Monday, March 7, 2016

Southeast Oklahoma Bigfoot sighting

Jim J writes to RMSO.
I agree and know for a fact that what you say is true. I was camping in southeastern Oklahoma in dense forest and had a Sasquatch sneak up on me over a several hour period. The whole ordeal started at about dark. After we set up camp, we kept hearing movement in the woods behind us and when I'd shine the light, the movement would stop. When I would grab a beer out of the ice chest and make noise, I'd hear movement again and shine the light and the movement would stop. Looking back on the situation he was trying to use the noise we made to disguise the noise he made while inching his way toward us into striking distance. At the time we were pretty buzzed on the beer and I rationalized it away as an armadillo foraging around in the woods. This went on periodically through the evening until around midnight, when this creature, which had been standing about 40 yards behind me, started walking straight toward us on 2 feet. With seconds to spare, I jumped up and ran toward it and nailed it with a beer bottle. The bottle bounced off and it kept coming for me. About a second later I clicked on the light and the thing ducked down to all fours and changed course away from us. He came within ten feet of grabbing me and it is my belief that he thought I had a gun and associated the light with a gun, because I know several people that have spotlighted and shot at these creatures in the area. When he ran away, I gave chase and started throwing rocks into an area of dense brush where he stopped. All of this happened so fast, that at the time I thought it was a bear, but after thinking about it for a bit, I ruled that theory out and headed back to camp, which was about 50 yards away. After discussing the situation, we decided to leave since we had forgot and left our guns at home. When we got in the truck, we heard a deafening craaaack of a tree breaking and knew it had to be this thing that did it, because it was a calm, clear night. We just barely made it out that night, because the humungus tree that he snapped almost blocked our only way out, since we had driven to the river by going down a dry creek bed. Anyway, to make a long story short, we started returning to the area with assault rifles to exact some revenge and had an encounter with 3 Squatches. We encountered one that was standing on all fours and as soon as we saw him, we could hear 2 more behind us. Later that night a dog, which was part of a pack that was chasing a Squatch was killed by the squatch. After numerous visits to the area, most of which didn't yield any encounters, we went one evening and heard one growl and respond to some tree knocks we were doing. After attempting to coax him out for several hours, to no avail, we decided to head home and later that night were chased by a ufo that sent a strobing orb of light down at my car. This was when I discovered that whoever is behind these creatures are from another world. My theory is that they have a secret takeover of the earth underway and are breeding up an army of these monsters, which will be used as their foot soldiers someday. I sometimes wonder if their war has already begun, because several people have went missing without a trace in just the general area where we were almost killed. Stan Gordon wrote a book called the silent invasion, where he showed a correlation to BF sightings and UFO's, which goes right along with what we experienced. Anyway I agree, these creatures are more than a wild animal, and seem to have human or above human intelligence.

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