Monday, March 7, 2016

Possible Yowie experience in Western Australia
Noevilea writes RMSO
Good work +Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization at least you had a go at a night time sighting. I saw multiple instances of clear eyeshine here so there was SOMETHING there. I also know what the being surrounded feeling is like. Myself and a mate ran out of diesel 22 kilometers out of a town back in 2007. No lights but plenty of activity VERY close while we refueled from a drum on the back of the  9 tonne truck we were driving.
I NEVER want to be in a position like that again and am so glad we didn't have to spend the night there. In that 45 minutes it took us to fuel then re-prime the diesel engine there were multiple branches getting knocked or snapped off trees and we could hear heavy footsteps around us just out of view. This was in the north of Western Australia and there are a few predators in certain areas. Many dingo clans have become fearless of man and have had to be exterminated. I personally had a dingo that was obviously starved chase me for over 1 kilometer while I was in a car.
It appeared from nowhere while I was tending to a call of nature and had just stepped out of my car. What I heard in the bushes on the night in that truck was much larger than a dingo but was not a cow. You can tell by the way they breathe.

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