Monday, March 7, 2016

Possible Bigfoot Vocalizations in South Carolina

43 years ago in northern S.CAR near my family's remote lake house, my friend and I always wondered why the there was a telephone pole sized pine tree upside down leaning against another big tree with the broken off stump end in the air. There were three bent over saplings with the tops touching the ground next to this upside down tree deep in the woods beside an abandoned and grown over logging road. Never saw a deer there in 40 years. Just assumed those sounds we heard at dusk from the swampy end of the cove were whooping cranes. Turns out whooping cranes sound nothing like that per the internet. They sounded "exactly" like Sierra Sounds. The son of the only neighbor in the very large remote cove said a "Whampus Cat" broke into his adult male doberman's cage and killed it. That just never registered with me until 7/2011. All 100.0% true in case you're wondering. (don't want to post this for business reasons.)

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