Monday, March 7, 2016

Bigfoot Sighting report on a lake in Oregon

Hey guys my name is brandon d im 28 years old  in may of 2012 my family and i were at my grandparents floathouse with them on tahkanitch lake on the oregon coast its between florence and redsport on the first night we seen a black bear at around 9 pm kinda strange time for a bear but the 2nd night i was sitting around the fire pit cat fishing and i hear what i thought was my grandpa hammering something it was loud i could hear it over the generator so i went around the dock inside and everyone looked at me and asked me what i was fixing and i said umm that wasent me so me and my wife step out to smoke a ciggarete and i hear a branch snap so i turned on my head lamp and pointed it across the cove about 60 yards and we can see 2 huge blueish green eyes staring at us and i know what cougar eyes look like and bear eyes and they were spaced apart a good distance more than a bear or cougar and about 2 mins later it stood up grabed a tree branch and walked off from what i could see it was about 7.5 to 8 ft tall . Now i was out their in the begining or april 2014 with 4 of my friends and we where playing music and laughing and having a good time then something threw a rock on the roof of the house i dont know what i didnt see anything but last i checked bears dont throw rocks and neither do any other kind of animals and we are 2 miles out on the lake and the only way their is boat or hike over the mountian and it was midnight so i dont think it was a person . Then june 15 2014 i had my wife my son and daughter and 3 of her friends out their all teenagers 13 years old except sydney she was 12 i was cat fishing and i heared my wife and daughter and her friends scream so i ran around the dock and 40 feet away is an 7or 8 foot tall hairy creature standing their staring at us 6 people seen this if it was a murder case and 6 people said they seen it case closed right so why not with sasquatch? If you need any more info please call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX ask for brandon thank you 

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