Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I saw face to face a massive hairy monkey/man monster

Deer Hunter comes face to face with Bigfoot in Kaibab Forest


Our son XXXX, who is an avid hunter/fisherman all around sports nut had a run in with Big foot in the late 90's.   He did talk with an AZ BFRO a few years after it happened and they posted his story without using his name which is still listed on their site.    I'll tell you what I know about it, how it's adversely affected him and vouch for his complete honesty.   We're from central Wisconsin. My husband's family is completely nuts about hunting/fishing/outdoors/camping, etc.   He was raised from little on involved with all that stuff.   He's also honest, no-nonsense, not a drinker or a bs type storyteller.    He got a bachelor of science double major in computer science and law enforcement administration.   He did internship and summer work in law enforcement and so has that background in observation and investigation.  He works in computer science/data security.
Anyway, when he got married, they moved to the Phoenix area to be by her family.   We wondered about his hunting/fishing because it's central to his life.   So, at first we heard about him fishing there-----and his hunting in northern AZ.  He was excited about the huge never ending wooded areas there.   Then, after a couple years, he completely stopped hunting, didn't talk about it and he completely focused on fishing.   He made a couple off hand comments every now and then about sticking with fishing because he wasn't the prey.  And, that he didn't want to hunt there because he didn't want to be the prey.   We knew something happened to change him, but he wouldn't talk about it.   But, we also noticed that he started carrying a gun when they camped.  Since AZ allows handguns, we didn't think much of it.

Around 2005 or so,  we were visiting him and were alone with him in his family room and his wife and daughters were outside or away.   He didn't want to scare them by telling them anything about bigfoot.....and he went to a  computer website with bigfoot calls and asked us, what kind of animal makes those sounds?   Then him and my husband went back and forth trying to eliminate and/or identify familiar animal calls.  He said, he never paid any attention to anything about bigfoot until he went hunting in the Kaibab.   He was visibly shaken, white as a ghost and almost shaking just recalling it.   He said his experience totally changed his life.   He said, Dad, you always taught me not to be afraid of the woods, respect it, but we're in charge.   So, I thought I was king of the jungle.   Here I am, an adult, and I'm scared of the woods.  I've went from being a little kid, scared of the woods, to thinking I'm king of the jungle, to now being afraid to go in the woods!   He said,  I saw face to face a massive hairy monkey/man monster.  I looked right at something that's not supposed to be real.  But, it's real.  I pressed him, how far away, what did it look like?   He said, "Ma, it was like right there," right there to my fence in the backyard.  So, he was describing maybe a couple hundred feet.  So, here's what he told us:

Him and a buddy went bow hunting for deer in the fall to the north rim of the Grand Canyon in the Kaibab forest area.   They both had their pickups, tents, atv's.   They were in the remote higher elevations on a dirt, mountain road.  They set up their tents, built a fire, etc..    They both went in the woods for a while but they noticed odd bent over twisted trees,  scratches and log formations.  They both started noticing sounds in the woods, like something was trailing them.   And, they had some rock throwing.  So, they went back to their tents, but the noises and rock throwing continued.  So, my son's buddy said it was too creepy there and so he packed up his tent and gear and left while there was still daylight in order to get down the trail back off the mountainous terrain.    Our son, figuring he's king of the jungle, decided that since he got a lottery deer permit and he had a few days off, he wanted to keep hunting.  So, he stayed in his tent by himself that nite.  He said he didn't sleep that well cuz he kept hearing noises, rocks and actual rubbing against his tent.  But, he came there to hunt.  So, at the crack of dawn, he gets on his atv and drives back into the deep woods where he parked the atv and then started  hunting on foot with his bow.   Again, he saw the twisted trees, brush structures and tree scratches.   As he walked around doing his hunting, he became more and more aware that something was trailing him.  He said he went through a mental checklist what it could be, such as, if a bear or cougar was stalking him, he reasoned, he probably wouldn't hear it so plainly.  Then, he wondered if a wounded animal was stalking him which could have been why it was making tracking noises.   He said he finally got mad and decided to figure out what he was dealing with.  So, with the hilly/mountainous/woodsy terrain, there are canyons and gullies----so he decided to drop down and double behind whatever was stalking him.   So, he quietly snuck down and behind some rocks/woods/terrain and then sneak up on whatever was there.    He started noticing an awful, strong,  musty, stinky, wet dirty dog smell.   So, he slowly crept toward whatever was there.  When he got through some terrain, there he saw a huge, massive monkey/man without a tail crouched down looking the other way, looking for where he was.   He said he was so petrified and scared, he wanted to run and scream.  Being petrified and responding by habit or fear, he aimed the bow and arrow at it.  The creature then saw him.   He said it stood up and let out a chest rattling growl.   So, there our son was with his small deer bow and arrow pointed at it, facing it, frozen in fear.   He said, it had a human looking face.  He said, I'm looking at this massive monster that doesn't exist, I don't have a permit, my bow and arrow probably wouldn't even nick it.   This 9' monster could charge me and break me like a stick.   He said he was transfixed in terror as they faced each other.   Then, our son said he decided he had to ease away and not scream or run like prey.   So, he backed off with the bow and arrow, then backed up as fast but as smoothly as he could muster.   He then tried to watch it without staring as he tried to walk back and away toward his atv.    He said the thing shadowed him all the way, making noises, crashing trees, ducking behind trees.   When he got to the atv, he jumped in and drove back to his camp.   By this time it was approaching dusk and so he felt he couldn't get out of there on the remote road at nite.   And, he didn't feel safe staying in the tent.  So, he got in the truck to wait for dawn.   He said throughout the nite, he could hear noises, hear stuff thrown at the truck, and felt that something was brushing against the truck every now and then.  Whenever he noticed anything, he laid on the panic horn.   He said he was so scared he didn't think he would survive the nite.   At the crack of dawn, he got out of the truck long enough to grab his stuff and throw it into the back of the truck and got himself out of there.   He's never went back.  He said he's got no interest in deer hunting in those woods again because it's one thing to go there when you're king of the jungle but not if you're the prey where massive monsters can break you like a twig.


  1. Mitch always said he had seen 2 different types....those that look more ape/chimp like in the face (very aggressive) and the ones that looked more human in the face...(seemed more curious and interacted with him).

    Ironically I watched a PBS program lastnight...(something Human was the title on Nova). In 2015 they found bone remains deep in caves of two not known species.
    1 was more chimp like heads/face the other more human. They could tell by their bones they stood and walked upright. They took plac off the teeth and found they were plant eaters. They more chimp like was a adult female and adolescent male. The more human face were from thousands of bones.

    I've always said we would learn they (BF) were what we would consider prehuman....by the way they believe the cave that had the 1000's of bones was a burial grounds...there was one 1 set of owl bones....no other animal bones in that hidden area of the cave

  2. If your son would like some solace regarding these creatures then I might entice him to go back hunting again! We know what these creatures are and could possibly convince your son as to what he was dealing with, and even possible get along with them?? I will need to talk with him if at all possible!!!

  3. Excellent recreation of an encounter that will change a man for the rest of his life. I had one too, while riding an 80 mile trail in the forests of NW Pa. As i stopped in the middle of nowhere to wait for my buddy, rocks hit the atv. I caught sight of a rock in the air off to my right so as i turned to see who was doing it, this massive black hair covered being with super wide shoulders and freakishly long arms sprang straight up in a standing position. It bent its right arm and i looked towards its hand - seeing no rocks but noticing the fingers moving. The elbow looked wrong, not in the middle but up higher. So it has a longer lower arm than upper but the upper arm was thick as a tree. Its face was all black but not hair. I assume skin. Lips were closed, thin and seemed wide across the face. Thats when it stepped back 3-4 slow steps into the forest and when i pissed myself (honestly) and jumped back on my atv and tore off out of there. My buddy caught up to me about a mile further north on the trail where i pulled over close to another group of riders playing in a mud hole. I assume it heard him coming and then left. It never threatened me except the rocks but they didnt hit me. I assume now that maybe young ones were close and it drew attention to itself. Ill never know. But i do know this. These creatures exist. It was those 15 seconds that took me from a non believer, didnt care about the subject type person - to a full blown knower and now investigator who spends time looking for evidence. All the while knowing Im being watched most of the time in the one area I research in. Amazing to say the least. But i no longer doubt all stories about strange things seen in the woods.