Monday, May 23, 2016

Were Four Miners Killed by Sasquatch at Almeda Mine in Oregon

Were Four Gold Miners Killed by Sasquatch?
The headline did not appear when this happened. The story was kept quiet up until discovered by noted author Zane Grey.
  This event happened in 1922. Almeda Mine on the Rogue River in Oregon employed around 250 miners South of Galice, Oregon.  During the Spring, five miners decided to search for their own gold. They went down river to find riches of gold.
  Two weeks of not finding gold, four of them decided to return to Galice hoping to be re-hired at the Almeda Mine.
  Only one miner made it back. He told a tale of two giant "Ape-Men" attacking them "Giant Forest Monsters" killing his friends!
  A search party was dispatched in order to stop these reports of wild tales, afraid the rest of the miners would quit working for the mine. Searchers found the attack site after a week of arriving, they found two of the miners.
The report stated, The miners had been killed by a savage attack from an unknown animal.  The third man was never found, but part of his pants and his hat were among some enormous sized footprints all around the men's bodies.
The party returned to the mine with the dead men's packs, and the foreman told them to keep quiet about their discovery or "lose their jobs" Since the Almeda paid well, no one talked.
The lone survivor disappeared and the story wasn't reported to the public until the famous author Zane Grey, who owned a remote cabin 15 miles along the river from Almeda Mine. He heard about the incident. Did some research, found enough evidence to make an interesting story.
This is an article we found running around Bigfoot blogs & media sites. Our team has not found the article Zane Grey did on this. Unverified source.

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