Monday, March 7, 2016

 Oregon Coast Bigfoot Sighting 1971
 A man 1st name Ed sent us his Bigfoot sighting report.
When I was about 13, I remember going camping in the early 60s with a friend over night in the woods over looking our town on the Oregon coast and we both heard something walking around in the brush around our camp. A couple days later we went back to the spot to play around, and on the way home something began throwing rocks at us, as we neared the edge of the forest. We believed it was this obnoxious neighborhood kid, and as I saw a partial glimpse of something with black hair, I thought it was a dog, but when we confronted him about it, he swore he was at his grandmother's house, out of state, all that summer, and didn't have a dog. A little over a mile from there a few years later, one guy claimed a bigfoot stepped in front of his car then it ran away down some railroad tracks. A couple days after that a farmer told the local paper he saw one on the edge of his field. In 1971, I had just turned 21 and was drinking beer at night at a friends house . I stepped into the backyard to relieve myself and there was something with glowing red eyes looking at me maybe 30 ft. away. I figured it must be a deer. I came back the next day and walked over to check out the deer tracks and there was a big drop off there, with a 2x12 retaining walk. So, whatever was looking at me had to be at least 8 ft. tall. This was maybe a mile from the rock throwing 8 years earlier. Incidentally, something used to bang on the side of my friend's house there. He began to call it Sam Dark, because it would only come around after dark.

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