Monday, March 7, 2016

Jimmy O's Bigfoot Sighting Report near Grants Pass
Greetings,  how you doing?  Hey, just to let you know, i actually saw a tall scrawny jeauvenile Bigfoot, i think.  It definitely wasn't human btw, but they DO seem like an "offshoot" man like wild hominid of sorts. That said, i think the reason i saw it was that i wasn't looking for it - it happened by chance.
Anyway,  if you are interested in hearing my story - get a hold of me. Ps: i remember the EXACT location where i saw the creature dashing across the hwy. What an experience! Jim
Okay,  here goes. I was driving south on i- 5 freeway way at approximately 7 pm, i had to get gas and i got off an exit for gas something like a hr from grants pass Oregon.  Anyway,  i was driving my mom home from wa heading so bound we we're arguing about why i got lost and headed north around a mile. Then i found the right on ramp and i was driving again so bound on i- 5. Anyway,  i said why don't we have a cigarette as we calmed down. Then mom was looking for a misplaced lighter and there i saw a large dark colored creature dashing across the freeway north east as if in hunting mode. Atleast that's what i thought.  But i think it was investigating me! It was looking,  or dashing towards my van diagonally across the freeway!  I was really trying to see it but all i noticed was it had a short 'no neck' feature, also,  it was scrawny and i geuss a bit over 7'+ TALL , but it was extremely coordinated.  Or in had a total graceful run... i was yelling, " mom, mom, look Bigfoot is running across the hwy!" Sadly she did not see it. Oh, and i damn near hit it! I swear to God I saw it's thigh and torso,  but it's head must have been taller than my gmc safari van as i braced for impact - it barely cleared my bumper! And get this,  Bigfoot actually must have strided right over a concrete median! !i swear to God strike me dead i tell you the truth - Bigfoot is for real -period.  I could take you to location if interested,  but I'd like some compensation for info. Or appearances k. Upfront,  i know the EXACT LOCATION. - Jim
Yes it must me. I think i got lucky seeing it! I also believe - reason i got lucky was because i wasn't looking for it. It was a chance exp / encounter.  But it definitely cleared any doubts i ever had of Bigfoot being a hoax.  Honestly,  it was sort of frightening!  Jim
I think i might go back to location to see if there's any tracks, hairs or any evidence i could find. It was near a creek i do know that for sure. Well, i had jotted down land marks, sign posts etc...Anyway,  i told my story to a gal smokin a cig- just to clear my head. Anyway,  she believed me and also told me her son claims he saw one pick up road kill  ( dear ) throw it over it's shoulder and go back into the woods at or near Oregon caves. Wow! If ever I'd go there I'd bring my 30/30 as backup as i definitely would feel safer. But i definitely would not want to harm bf at all. But i might if it attacked. I'd do a warning shot first to scare it away. If this doesn't work i would have to shoot it dead. That being said,  i don't want to kill Bigfoot so i haven't gone out yet. I'm sorta busy right now with my own life -otherwise I'd possibly be checking out that creek i saw Bigfoot dash across hwy.
Anyway,  i was amazed at Bigfoot's graceful dash, i was amazed at it's scrawny but coordinated fitness, and - the hair! It was sorta shaggy,  dark,  but had either lighter brown,  or reddish hairs as my vans lights made it look so. Jim

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