Saturday, May 28, 2016

Video of Flying Orb & Photos. Are Orbs Related to Bigfoot Activity?
The following is a 10 second game camera video of two softball size orbs at what is now a 6 time Bigfoot sighting hotspot by 8 witnesses.
One of the Bigfoot sighting repots in the area
Another Bigfoot sighting report in the area.
Although I don't believe Orbs have anything to do with Bigfoot. I still can not deny the fact that my team along with other Bigfoot researchers have seen Orbs at places where Bigfoot is spotted. Even though I do not want to believe Orbs have anything to do with Bigfoot I will not just throw away Orb evidence that is captured on my game camera.
One hypothesis to explain the 10 seconds of two softball size Orbs flying in front of my game camera was either a drop of dew or a grain of sand on a spider web. However since accepting that hypothesis to explain this away. I have experimented with this idea & have found that spider web glows brightly under IR light. It stands out. So I have to trash that hypothesis as implausible. Spider web under IR light would stand right out. So now I am left with the question is it swamp gas, is it Mercury, Venus or a weather balloon?
Joe Hauser captured this photo

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  1. Those orbs look like a pair of eyes? They move together. I've heard many say BF can go invisible? Strange.