Monday, March 7, 2016

Bigfoot sighting report Mendocino California
Mark writes RMSO.
Hey! I'm Mark "Fakename" on Thanks for asking about my encounter, I'm happy to tell you about it. Myself and 4 other friends were driving up to Mendocino county in northern California in the late 1980's. Nobody was stoned or drunk, we were all sober, and headed to another friends place near Mendocino / coast. It was past midnight, and the guys wanted to stop to pee along the side of Hwy 20. We were all lined up along the edge of the road laughing and my friend Shane said "everybody shut up"...and "look" - pointing through the trees into the woods. The moon must have been a super moon that night because you could see like it was daylight, and the light was illuminating between the trees. We thought he was joking but he insisted we look closer, and we heard it, crushing branches and leaves, and we saw a bi-pedal creature moving from tree to tree, peeking around the corner to look at us. He had to be fairly close, as I remember hearing like it was right next to me. We of course freaked out and ran to the truck, launching ourselves into the bed of the truck. I remember it like it was yesterday. From I remember it looked like it's upper body was massive. Of course I couldn't see detail, but we all saw it. The one thing that I remember most is the smell that night. There was a skunky musky smell in the air, and just recently discovered that this odor was probably associated with Sasquach. I can't be exactly sure of the exact location, but it wasn't long before we arrived at our friends house, and he said they had been having problems with their dogs messing themselves on the porch in recent days, and that their motion-light kept going on late at night, thinking they were having bigfoot issues. It was one of the scariest and exciting moments of my life.
Thank you for sharing your encounter. Such a rare event.
Thanks for asking about it, I love telling people but most think I'm crazy. I spoke to my friend Shane today and he said he remembered seeing eye shine... I know in my heart it wasn't a person, and it could not have been a bear... I've been mentally wrapped up in the sasquach research ever since that day. Thanks again, keep on keeping on, love your videos.

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