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Bigfoot sighting near Chehalis Washington
October 2015
Hi Kelly,
Let me set the stage for you.
I am a Mushroom Picker and I go to a lot of remote places search for my prize.
That particular day, we drove up on a logging road to the top of a ridge.  On the right side of the road
there was a patch of timber connecting to a logged off area.
As we entered the forest, I noticed how clean it was, and all the sticks were picked up like someone
had swept the forest floor.  Then I noticed a large stick nest, about 8 feet across.  Looked like it was woven
by a large bird.  Shortly after that my partner said, theres one over hear too.  So I photographed them
on my phone cause I left my good camera at home.  This type of thing makes me nervous, so I stated
looks like something is living here I want to go somewhere else.  So we left and looked for another place
to find mushrooms.
We talked about this when we got home, and I said lets go back and take some good photos with my camera.
  So about 2 weeks later we went back and the floor of the forest was all messy again and all the sticks and branches in the nests were scattered all over the forest floor and both nests were gone. Totally removed. As we explored the
area some more…we located 2 more large nests quite some distance away.  I photographed them and as we looked
for more sign, I was able to photograph at least 5 Bigfoot Tracks about 16 inches or larger.
Because this sort of thing fascinates me and makes me on edge too, I said lets get out of here, both times
I felt we were trespassing where something lived.  This happened in October 2015.

It was June when I said, lets take a trip up to the ridge and see if we can see anything new.  This is DNR land
this time the gate was closed.  We decided to walk this road that was literally straight up for me.
It took us about an hour to make the climb and we took along the two small dogs.  The sun was shining, it was
a beautiful summer day.  As we approached , about 100 yards from the entrance, one of  my dogs barked its head
off and wanted to be held.  She was really shaking.
I said, probably a deer.
This time my friend brought along a 45 Cal hand gun and had it in  his pack…He went to back of the ridge and I stayed up front looking for sign.
I kept calling his name cause I kept hearing sticks breaking and movement.  But he was out of ear shot.
I found another nest like the ones before and was so nervous that I got out of the woods and stood on the logging
road…both dogs were with him.  I was in the shade of the canopy when I looked where the clear cut met the forest
and I seen a large black object ( Bigfoot running along the tree line towards the back section where it drops over an
embankment. By then I was really freaked out.   I called for Thomas and once again, no reply. 
About 15 minutes later, I heard sticks and branches snapping about 100 feet off the road.  I called, Tom, is that you?
with no answer.   About then I was having an out of body experience. I was terrified.
I could hear something walking and stopping.  I felt I was being watched…I could hardly keep it together..
My first thought was, what good is gun if its in the other guys backpack.

Tom finally showed up and said he did not see anything or hear anything unusual.’’

I shared my story as we headed down the hill.  I wanted out of there.  Just about 500 feet down the hill,
I noticed a large opening into the woods on the backside of where we were hiking.  It came right out to
to the edge of the road.  It had soft dirt before it was gravel road.  I found 2 fresh footprints minutes old
pointing back up the  hill where we had just come from.

This Bigfoot ran the edge of the woods, down over the edge out that opening and up the hill
and was walking 100 feet in the trees off the road.  He made a complete circle back to where he lives.

I took a photo or two of the tracks and head down the hill…..I have not been back sense……..Its took real
for me, and as a 66 year old man, I do not want to experience that again.
Wood knocking:  We went camping last August, at Rainbow Falls State Park.  It runs along the Chehalis River.
I had read two different stories of a women and her daughter who live near the Park and they have seen 2 of them
repeatedly walking off the side of the road.
To make a long story short….there was a burn ban on in the park…it was really dry.  So all we had was
a lantern on the picnic table.   It was about 130 am…we were like 1 of 3 campers in the park.  We were talking
and suddenly there were 2 load Wood knocks that were right in the park.  I told Tom, I am going home, I will pick
u up in the morning.  I lived 25 miles away…and driving  that rural road, at 130 in the morning..I was scared shitless.
Another time I followed a set of tracks along the Chehalis Airport for at least a mile.  And this particular Bigfoot
was eating walnuts he picked of a tree down the road a piece.  The were scattered amongst his tracks for the
whole duration.
 I will send you some of these photos next…….. 
This a one of many Nests I photographed…look at how each stick was placed so
perfect……..all of them are wonderful…….whatever made them.  And 8 feet across , maybe larger……
Its hard to see detail in photos of tracks…….you can see his toes are pointing up hill..
See where the twig is snapped…that's where the toes are…
Early morning walk….this track there were dozens until it went of the trail.  It was one of the larger tracks….16 +
This was a large narrow track……there were dozens of them……..
This was taken while picking mushrooms.  Seen  a lot of bigfoot sculptures…Like
X’s in trees….territory markings…….. 
wanted to tell you a little something about myself.  I am not some Nut Job that comes out of the hills
twice a month on my Mule to get supplies.
I lived a professional life. 2 BA’s, on in Political Science (  LAw Enforcement, and the other was a Degree in
fne Art.  )  I also worked in a Hospital setting in an Office my whole life.
I do hear people say the old man is  seeing things.   We are a rural community, Centralia and Chehalis, and Lewis
County is a hot spot for Bigfoot sightings.  Cliff Barrackman of BFRO has been here twice for a town hall
meeting.  That Organization has never contacted me back, or even acknowledged my messages to there sight.
 I personally know a lady who lives in the Adna area, out towards Doty, who seen a Bigfoot cross the street in front of her.  And she said that her neighbor up the hill saw a dead Monkey how she described it laying on the side of the road near her house…..She went to get her Husband, and when the returned it was gone.
In this short period of time, the country folks that lived around here, heard many unidentified screams coming out of the foothills near their homes.
If you go on thr websites and put Bigfoot sightings in Lewis County Washington, you will be able to read
lots of interesting stories…

I won’t bug you anymore..…just wanted to follow up...…



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