Thursday, March 3, 2016

Rhode Island Man has Bigfoot sighting in Connecticut
Alan reports to RMSO the following Bigfoot sighting.
I was really never a bigfoot believer at all before I had a encounter myself while hiking. I know what bears look like and this wasn't a bear or a man in suit. My friend and I were pretty shook up and honestly haven't been back to that spot.
last year mid July.not sure of the date
I live in RI and was near a town near Connecticut. my friend and I were Hiking in this huge parcel of woods when we heard something running off to our left, when we looked it was like a man running but much larger, fully covered in black hair but brown at the top of his head. We were in some thick woods near a swamp and definitely wasn't a guy in a suit no way. there are no bears where we live so idk what else it could be. I'm a believer now and most definitely know what I saw was real. I'm guessing it was around 6.5 or so but very heavy body..I'm 6 feet and 260 and a bodybuilder and this thing was considerably larger
I wish I could go back to that day and try to take a picture instead of running the opposite direction

honestly I never believed it at all so for me to see something like that kinda changed my view on things. I'm not sure what it is? type of ape or type of man? After this happen I started to really do my own research online and until I came across the Patterson film is where I got chills.. from the back it was exactly what I saw. Almost a cone shaped head but with fading brownish hair on top. my friend and I were pretty quit in hopes of bumping a few deer and in this area there isn't any hunting. again we were at least 4-5 miles in and hiking for 2 hours and I'm absolutely sure this wasn't a person. The sound of it taking off was of a animal that is heavy almost like if a horse was running. I really can't believe I saw this thing but it can't believe nobody has come forward with a body or clear picture. the only thing I can compare what it looked like was in the Patterson film

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