Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Paranormal Review has began to show a very fishy trait of possible serial Bigfoot hoaxing
Every few months Paranormal Review claims to have a "send in" video for them to review.
Dozens of Bigfoot groups & paranormal groups out there. Yet for some reason they keep getting "send in" videos that are very questionable in nature.
Is Paranormal Review involved in a serial hoax to make money?
Are they joining the infamous list of hoaxers in the process like Rick Dyer, Todd Standing, Steven Steufert, Mitchell Wilson & Jamie Wayne?
I am willing to bet Paranormal Review owns some kind of a suit & performs an "anonymous" Bigfoot hoax every few months that becomes a "send in" for them to post as an innocent 3rd party so that they can capitalize on the viewer revenue.
Tibble Fork
Bigfoot Chasing Car
Alpine Loop
And now the Payson Canyon Hoax.
My opinion, this is no longer a coincident. This is a serial hoax in progress by Paranormal Review.


  1. This has been a common problem for years, these groups need to be called out and blackballed from YouTube and social media.

  2. what some will do for clicks in the hope for $$$$$ and likes hoaxing i think is rampant in bigfootery every time i see a new video put up i go in thinking hoax off the bat hell theres even a certain Dr s that commented that to him the patty video is a hoax because it has been digitized and they can change colors and shades so it`s been ruined
    well why not just watch the dam film version then. he post all these pics of what he says are bf,dog men all i see is a bunch of extras from the rocky horror picture show i keep expecting to her some audio from him that's one of them saying Dammit Janet .so many out there are clueless to whats going and it make`s your passion that much harder
    your so right Kelly i am glad your not afraid to speak up ....