothing 20 seconds latter I felt a blunt rounded warm thing toching my foot that was agenst the tent wall Remer it was a small 2 person tent .I felt it go from the bottom of my foot going slowly up word .if it was a bears nose I think I would feel it breathing or side 2 side movement on my foot like a dog but no . It touch my foot and went slowly up my foot until I couldn't handle the fear I jumped my foot back and went aww fast and low like I heard a slight grunt like when a fat person get up from crouching but a sound so deep and massive I knew what ever it was it could just jump on the tent and smash up like I said it sound and felt like there was a elephant out side the tent then we heard it walk a way from the tent but not as loud as it came we still felt the vibration but could not hear the stomping like when it woke me up...and that's it the next morning I didn't think to look for tracks or anything cuz I thought it was a bear but something in the back of my head says no I will never forget the foot steps coming tords me boom boom boom boom boom, no lie ......only after wacthing your video's and show and documentary I know that was big foot I saw and I felt toching me that night.......I feel better being able to get that out ,like I said in sequoia king canyon. Where the giant red woods are ..Stony creek and princess camp sites California..thanks  for listening and I know there up there. ..


  1. If Kelly reads this I know that Sequoia has hidden secrets. My experience is from 2005 in CAMP ESHOM.

  2. Hey 88bonz, I had an experience not 5 miles from Eshom. I also have good knowledge about footprints not 5 miles the other direction from Eshom. I've been gathering information on this particular area and would like to exchange information on stories. I would highly appreciate if you emailed me at Thanks!