Monday, March 7, 2016

Possible Bigfoot experience report North Ogden Trout Farm
Angus writes RMSO
+Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization Oaklawn park early morning about 8am.  park was empty, and nearby is the cold creek trout farm where evidence has been found.   But that morning I was walking down the trail and my saw something move ahead up the trail, but couldn't focus on what it was for some reason.   So walking up the path as I'm passing a large tree where the "movement" was, and over my head and about 35 ft away a large rock bigger than my head hits a tree and I look over and see it thunk to the ground, and the tree is swaying.   And I am stupid and didn't figure it out, and said "huh?  somebody just throw a big ass rock?"   I took a couple of steps deeper, and from like right behind me now I hear a very LOUD "WHOOP!"   I couldn't figure out what possibly makes that sound, but I decided to WHOOP back.   I felt it looking at me, and the hair on my arms, and neck stood up, and I was so scared that all I could do is stand still right there.   It could have grabbed me, but it didn't.   After about 3 minutes reading my thoughts, it stomped right past me up the trail I was on, and off in the distance I heard a roar, but it was kinda faint, and I just took off running, and never looked at, but I wondered if it was bigfoot, because before the BFRO show I had no idea.

North Ogden, UT, up the canyon past oaklawn park 1989

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