Monday, March 7, 2016

Possible Bigfoot encounter report Perdido River FL
Cibum writes RMSO. 
+Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization Sure, well the tree shaking took place near Perdido River just outside the city of Pensacola FL.  People do not usually go around thinking of a bigfoot.  I did not know what to think of it at the time.  It wasn't until years later saw show Monster Quest (i think) of a tree shaking account.  Almost instantly recalled what happen to me but was not chased or anything like that.  Have talked to a couple of people that have a story in same area.          The hooping, knocking and scat area was two rivers over to the east, Blackwater river.  In Blackwater River state forest.  Found the scat almost one year ago, last November.  BFRO has a couple of entries in the county of Santa Rosa.  One of those is of of hunter account in Blackwater forest but more to west toward Berrydale/Jay area.  The knocking took place years back no more than five, time flies.  Went hunting in the morning.  Got down near my spot and noticed right off the knocking.  Actually was quite disturb over it.  Thought if was some hunter building a wood tree stand during prime hunting time and you are not allowed to do that anyway.  Had a mind to go over there and tell them.  The more a listened it did not make sense.  Because on near by private land you could hear people talking and hammering, like it was a function.  People building a shed or something.  The deer do not stress the area that people are always at like peoples homes etc.  The other was more like knocking not as sharp as hammering nails.  Just went about my way to hunt.  After a little while it stopped.  No deer.  Decided to hunt same spot in the afternoon, had shot deer there before.  Got up the tree with my climbing tree stand and settled in.  Getting close to sundown was hoping to see a deer, no deer so far.  Sun setting.  All of the woods in the shadow of tree line.  And getting quieter.  Awake and alert.  Then hear this hooping monkey / lemur sound that have never heard before !!  Maybe two times together or three (its been awhile)  Then about two seconds later the same noise from the opposed side of tree.  Both sounds less than 100 yards away.  The second sounded like same animal but smaller, it was higher pitched.  Waited and watched hoping to see what was making this noise but did no see anything.  I know that sounds crazy but that is what I heard!  Ive heard many animals around here.  Have done lots of turkey calling before sun rise.  Hear all kinds of animals,owls, coyotes, dogs ,even people make noising to scared deer out but nothing like that!  My story really not that exciting.  But do know one person that has seen a BF on Eglin AFB.  Which is just below Blackwater area.  Most the area is so thick around here.  If an animal did not want to be seen here it would never be seen here in a million years.  Thanks for asking.  Did not mean to write a book !! 

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