Monday, March 7, 2016

Douglas Reports Possible Bigfoot Activity in Bear Lake County Idaho
Ok so I've got a few stories of weirdness that has happened sense I move to the super rural area of Bear Lake county Idaho. And I hope its okay for me to post here, just interested in what others think of these two stories.
I'll start with then more recent event, or series of events. I moved here sept 4th 2015. I got a job at the lumber mill in Ovid to help me get set while I wait to get a job at one of the many mines. I work the night shift. During my shift I am the ONLY person at the mill. Its 4 miles to the nearest town in either direction. ( Ovid is not a registered town, no one lives here)
It started my first night alone after my training. At first it was just an overwhelming feeling of "fight or flight" any time I was outside from an hour after dark til I was in my truck heading home. That was the whole first week.
Week two things escalated. The building I work in is broken in to two sections. My section is where I run a big drying machine, the other half is a pellet mill. I was watching my control board and at around ten at night a loud, and I mean loud crash came from the pellet mill. So loud my first thought was hand gun was just fired. I was so on edge I called my wife and had her bring my side arm to me. While I was on the phone with her I went and investigated. A stack of 2x4s we use to make pallets was knocked over and spread cross the floor. The pellet mill is very dusty. There were no shoe prints. So no one was inside. The 2x4s were stacked against the wall.
After that i just brought my side arm everyday.
The second night of the week is when the whistling started. At this point I was convinced someone was messing with me. So I made a plan to confront the butt heads if it happened again. The third night had no whistles but a metel pipe was knocked off the wall and made a racket. Scared the crap out of me to be honest. Then night four. I went out to check the machine and herd three whistles from three different directions. I thought great I can catch these trespassing a holes. I started my persuit. Issuing commands to show them selves and letting them know they were trespassing.
Our building has numerous bins around it, and the last whistle I herd came from the dry bin on the side of the pellet mill. As I started in that direction flashlight and gun in hand I saw someone (or something) crouched looking around the bin at me. When I was close enough to the bin to focus my light I could see legs and feet walking along the front of the bin toward the side of the pellet mill. (There is a two or three foot gap from the bottom of the bin to the ground.) I again started with commands and threats. Made it around the corner and nothing. No boot prints to people nothing. Just the same intense "fight or flight" feeling.
After engaging what ever it was I havnt had another issue since. No whistles, no bangs, no fight or flight feeling.
Looking back at the 2x4 and pipe incidents the only way that they could have fallen was from the thin metal wall being hit forcably from out side... Now it could have been kids driving 4miles every night for almost two weeks just to mess with me, or it was something else.
The other strange occurrence that happened was shortly after we moved here. And its a much shorter story. I took my wife and youngest son (one and a half) on a little hike up a canyon just west of Montpelier reservoir. About a mile up the canyon we got into the timber. We found a really cool rock formation and decided to hangout there and let the boy explore and play. Make note that on the way up our son had fallin a few times and cried for a bit each time. It was after the second fall that I noticed the smell. Almost like what elk smell like, but different in a musky way. Well while at the rock formation the boy wanted to go down hill and we were holding him there so we could check out the rocks a bit more. This made him wine and act out. He was being very loud. We got him to quit down and almost as soon as he quit making noise we herd the yell. It sounded like 300 or so yards up the canyon. It started in a deep bellowing to a very intense man like yell and ended into a high pitched squill. Never in my life have I herd any noise like that. I havnt found a sound that is even close since. As soon as the yell stopped (lasted 10seconds or close to) we both looked at each other and decided to get the hell out of there. We both had that being watched feeling until we were out of the timber and around a bend where we could no longer see into the canyon.
I can't explain these things and thought this would be the page to share them on. Thanks for reading!

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