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Big Game Hunter Runs into Bigfoot Upper Peninsula Michigan

Lynn writes RMSO
I never really thought they were real. I've hunted for 50 years an never seen or heard anything. Until this year I seen one very close here in the U.P of Mich. keep lookin an good luck. Cause they are real.

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization

Right on. Do you mind telling us more details of your sighting. Time of year. Time of day. How it happened. Description of the creature etc...?


It was mid day this year in Aug. I was checking beaver traps for county. Came around corner an seen something on all fours. I thought it was a big bear so I went faster to get a closer look and when I did it stood up an looked at me than walked into the woods when I got to the spot an looked he was gone. No human on earth could have covered ground that fast. It had walked in front of a red. Sign an about 6 inches of sign was above its head. The sign was 8_9 feet high. I got the heck out of there. It was wild. I reported it to local Bfro they talked to me an said they got another report just 5 miles away in the same month. It was awesome but I've told some ppl an they think I'm nuts. But I don't care. Just wish I could see him again

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization

I get a lot of sighting reports where people see them near beaver ponds etc.. Thanks for the details. Lucky amazing encounter.

Do you mind if I post your sighting on my blog. I can post it with just your first name if you want to stay anonymous?

Yep I just had to tell someone that would believe me. Now I know how all those ppl felt when they told there story. Thanx for listening
Yes you can. Ppl need to now they are real. I'm still tryin to wrap my head around it.

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization

This is how I learn about the creature is from sighting reports. So far eye witness accounts are the best we have to collect data on this elusive creature

They must be highly intelligent because I've hunted an trapped for 50 years an never seen a track but I have herd the woops but never knew what it was till I researched it

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization

I believe they are very rare and then on top of that why and elusive for the most part. So makes sense why rarely spotted

Ya. Hope I see another before I go. I'm gonna start watching for them now. I don't go anywhere without a camera at the ready. I know that sounds crazy.. Right

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization

Not at all. Good luck I hope you can one day get some nice footage

Well if I do. You will be the first to know. Thanx again for listening.

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization
Appreciate you messaging us with your sighting

First hole people will try to poke into this sighting report is, oh really he was running toward a bear?
 I trust that he was running a little way to get a closer look because Lynn knows how to deal with bear & is comfortable around them.
Here is a photo of a 350 pound black bear Lynn harvested with a bow. Obviously this man knows how to handle a bear. This guy obviously knows what he saw that day was not a bear.

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Beaver Creek Bigfoot Sighting Bear Lake County

Idaho Bigfoot Sighting Hot Spot. Bear Lake County.

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Bigfoot Attack near Bear Mouth Montana

This part of Montana has a history of aggressive bigfoot reports.
Native Americans & early settlers reported injuries & death associated with a creature that today fits the description of the elusive bigfoot.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

The hairy beast was walking along the barbed wire fence north in our direction. My frightened mother went dashing to the car and was desperately trying to get Malva to unlock the car doors

    From Pastebin

Surviving Bigfoot and the Dixie Mafia

Johnny Mays had a farm pond a quarter mile north, up the sandstone canyon from ours. Me and my buddies enjoyed fishing there and catching bullfrogs. My cousins and I often camped there under the stars in sleeping bags. Western Oklahoma doesn't have much moisture in the atmosphere, so the stars shine brillantly in the night sky. Often we would see bear creatures off at a distance, with their young cubs by their side. Thats what made camping trips here so adventurous at Mays pond. Johnny had been a professional baseball player back East, until he lost a lung.
Now I believe what we saw were actually bigfoot families. The cubs grew and matured twice as fast as a person. We gave them names and loved watching them play. Sometimes the old ones would be walking with a limp, or dragging their leg. They probably have a graveyard some place hidden. Sometimes we would become afraid and climb tall trees. I estimated the tree branches couldn’t support their weight. Usually the Bigfoots didn't come that close. We climbed the trees because home was too far to run to, without getting caught. Us boys weren't allowed to carry guns on our hiking or camping trips. Dad was afraid we would have a gun accident.
My brother is two and a half months younger than me. When my brother Merle was in the fifth  grade, he invited Dennis Dick to come spend the night at our house. They both were attending grade school at Hydro. Merle had already been to his house several times, so Dennis wanted to visit his.  I can still recall this day very clearly. After getting off the school bus, Merle and I took Dennis Dick to climb Ghost Mound. On the top of the small mountain, the height and high wind terrified my brother’s friend. Fearing he would be blown off, he clung to a large boulder on the top. I had to pry his fingers loose, then drag him down the mountain. Dennis Dick kept grabbing the boulders on the way down, and I was afraid we both would fall to our death.
We spent the next few hours fishing at the catfish pond behind our house. I didn’t want to share our room with my brothers friend, so I suggested he and Merle have a campout. Telling them both it should be loads of fun. We had a Rambler station wagon parked under a huge cottonwood tree, that we didn’t use any longer. Dennis Dick refused to sleep in a tent, because he heard coyotes off in the distance chasing a rabbit. Finally I convinced him sleeping in the station wagon would be totally safe. He could roll up the windows and lock the doors if he got scared. I made a bed for them in the station wagon, then retired to my bedroom. It had been a long day and I was totally exhausted.
Around three o'clock in the morning, I was awakened by muffled voices coming through my window. I quickly climbed through my open bedroom window, so I wouldn't wake up my cranky dad. As I walked up in the bright moonlight, I could see the station wagon's windows were rolled up. The boys must be scared of something I thought. On closer inspection I could see the old blue station wagon rocking back and forth. I assumed the boys must be playing inside. Since the car was parked only twenty feet from the road, I decided I better check up on them. Startlingly I saw this tall dark shadow flee from jerking the car's door handle. I ran across the front yard for a baseball bat, and my heart began pounding in my chest. Hopefully this wasn't a hired killer planning to murder us. Merle and Dennis were badly shaken up, and didn’t want to leave the safety of the car. I really couldn't blame them, because hard telling what they had to endure. So I decided to sleep in the front car seat for the rest of the night. I planned to protect them from whoever it was, even though I was only thirteen years old.
About an hour later while I was fast asleep, the prowler came a calling. The big man began jerking on the doors violently, and pounding the windows with his fists. The cottonwood tree's massive shadow concealed the determined intruder. The flashlight my brother and Dennis were using had already lost it's charge, so I wasn't able to identify our attacker. The car wouldn’t start because the battery was low, so driving away wasn't an option.. The car hadn't been driven in a year or two. The light from the inside dome lights didn’t help me identify the thug. I was acutely aware a  thirteen years old, was no match for a colossal criminal. Finally I thought to honk the horn, and out came my dad with a forty five Colt pistol in both hands. We yelled it was only us, then he cussed and sent us to bed. None of us could sleep, so we stayed up and watched television.
The next day we examined the station wagon, and it was covered in scratches and dents. The entire top of the car was caved in. A few weeks later somebody began leaving us black walnuts in the depression on  the roof of the car. Later they began leaving old tackle boxes in the same place. A few months later dad sold the old Rambler for junk to the Hydro Auto Salvage . Both me and my brother realized the bear creature had left the nuts and tackle boxes.  We never knew whether the beast wanted to play with or hurt us. Dennis told everyone at school my farm had monsters. I said he was making the whole story up just to get attention. I didn't want people to think I lived some place creepy. Besides I didn't want everyone hanging out at my house.
  It was on a scorching hot day in mid July 1972, that I finally got to meet a bear creature up close and personal. Dad had firmly requested that we help Richard Waters out, by chopping weeds from his cotton. The previous day we and a couple had chopped the weeds from the farm in which he lived on. The nicely dressed hippie couple working for him was from California. They were an attractive couple probably in their late forties or early fifties. They offered us drugs as a friendly gesture, to make the hot day feel better. Mother made it very clear to them, that we were a christian family. They worked very hard in the field and seldom took time to rest. They were suppose to meet us the next day, at Richard Waters cotton field north of Hydro. It was located on the South Canadian River. His son Rodney Waters has later since built a home there, where the old house sat.
When we arrived at one o'clock in the afternoon, the small foreign car was parked next to the field. A card table was set up, holding plates of sandwiches and potato salad. Only a bite or two was taken from the two plates with the  sandwich and  potato salad. We looked around for the couple but couldn’t find them, in this remote area. Mother said they probably got too hot and walked down to the river for a swim. There was an old farm house on the property, that nobody had lived in for decades. Next to the house was a large Elberta peach tree full of big ripe peaches. There wasn't a cloud in the sky that day, but the wind was blowing hard. I had to keep chasing down my cowboy hat. It was very quiet and not even a meadow lark was singing.
Me, my oldest sister LaDonna, and brother Merle headed up our cotton rows, in the baking heat. My mother Wanda and sister Malva said they were going to the tree to get a peach. We just had eaten our lunch,  so the rest of us were not hungry. After me Merle and LaDonna were about four city blocks down our rows, we began wondering what was taking mother and Malva so long to start up their rows. Suddenly mother came rushing from behind the old house and was waving her arms frantically. We all figured they got into a nest of yellow jacket wasps, and was trying to fend them off. A few minutes later Malva went running for the car. We thought she got stung several times, and was wanting to go home.
All the sudden one of the bear creatures began to appear, he looked just like the ones I grew up with. The hairy beast was walking along the barbed wire fence north in our direction. My frightened mother went dashing to the car and was desperately trying to get Malva to unlock the car doors. She was in a hurry to drive the car to us. The bear creature continued to move forward until it was directly across from us. Our Buick was too far away to make a run for it. I was fourteen and big for my age, but my little brother couldn’t run very fast. My big sister LaDonna was a track champion and could run like the wind. I tried to talk my brother and sister into making a run for it, while I stayed behind. My plan was to run up to the bear creature and get it to chase me. I figured it would probably kill me, but my brother and sister would survive. LaDonna decided our best chance was to stick together, and she didn't want me trying to be a hero.
Quickly I came up with the idea to charge the bear, and yell while swinging our heavy steel hoes. It wouldn't be expecting that, so maybe it would become confused and stand there. This would buy us much needed time to flee the creature. As it crossed the barb wire fence and got closer, it became quite obvious that it wasn’t a bear. Its huge nut sack got caught on the fence, so it stopped momentarily to free itself. It looked similar to a big hairy human with muscular jaws. The whites of its eyes were yellow colored, and it held its eyes wide open. The creature was approximately seven feet tall and it was long waisted. Its short legs were heavily boned and extremely muscular. It had tan skin covering most of its body, however its lips nose nipples and penis appeared black. Its enormous teeth were stained and dirty but they looked human. We all agree the hands and feet looked like ours. Its arms and chest had only an average amount of muscle. The animal had an erect penis of about ten inches, which stood  just past its belly button. From its body language It appeared to be extremely angry so I figured we were all dead.
However we three kids charged the beast, and it stopped dead in its tracks. Merle my brother began crying hysterically, so I figured I might have to carry him. We began shouting and charging once again, and the bear creature turned and walked away. It reluctantly made it to the fence and crossed it. Then it turned around and stared at us menacingly for about three or four minutes. It was doing what appeared to be sign language with its hands. Next it turned and ran, like nothing we had ever seen. Its running stride must have covered twenty feet. And it ran as fast as a cheetah. It kept its body a perfect ninety degrees as it ran, and its head could turn and watch us without stopping.
Several minutes later some Army helicopters flew over, probably from Fort Sill Oklahoma. They were flying low and in the same direction that Bigfoot went. I thought maybe this beast was something that escaped from the Army. Having soldiers so near made my fear go away. I just couldn't get a grip on what we just witnessed, it wasn't human and it wasn't animal. I was very thankful we all were okay. We all hugged each other with tears running down our faces.
The farm workers from California never retrieved their belongings from Richard Water's house. He eventually drove their car away. The keys had been left in the ignition. Richard became agitated every time mother would inquire about the couple. So I figure he knew more than what he was saying. He always reminded mother they were poor people, so it didn't matter what had happened to them. The lady had left her purse on the ground next to the card table. Mother thought about looking through it, to find out who the people were. She decided against it because there might have been a crime commited. Mother worried about those people for a long time, because she saw kids toys in the back seat of their car.  I suppose the Bigfoot must have killed and devoured them before we arrived. I don't believe Richard Waters ever reported the couple as missing, because he said he didn't want to deal with the news reporters.
Malva and mother said the bear creature was mating with the cows, when they first spotted it. They said the cows were not afraid of it, and stood still while the creature was mounting them. Mother's theory was maybe the creature had been a deformed human child. The parents didn't want it so it was abandoned. Growing up wild it wouldn't behave normal. We all had a difficult time sleeping after the close encounter. I had never been so frightened in my entire life. We kept a light on for Merle at night for a couple of weeks, because he cried at night. My sisters didn't want to discuss our ordeal. I think they just wanted to forget about our terrifying experience.
Only once were the bear creatures able to breach our home defenses, although they tried many times to bust open our doors. Two of my Colony friends were spending the weekend with me. We planned on doing some duck hunting, so we turned in early to bed. That night both of the guys kept complaining about the other one touching them. I thought they were just trying to act silly, so I said knock it off and go to sleep. About an hour later they were still laughing and talking. So I got up and turned on the light half awake. What appeared to be a chimpanzee went scurrying from my room into the living room. It ran across the furniture then leaped through a glass window. It all happened so fast that I didn't get a good look. In the floor of my closet the creature had made a hole to climb through. The next day I cemented in our house's foundation crawl spaces and made a wooden patch for my closet floor. After that none of my friends would visit me. In fact they were all pissed off that I told them Dennis Dick's monster story was a lie. My popularity began to fade at school because my home was now considered spooky.
My hard working father was farming partners with forty or more cotton and peanut farmers, after we moved from Fairview. He provided the tractor, machinery, and seed. They provided the land, fertilizer, labor and irrigation if needed. In the end he owned all their mineral rights. Dad was a terrific salesman when it came to getting investors. People were lining up to become partners with him. Us kids were never allowed to report the bear creature sighting because dad didn’t want the extra attention. In fact he never allowed us to call the law about anything.
My old man always preferred taking care of problems himself. Since dad's brothers were hitmen for the mafia, he didn't want lawmen poking around into family affairs. My uncles Albert Gale Shamblin, John Warren Shamblin, Otis Grant Shamblin, Willis Raymond Shamblin, were the greatest hitmen the world has ever seen. They were never arrested for a single murder in their forty five years as assassins. Poison, 22 caliber rifles, ice picks, and explosives were their tools of the trade. Often at Shamblin family reunions bomb making contests were held for the children. At Bond family reunions children were taught the best ways to kill people and not go to jail.
When I was sixteen we moved from Hydro to Weatherford, which was okay by me. The first day we moved to south airport road in Weatherford our troubles began. In 1974 dad hired Black and White house movers from Fort Cobb. Their job was to transport a houses from Colony, to a location a mile and a half south on Airport Road and a quarter mile east. Our mailing address was Rt 5 Box 164 Weatherford Oklahoma 73096. This was the house that Dennis and Myrtle Skaggs lived in by the feedlot. I was hoping Myrtle's spirit wouldn't haunt it. The school was great and everyone was friendly. Most the guys were straight and treated you with respect. Most my classmates used drugs so I didn't socialize much. Only party people were popular in this town, and I had no plan to compromise my morals.
The first day the house was delivered somebody broke out the windows. This happened while we were eating dinner at the T Bone Steak House. A week later all our power tools were stolen from our small shed. We built a shop using heavy gauge sheet iron, which had huge steel locks. After replacing all the windows, doors, sheet rock, and cabinets we moved in. Bad things continued to happen around our house. Mother's veggie garden would get raided, and the fruit trees would get pulled from the ground. I blamed everything on the Kixmiller's who lived on the same farm. Eventually we got everything established in the garden and in the orchard. A strong seven strand barbed wire fence seemed to halt the vandals and thieves.
Me and my father built a sturdy barn to house my fifty breeds of chickens and jungle fowl. Later on we built some chicken coops, so all the breeds could be kept seperately. We also built pens for my brothers show lambs and calves. Merle and me always enjoyed being in 4-H and FFA. The delinquents began bothering us again. They were stealing my eggs, feed, ropes, and fishing equipment. My uncle Lester Bond came up and built some steel doors for the barn. It became a constant battle stopping the thieves from stealing our things, and destroying our automobiles. Even though I stayed up all night sometimes, I never caught the vandals and thieves in progress. We kept a huge chest freezer in the shop full of steak to eat. One night somebody ripped off the entire lid and stole all the meat. Some morning all our car lights would be broken. On other days someone would pop all our tires using a screw driver. It must be a strong guy I thought, to put a screw driver through a steel belted radial tire. Often I wished we had never moved here. I knew my parents were too stubborn to move.
Floyd Goss installed lighting all around the property. It didn't cost us a dime, because he stole the wire and street lights from Public Service where he worked. I began feeding wildlife as always, so I  spread peanut butter and honey on our back fence posts. Nothing will attract deer like peanut butter, and nothing attracts opossums better than honey. This may have been what first attracted our unwanted big hairy guests. I began leaving animals snacks when we first purchased the property from George Johnston six months ago. There were plenty of red cedars beyond our property for animals and people to hide in. Just ten years earlier this was a cotton field. Birds had  dispersed the cedar seeds.
We thought the trailer trash from across the road, were driving wooden spears through our car and truck radiators. Someone was hurling bricks from the canyon near our house. They smashed our lawn furniture and ruined our riding lawnmower. When we were entertaining guests, waves of homemade arrows would rain down upon us. It would take an entire book to list all the forms of shenanigans we suffered. We figured neighbors on drugs were carrying out this mischief. Nobody in their right might would challenge dad in this way. Why didn't the hoodlum use a cordless drill or shoot store bought arrows at us? This was a mystery to me that needed to be solved immediately.
After school I walked to the Southwestern Oklahoma State University library and asked them if a high school student could use their library. They were agreeable and said I could. For the next few months I did research on the bear creatures. First I began reading all the books on primates. Next I read all they had on bears. One week I went through the encyclopedias looking for clues. I even read all the books they had on prehistoric man and apes. I couldn't seem to find any information that could solve my mystery. Every day I went down the long rows of books seeking clues. It was like finding a needle in a haystack.
As a last resort I went to the college's biology department seeking answers. I came across a nice professor named Buena Ballard. We got to talking about my bear creature encounters on our second meeting. I didn't mention it the first day because I wanted to gradually bring up the subject. That way I could always back away from the topic, if she thought it was silly. She explained to me about the Bigfoots, and told me places to read about them. She was a believer and thought they were intriguing. That is how our long friendship began. Dr Ballard spent many hours at Payne's Lake watching the Bigfoots and fishing. I was probably the only sixteen year old boy who had a sixty three year old friend. Her husband was sickly so he stayed home part of the time. When I got old enough for college I took a few of her classes.
We never saw the Bigfoots closer than a quarter mile away,so we never suspected them of anything. My brother and I eventually got close enough to spy on them. There was a large camp of Bigfoots a quarter mile east of our house. It sat beside a small creek. The creek was inside a sandstone canyon. They ate beef, horse, pig, chickens, beavers, and deer from what bones we could see. We only spied on them two or three times a week, because there were a lot of them. I think it was a meeting place for Bigfoots or a migration route. Only during the summer, did the large groups arrive on our section. The older ones had grey in their body hair. In their camp they had many things they had found in trash barrels or from campers. These items included rusty knives, hatchets, fishing lures, rod and reels, tarps, magazines, and women's personal items. They hide their possessions in hollow trees near to their camps. The females often drag branches to cover their tracks
The relationship between me and my father became strained, when I was in high school. I began to voice my disapproval of the things he did. I told him it was wrong to tamper with people's brakes and steering, so they would have a car wreck. I was also upset he had Floyd Goss damage people's wiring, so their house would burn down. It was totally wrong to punish people, just because they didn't obey you. It's no wonder so many people called him a king or dictator behind his back. He use to hire boys to break out windows, because the local glass company gave him a percent of the sales. It was the same with the school bus mechanic, he paid dad to disable the school buses. All this dishonesty around me, made me feel guilty. I never did anything wrong in my life, but I was having trouble facing people. I decided I must change my dad into a good citizen. It wasn't going to be easy I knew.
Telling my father to change his wicked ways, was like a bomb going off. He instantly reacted with violence and fury. This particular day we were building new houses in Mustang Oklahoma. We were both on the roof nailing down shingles. Just as soon as the words left my mouth, I regretted them. He punched me in the nose, and I rolled off the roof. Next he took the nail gun and ruined my car. All the sudden his cursing stopped, and he went silent. On the way home he dropped off my car at a body shop in Weatherford. I felt lucky dad had gotten over my insubordination so quickly. Later on I discovered that wasn't the case. He pushed over my ladder,when I was painting three stories in the air. He backed the pickup into me,while I was sawing boards. Dad began telling all the tough looking guys he met, I said nasty insults about them. Before long I was getting into lots of fights.
Once when I was six dad threw me into a pen of savage sows, because my uncle Otis said I wasn't his. Each time I climbed out of the pig  pen, dad would toss me back in. Finally my uncle confessed he wasn't telling the truth. Dad almost cut his tongue out, and forced him to work three months in the family's Mexico brothel. He could barely walk when he got out, and was infected with the HIV virus. All his family was desperate to get at dad's money.
During the cold months of winter our Bigfoots would take refuge in the Corn bat caves. Below ground they were able to keep warm. We discovered them in the Corn bat caves when I was a senior in high school. We were out chasing coyotes with my cousin David Chamber's greyhounds. He was my aunt Yvonne's son and they were from McLoud Oklahoma. David Duwayne was sixteen at the time like my brother. The dogs had chased a big male coyote into one of the gypsum caves. One of the fearless greyhounds followed it into the dark cavern. Dave and me lifted the rest of the dogs into their boxes, and grabbed two flashlights. As we walked and crawled through the caves, we couldnt find the brindle greyhound called Jack. This cave had many branches so we decided to split up. David and Merle started hunting for Jack in the upper chambers of the caves. I began searching the lower wet ones, that had running water. After about an hour had passed we met in the caves. I argued to call it quits because our flashlights were becoming dim. They wanted to continue the search, so I suggested we both return to the truck for fresh batteries. Merle and Dave  ignored my advice and began going farther back in the cave.
One of us had to be sensible, so I decided to go for fresh batteries. My flashlight quit me before I was able to exit the cave. I followed the small trickle of water, as it made its way to the cave entrance. A sluggish creek flows alongside the cave entrance. It was dusk now and millions of bats began exiting the cave. I knew Merle and David were probably both terrified, being in the dark with millions of bats filling the spaces around them. I ran the quarter mile back to David's pickup truck for fresh batteries. All I found was a penlight on his key chain and a cigarette lighter. As I was rushing back to the cave, I saw a line of Bigfoots entering the cave where Merle was. We were always curious where they went in the winter. I thought about yelling and distracting them, hoping they would give chase. On the other hand I didn't want them pissed off, because my brother and cousin were trapped beneath the earth at thier mercy. Maybe I should go for help, but I knew my brother didn't have much time. He and David were counting on me to rescue them. If I did go for help they probably wouldn't be alive when I returned.
Soundlessly I stalked the Bigfoots into the darkness. From the sound of their movements I was able to navigate the dark tunnels. Finally the Bigfoots filed past the cave fork where Merle and David were. I could tell the location by the rushing of air through the cave. I snapped on the penlight and began searching for the guys. I came across Jack the greyhound and the coyote which was dead. Jack's brindle coat was stained crimson with the coyotes blood. A few hundred yards farther I began hearing a loud thump. At the time I didn't know it was David beating his flashlight against the cave wall in a panic. It was his hope I would locate them from the sound. I followed the thumping and finally reached them. Both of them were thrilled to see me, thinking their nightmare had ended. I told them it was beginning to look like rain. We all realized the rain might flood these caves. I failed to mention the Bigfoots, so they wouldn't become upset.
The noise had also caught the attention of about a dozen Bigfoots, and they were scrambling in our direction. They were between us and the entrance, so we quickly went deeper into the cave. We had to locate a surface entrance in the pasture above. They slowed down a bit to examine the dead coyote. One of them lit a torch which they pushed in behind us. The fire almost ignited my shoes and socks, since I let Merle and David take the lead. The cave became so narrowed that the Bigfoot adults could no longer follow. Young ones enthusiastically continued the chase. Greyhounds are so deep chested that I had to pull Jack along on his side. Their torch finally burned out, but they no longer needed it. The young Bigfoots were close enough behind to use our light source. We kept switching tunnels but couldn't shake them.
They started grabbing at my ankles trying to slow me down. The cave opened up a little larger and a small Bigfoot tried to pass me. Jack bit off his ear and the creature stopped the chase. Another one tried to crawl over me, so I crushed it against the cave roof. Young Bigfoots were crying all around me because I kicked them in the face. When the cave opened into a house sized chamber many got past me. When they reached Merle and David they crawled upon their backs. This didn't keep the guys from continuing their crawl to the surface. I guess pure adrenaline was propelling their bodies forward. These half grown Bigfoots were about five foot tall and weighed around a hundred pounds. We began seeing light at the end of the  tunnel.  Within ten minutes we were safely out of the cave. The Bigfoots slid down from the boys backs.
Dave ran like a rocket to his truck for a rifle. When the little Bigfoots saw the gun, they ran for cover. The adult Bigfoots were coming to gather their young. They were no longer showing aggression towards us, as they stared down the barrel of David's gun. I began hearing the deadly thunder of David's rifle, as he laid down a barrage of bullets. They were aimed in the direction of our hairy pursuers. I hit the ground pulling my brother down with me.  Dave was shooting wildly and I didn't want us getting shot. Dave thought he might have hit a couple of them but wasn't sure. As we began loading up into David's truck a huge boulder smashed his hood. A Bigfoot had crept close through the tall blue stem grass. Later that evening we had a heavy rain and I thanked the Lord we got out in time. We quit going to the bat caves north of Corn or south of Weatherford
A few years later shit began to hit the proverbial fan. Our ripe strawberries, currants, and blackberries began disappearing, before mother had the opportunity to pick them. Our sheets and pillow cases on the clothes line would get ripped to pieces. We didn't know whether it was the Bigfoots or our neighbors. Most our neighbors grew marijuana and cooked methamphetamines on the creek, and were afraid people would steal it. They would shoot when you got too close to thier camp. There was a satan worship church nearby with about a hundred members. They were often practicing strange rituals  on the creek and giving animal sacrifice.
  One Friday evening when dad was on his way out of town for the weekend, he discovered his Dodge truck was totally destroyed. The red truck only had four thousand miles on it. Dad had purchased every option there was for it. He was totally in love with that truck.The seat had been completely torn out and was missing. The dash was smashed and the body was covered in dents. This dastardly act sent my ill tempered dad into a homicidal rage. He went door to door in the neighborhood trying to find the guilty person. While he was gone I threw all of his guns into the pond behind our house. His pickup wasn't worth someone's life. I made certain he wouldn't shoot anyone that night. Dad never really forgave me for that, although I knew it was the right thing to do. Dad customarily shot first and ask questions later. He already had the district attorney and sheriff in his back pocket. They were greedy enough to let him bribe by check.
I had a pen of really huge Yorkshire sows that I purchased from Oklahoma State University. At the time I was selling show pigs for 4H and FFA. I took over the garden area for pigs, because mother finally gave up trying to have a garden. The majority of her vegetables would end up stolen every year. Those six hundred pound sows were really aggressive from being tormented by the vandals. Seems I was always dressing their stab wounds and cuts with salve. Most of the combative sows had already farrowed, and were nursing piglets in the garden. Thieves or Bigfoots have stolen their piglets in the past. That is the reason we kept such a close eye on them.
Mother went to check on the last sow to farrow, and came running back to the house. She was screaming one of the sows is eating a gorilla leg. As I quickly began to dress and slip on my cowboy boots, I was thinking  she probably had seen a large dog or coyote being eaten. I did know pigs love the taste of meat. Once there was a car wreck by Carnegie, where the car landed in a pig pen. By the time help came the people were already eaten. If my chickens or turkeys ever get caught in the pig pen, they were quickly devoured. As I came running upon the scene, I found a sow with a large leg in its mouth. The leg was covered in thick brown hair. The calf of the leg was nearly as large as the thigh. She had the foot in her throat. The sows kept trying to bite me, because they were protecting the baby pigs. I had to keep kicking them away with my cowboy boots. The sow wouldn’t release the leg, so I could take it to my college for inspection. I was currently a senior at SWOSU. I went inside the house and got the pistol mother kept in her purse, so I could shoot the sow. Then I would be able to retrieve the leg. When I returned two sows had began eating on the thigh portion of the leg. It looked like I was going to have to shoot three sows to get at the mysterious leg.
Mother came up behind me with a stick of firewood, and it was lights out. She had grown to love those sows because she fed them table scraps every day. By the time I came to, the leg had long since been consumed. After a few minutes of pondering what we just had witnessed, I came to the conclusion it was one of the Bigfoots. The creatures we encountered in the cotton field, bat caves, and on the creek. We must be living near a place special to them, or why else would they spend six long years trying to run us off. I told mother it was just a cows leg the dogs had drug up. The truth would have made her too frightened to sleep at night, or leave the safety of the house. Mother later that day, apologized for hitting me over the head with a stick of firewood. She said the neighbors would have called the law, if I began killing all three sows. She said she did not want me arrested for animal cruelty. Mother wouldn't admit she had feelings for pigs.
The Kiowa, Apache, Comanche, and Arapahoe believed there were two species of Bigfoots. Both of which worked under the direction of the Great Father. The good ones like the ones I was encountering carried dead people's spirits to the happy hunting grounds. The bad ones were called Buffalo Men. Their job was to gather bad men spirits and take them to a lonely place. For eternity they would be chased by monsters. That was my dad's translation. The chiefs said the Buffalo Men have two short horns growing out of their forehead like a buffalo. In addition they had thick wooly fur, cloven hooves, and a terrible odor. Most people would consider them demons. Cemeteries are favorite haunts for them. Sometimes in the night hours at Indian pow wows, both types of Bigfoots have been known to join the dancing. I don't know whether this was fact or just legend.
I bought three male Old English Mastiffs to protect us from Bigfoots and thieves. Each of them weighed over two hundred and fifty pounds and were lean and strong. Lots of expensive chickens were getting stolen, and I was certain Bigfoot was the blame for it. My flocks had a thirty generation pedigree, because I always trap nested my hens. I figured some show breeders might steal a bird or two. I had put fifteen years of effort into my rare breed chickens, so I was protective of them. Because our gamecocks were very expensive some cockers might be inclined to steal them. I put wing band on the birds for identification purposes. Many of my rare breed chickens were European and Asian imports, and I had a small fortune invested in them.
Rottweilers and German Shepherds we had died from either a broken neck or broken ribs. Some of my friends brought over their trail hounds, and we scoured the local countryside for signs of the Bigfoot. The Bigfoot camp on the creek had been uninhabited for the past two years. Many of our neighbors lost several dogs to wooden spears and primitive arrows. They figured some evil psychopath must be living on the local creeks. I don’t believe I ever convinced them that Bigfoots existed.
It wasn’t long before cattle and horses near us began getting mutilated. Their legs were bound with heavy gauge barbed wire, and meat cut from their living body. Knives were always getting stolen from our tackle boxes. In fact all the hunters in my area were losing hunting knives and tents. Seems ole Bigfoot likes to steal what he can use. Cigarette lighters were always coming up missing from cars and back porches. Six of George Johnston's horses were missing thier eyeballs. We found one of my dogs skinned alive between Dale Nickel's and Tommy Helt's house
A hitman tried to throw a bucket of acid on my mother, while she was home alone. She was planting some flowers and didn't notice his presence. My nephew Chris Brown was spending the day with us. He saw the stranger hastily approaching  his grandma. This worried Chris so he opened the door to warn his grandma. Mother turned to face the stranger, as Bullet pushed past Chris. The big dog leaped on the hitman, and he swung the acid on him. Mother grabbed Chris and locked him in the house. Not even acid prevented bullet from crushing the legs of this malicious man. Mother took down the tag number, as the man crawled to his car. She beat him with her shovel, then stomped him into the ground. My dog Bullet protected her and the acid burned him up. Doc Schomp had to put him down a few hours later.
One cold winter day I drove into the yard and noticed my sister Malva's car. I had spent the last three hours on the creek cutting firewood. I was glad she had came over to visit. Generally her husband Robert Burrahm made her stay at home in Weatherford. Malva came running to greet me with tears in her eyes, which was unusual because she was always jealous of me. She knew my folks thought I was the best thing since apple pie. She hated to hear them brag on me, for hours on end. She had two cute toddlers Phillip and Jared. Phil was a year older than Jared. I was very proud of all three of my nephews, and did my best to spoil them.
Malva said Red your mastiff has a baby in his mouth. I was off like a rocket fearing Red had turned on one of my baby nephews. When I found Red in the backyard he was chewing on something that looked like a head. Emotion spread across me as I began to cry. I kicked Red in the side, hoping he would drop the thing. I wanted to examine it closely. Instead he ran south down the road, carrying away his prize. I carefully looked around for the rest of the body, but my dog Butch beat me to it. He went running in the pasture with it. I sat down in the yard grief stricken. Neither dog let me get close enough, to take it away from them. Anger began to replace my grief and I wanted to kill the dogs. Suddenly the front door came open, and out walked all my precious nephews. I was so happy I nearly fainted. I finally gave up chasing the dogs, and never saw the remains again.
Mother found the head and body a few days later, when I was at college. She no longer recalls where she buried it thirty years ago. My sister Malva saw the baby Bigfoot when it was still alive. She said it could run real fast unlike a human baby. She said it appeared to be about one year old, and was laughing as Red was chasing it down. She said the dogs were fighting over it for about a half hour. Her and mother were watching out the front window of our house. She said only a few minutes before I arrived, that the injury began. I felt very bad for the baby Bigfoot. It would have made a great pet. My sister said it was very athletic as it played with the dogs. She said it had fine hair on its face, and large hands ears and feet.
My family was joyously celebrating Christmas Eve in 1984 with many of our relatives. We were busy opening some of our presents, when my brother began peering  out the kitchen window. He softly whispered Dennis somebody is carrying away your chickens over the back fence. He didn't want to upset any of our guests. It was getting dark and the yard light couldn’t illuminate the area because of the barn. I sprang to my feet and ran to the back fence in socks. My boots were off because I was about ready for bed. As I was climbing over the fence, a thought struck me. Maybe this thief is packing heat. The heister came into view with the chickens squaking in each hand. Cowardly he wouldn't turn and speak to me. The air was so full of tension you could cut it with a knife. When to make the first move, I just wasn't sure.
I forcefully grabbed his arm spinning him around, and demanded he release my birds immediately. This huge fist came out of nowhere and plowed into my jaw. The force drove me back six feet into a group of cedar trees. This made me furious because I wasn’t being hostile towards him. In a few short seconds I responded with four quick jabs to his stomach. I heard him lose his wind,as his body slumped over. Buried my foot into his crotch and realized he was nude. All the sudden shivers ran through me as I recognized the beast.  I was now a scrappy six foot nine inch kick boxer,  who weighed well over three hundred pounds. I hammered his thick skull and hairy body with my feet and fists. Next he began biting me all over my head. He almost scratched my skin off with these huge finger nails. The Bigfoot flung me into the cedar trees. where my brother had built a tree house. I climbed into the tree house, and jumped upon my attacker's shoulders. This drove us both into the sandy ground. I yelled for my brother and cousin Archie aka the ice pick Nelson to get back across the barbed wire fence. Neither were a match for this giant of a man. He began clamping his huge hands around my throat, I knew I would be a goner if I didn't have some help.
My nephew Christopher Brown came running to my aid. He jumped upon the Bigfoots back and pressed a stun gun to its head.  The Bigfoot relaxed his grip and I screamed  release the dogs. We had them in pens because of relatives being here. My mother's cousin Dorthy Nelson from Tonkawa Oklahoma was running my way. She had pulled her pistol from her purse planning to rescue me. In the darkness I was afraid she could accidentally shoot me. When she heard me scream for the release of the dogs, she stopped and unlatched their doors. The excited mastiffs were already foaming at the mouth, ready to bite my attacker. Mastiffs have the jaw strength of a african lion. They hit the Bigfoot like a freight train, crushing him into the ground. I was terrified they would maul me by mistake in their frenzy. The Bigfoot screamed in pain as the punishing jaws tore at his flesh. From the screams, I knew it was not human. Soon the bloody Bigfoot was up and running with the mastiffs in hot pursuit.
When they took me to the emergency room, I was covered in large bites and deep scratches. I have no idea what the emergency department thought about all my unusual wounds. Dad said I looked like a bear had got a hold of me. The beast fractured my skull in five places and bruised me from head to toe. It took eighty stitches to sew up all my bites. The bites and scratches took forever to heal, probably because of the Bigfoot's bacteria. If I had been able to grab one of the baseball bats in the tree house, things could have turned out a little differently. Maybe then I could have captured the mighty Bigfoot. I didn't hate the Bigfoots now, but I did have more respect for them. Maybe it considered my arm grab as an attack on it.
Bigfoots grow about twice as fast as a human, and age at the same rate. Most do not live past thirty years old. We noticed this the forty years we were observing them near Colony Eakly and Weatherford. They are able to milk cows in the pasture for thier babies. Males are extremely interested in women having their periods. That is the reason they steal so many women's panties. One year when I was living near Ghost Mound the Bigfoots stole every females panties in a eight square mile area. Sheriff deputies never solved the break ins. Finally coon hunters found them in hollow trees on the creek. This really scared my mother and sisters since we had no policemen nearby, and dad was absent on weekends. When my cousin Renee and Vickie were having their periods as children, the Bigfoots would follow us through pastures and fields for hours. They never scared Renee again because she carried a pistol. If they got too close, she would fire off a few rounds in the air.
Once we were deer hunting at Fort Cobb lake and dad left his rifle standing against a tree. We were having breakfast and making plans for the day. Suddenly a loud bang erupted behind us and a loud buzz went past my head. A Bigfoot had seized dad's gun and got a shot off. Since it was a bolt action rifle, the Bigfoot couldn't chamber another round. It was gone in a flash and we never found the gun. I suppose the lesson learned is be very careful with your gun. From that day forward I never let my guns out of my sight while hunting. A wacko could get hold of them, just as easy as a Bigfoot.
When me and my cousins were skinny dipping in Worth Richmond's and Roy Payne's Lake, the Bigfoots never tried to reach us. I think maybe they can't swim. Of course they could have grabbed us while swimming in the creeks. Maybe they just aren't good ambush predators. A few times when the Bigfoots chased me and my brother we took refuge in the center of a farm pond. It seems they detest water above their knees. Once mother ran Bigfoots off with a high pressure water hose. She was babysitting for our neighbors Larry and Debbie Woodrome. The two boys were Johnny Woodrome and Scotty Wooford. They went outside to play while mother was preparing lunch. A few minutes later mother says the boys came running to the house. They told mother there was a monster in the barn with the show heifers. The cattle were haltered to a hitching rail, so they would walk with their head held high. The Bigfoots were raping them, and the heifers couldn't escape. This upset mother so she grabbed the power hose and chased them away.
When I fought the Bigfoot it was much lighter than what it looked. It was the size of Shaquille O'Neal yet it barely weighed two hundred pounds. There body must contain a whole lot less water. From the distance we saw the beasts frequently urinating and defecating watery stool. Generally they cleaned their bottom with leaves or grass. I never saw any solid waste to bring in for research, when I was in college. In a straight race they are much faster than a human. In fact running stimulates their prey instinct. They cannot move quickly if you run a zig zag pattern. Something about their legs won't let them make fast turns. Bigfoots were always trying to copy the things we did around the farm. It seemed they had a strong desire to learn.
My folks Bud and Wanda moved from this location in 1992 to Pink Oklahoma. Dad wanted to be near Lake Thunderbird his favorite fishing hole. Three of his sisters Yvonne, Avis, and Evadean lived in the area. I moved my girlfriend Molly Ahrens into the  house and we stuck it out until 1994. Eventually all my mastiff's were slaughtered by the Bigfoots. They were no match against the volleys of wooden arrows, or the cement blocks that came hurling across the fence. We tried putting up electric fences however they didn’t deter them. They were intelligent enough to ground the wires. Bigfoots and drug dealers began urinating in our well house, so the water wasn't safe to drink. I had no choice but to abandon the property.
It seemed every place I moved the Bigfoots would soon follow. Neighbors would soon complain that someone was trying to scare them wearing a gorilla or bear suit. We would soon hear the same pounding on our walls at night, and the eerie Bigfoot calls. I would then contact the Bigfoot research people, and sure enough Bigfoots were being spotted in my locality. I have no clue why these creatures have been shadowing me my whole life. Finally I moved far away to Rich Hill Missouri so the Bigfoots couldn't find me. Sure enough the local Amish began seeing the Bigfoots, and blamed me for bringing these evil creatures with me. They are quite capable of covering long distances. Once my brother tried to run over a Bigfoot with his car near Fay Oklahoma. We chased him for six miles before he managed to take the ditch. The Bigfoot reached a top speed of fifty miles an hour, but averaged about thirty miles per hour. It was an older individual with some gray hair on its body.
    A friend of mine has said most of the Bigfoots have moved on and left the area. He believes a few big males remain. I guess they are staying behind to protect their territory. Sometimes I wonder if any of the Bigfoots are still alive that I grew up with. If they are, would they still remember me. Are the new generations of Bigfoots more trusting or more elusive?

Friday, December 9, 2016

Bigfoot Observed on Home Surveillance Camera in Idaho

Tracy Brown I have had a few "occurrences "
And one sighting on my surveillance camera.
Kelly Shaw Have you posted your surveillance camera footage?
Tracy Brown Lol..there was no hard drive at the time..i had gotten the bare bones..when that happened I naturally went to rewind to view..(with my ex's system there was a hard drive) yes it was disappointing..i did soon there after purchased one for it.
The momory is burned in my mind.
North of Sandpoint Idaho
Kelly Shaw If you are OK with it. I would love to feature your surveillance camera sighting on my RMSO Bigfoot blog? If you are alright with it and when you find the time you can email your story to me at
Tracy Brown I am searching for photos of the
View from outside the house..I lived there 3 yrs ago..So far I found video out a different side of the house..and a video of the inside ..which is close to the view I had the surveillance camera pointing..if you follow that.
Bare with me...A lot of my photos are not on my computer..but should be on a disc somewhere.
Still need to sketch the figure walking past fence (it was a side view) so I didnt see its face..and I think im ojay with was freaky enuff ...
Tracy Brown Finally found what i had recreated...the fence was 6'
I cut out a paper creature and fixed it to the fence.
I should have video from the other side of the fence..when we had a large windstorm that blew down many trees..not sure where that disc the moment.
Tracy Brown I had been living here for two weeks...the owners where in N.D.
Working the oil field. The house had been vacant for a year or more. I heard voices on my driveway on the opposite side of the house ..the pic of the mountains..
I went to view the camera monitor, which had 4 screens up.
While looking at the two boys coming down the driveway, movement in another camera caught my eye.
The thing was passing by the fence in the opposite direction.
So the boys were heading toward the creek the BF was heading away. Just below this area..behind the house where it was coming from is a type of cliff...with many trees and then the creek then the street. Down there would be a pretty nice place for him to hang out.
The fur was reddish brown and matted. My first thought was the figure looked in hanging your head in depression..and then the hair became apparent to me, being all over. Big bulky thing. I even think my recreation cutout could have been wider.
I ran to grab my shotgun and was at the front door in seconds.
Saw nothing when I looked out the side window.
I have been trained as a police officer..I just reacted.
This area of Idaho has a reputation..
Of everyone owning gun and being very rough. Gun shots often. NO ONE..would commit suicide in this way..dressing up etc. I was afraid to be outside for about a month. It was July.
There were other occurances here as well.
Tracy Brown I estimate it to have been 7.5' tall.
I measured the ground behind the fence to the top of the fence at 6'

Tracy Brown Found the file of video I took after the wind storm. Shortly after taking video I was on the porch outside and heard a true wood knock from down below the house and a response from across the property, which is thickly wooded.

Kelly Shaw Thank you for digging up all of this. Did you decide on doing your Bigfoot sketch?

Tracy Brown I thought the re actment photo was good enuff..but i will show u the sketch...its a side view.

Tracy Brown If its cool Id like to share my opinion on BF locations...
(From believer to knower..)
I believe they are very close to populous. ..We are mostly in populated area...with other of us in the outskirts or rural areas..I believe they are on the edges of the wilderness...where they can easily go in and out of "our" areas.. I dont believe they solely or mostly are far into wilderness areas. I believe the are quite similar to are interested in our things and property.. And choose to live, close.
Like we move to get close to nature ..they, I believe, are close to us. Just my feeling.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Greyish Bigfoot Spotted in High Sierras

Hi Kelly, The first sighting took place in the winter in December 2013  on a very cold day in the single digits. During that winter the area didn't get much snow and because of this I was able to drive further back towards Ebbett's Pass, just before where the gate is locked. I went to explore an area where I found some nice bigfoot tracks(14 and 17 inches) earlier that spring up on a steep mountain side. Nearby is a creek that goes up deep into the high sierra with no trails in the area. When I crossed the creek I heard something big come crashing down the mountain towards me in which I quickly went back to my vehicle and took off. I decided to drive back down the road just about a half mile and pulled off where Silver Creek is. I went across silver creek and started to scan the mountain ridge with my Parks Binoculars just above where I heard something crashing down the mountain. As I was scanning towards the top of this rocky volcanic cliff I'd notice this tall hairy creature standing there looking over the valley that I was down in. The sun was just starting to set over the mountains to the west. The sun was gleaming on it's greyish hair. I estimated it to be about eight feet tall and probably about 800 lbs. I watched it for about five minutes. I then reach for my  phone to take a photo but by the time I got it out it stepped off the rock it was standing on. A few weeks later I got over the fear and hiked up to the top of that peak and discovered a cave right behind where it was standing on the other side of the peak. There was some stacked rocks just before the cave where this narrow gorge was that lead to the cave. Also there was two rocks that someone or something put on a small boulder that would fit perfect in a large hand which I felt from where they were located would be used for a ambush to kill a deer. I took one of the rocks home to put next to one of my castings of the 14 inch tracks. Nobody was back there the whole time I was there and left as it was getting dark. 
The second encounter happen last  summer about 1500 feet higher west of the first encounter. I went to an area where I found the same 14 and 17 inch tracks in 2014 by a pond not far from a road side crossing sighting by two deer hunters back in the 70' one evening. Anyways I parked by a creek and crossed to go up this very steep mountain side where there are no trails. As I came up to the top of the ridge, I stepped on a small rock only to have this very large creature make this loud snort sound coming out of it's nose. I flew back maybe ten feet as it went back on the other side of the ridge just a few feet. It then tossed a rock just to the left of me. That's when I pulled my side arm out and rushed back down the mountain side looking back behind me all the way down. It was in the morning hours and on a sunny day. The winds were heavy that day and because of that I believe I spooked it as it didn't hear me coming up from the other side of the mountain as it was probably sitting there watching below on it's side down on a creek below it. This is the direction that the deer hunter saw this bigfoot come from that evening. That was the reason I went up there to look because I felt it was hanging out somewhere along that ridge during the day time laying low till night time. Plus that was one of the areas I found tracks. I just didn't think I would come upon it that quick. Didn't get a good look at it as it happened so quick.

Casting is near latest encounter which was casted just feet from pond with bigfoot walking away from shoreline. Top of  mountain is where first sighting was and was taken just weeks afterwards.  Silver Peak is last photo which is 10,000 feet in elevation.   

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Three Mile Minnesota Bigfoot Track Way in Snow

This three mile track way of bigfoot foot prints in Canada just across the boarder from Minnesota is personally my favorite track way.
I have learned more about bigfoot traits & habits during this 15 minute video than I have from all other bigfoot evidence combined over the last 10 years.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Russian Bigfoot Video

Bigfoot Video From Russia
Appears to be a Bigfoot crossing the road in Russia

Friday, October 28, 2016

Baskatong Lake Canada Bigfoot Sighting

Danny from Quebec Canada writes.

Hi, like we talk, this is my story, it happen in 1982 ( I was 12 and my brother 10 ) in mid sepember, close to Baskatong lake ( reservoir ) I was with my dad and brother autistic, so, we suppose to stay 6 days, but things start to happen on the second night, my brother was outside around 1:00 am, I know he was out, I was thinking he was going for bathroom job, but I heard him talking, he does not talk to himself, so I wake my dad and I went outside, like he was talking to somebody, when I got close I heard a trashing noise in the woods, about 25 feet from us, my brother was angry because he said I scared his friend, so we went back to sleep, the morning after, my brother went to the same place and did not want to move from there, he was waiting for he's friend to come back, my dad was starting to get mad, so my brother went in the tent and stay there, I did not think of nothing at the time, I was young and my brother kind of sick, the next night,( arround the same time ) the same, my brother gone, we even put a string on him and to my arm so I know if he goes outside when sleeping, but he manage to take it off, when I saw he was gone again, I went look for him, I heard him talking again, like he was talking to somebody, I did go see him but more quiet this time, soon my brother see me, same trashing noises, I was thinking a bear with the heavy trashing, but a bear wont stay there to talk, I bring him back but this time he was really mad, he was mad because he said that I do everything to stop him from having friends, the real action happen on the third night, this time my brother could not get out of the rope, so he start crying and getting angry, my dad wakes up and told my brother to stop ( in a good way ) not even 10 second after that we heard something moving away from the tent, this is where it get crazy, my dad step out of the tent with the gun ( 12 gauge ) something landed right beside him, he shoot 2 times top try to scare what was there, my brother start to cry because of the shoots, and then we heard a screaming noise, very close to the one I see in the video, and stuff start flying all over, like it was more than 1, my dad grab my brother and told me to run for the truck, so we run, I was thinking that my dad was going crazy, he shoot 2 more times and start to run to the truck, he was white and all wet, I remember that my dad when he got to the truck got sick, shaking alot, we got fast in the truck and soon after 2 big bang, something hit the truck, 1 looks like a rock, but the second one more like a bull that hit the truck, I was young, but I remember it like it was yesterday, I think the truck move a bit too, and my dad step on the gas till we got to the road, he stop and smoke a ciguarette, I remember that the ciguarette was shaking alot, he got back in the truck, but when he was outside he was looking to see if something was coming, we got back home and my dad never say a word all the way back, at home he did not talk about it, or he talk to my mom alone,( he never return to get the tent and other camping stuff ) nobody talk about it but my brother talk about it for almost 5 months, he never remember or talk about another day, this was the firt time he did something like that, even the doctors did not know why, it was always about the friend or friends in the woods, about 6 months after, he runs to my room and say, come see my baby friend, I said I was doing something, so he went back in the living room, couple of minutes after, I was thinking, what friend ?, in the living room, he was looking at the TV, it was some monkeys, I did not know how to react because I was thinking of the adventure in the woods, and could it be what he was talking about, I went back to my room and look for pictures of monkeys, and I find one from a gorilla, I show the pictures to my brother and he said, yes my friend, but always the pictures that the gorilla was standing up, never the one it was on 4 legs, he keeps 2 pictures of gorilla on the wall in he's room for 2 years, and he was hidding them from my dad, I talk to my dad 8 years ago about that night, and he told me, I dont remember, but just look at his face and I knew he remember, he just did not want to talk about it, looks like my brother was really talking or whatever with something and even see it, how can he say something if he has the autistic thing, well I did not see it, just in the truck with the brake light I saw a silouette, it was massive, big, and not a bear, looks like 7-8 feet, but I was little so maybe I see things bigger, so this is my story, so now I'm the only one that remember that, just another thing, 5-6 years after that, for a present I buy a big gorilla or bear, lol, I'm not sure what it was, I give this to my brother and he let go of all the toys he had for present and keep the gorilla, you should see the face he had, it was like he remember something, the vocalisation I got was in october, so not really sure if it was a hunter, sound almost like the one I check on your channel, and another sound but could not explain it, sound like a baseball bat on a rock or tree ( 4 of them ), that is it, this experience at that age affected me alot, but I keep going in the woods, I would like to see what my brother had seen, and the most, was he talking with it really or he was just thinking he talk to something, I know he was talking, but nobody talk back, so it is hard to make something out of it, and with the problem he had, he would never say oir do something to attract attention he does not know what it is anyways, still a big weird story and hope I can have some answers one day, sorry if my message is a bit long, and my writing is not that great in english, good luck and thank you for letting me share my story

Friday, October 21, 2016

Hikers claim to have filmed Bigfoot in Indonesia

The video isn't very convincing. However the hikers claim this large, lumbering, man-like creature was bigfoot walking under a waterfall from a distance. Filmed with a shaky camera & a bit blurry.
Decide for your self, this definitely is not the next Patterson/Gimlin video.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Eugene's Bigfoot Sighting Adobe Buttes & Gunnison River Colorado

Hey guys,
The "sighting" I referred to on Reddit happened on 2-5-2014.  This was my 2nd sighting of Sasquatches in this area.  I was taking my dogs out into Adobe Buttes to let them run and chase things.  I'm an amputee (just one leg) so I go into remote areas so I can let the dogs run off-leash.  We travel in my 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport.
very bumpy
We came around a bend to where I could see down a good 100' into a series of washes with steep sides.  I saw an adult Sasquatch walking side-by-side with a juvenile coming down along the bottom of one of the washes.  I was about 100 yards away from them.  When they saw me they darted into one of the side canyons and I never saw them again.  They seemed to be generally headed in the direction of the Gunnison River. 
I proceeded to drive further back that road, about 2 miles further.  I came to a deep canyon/arroyo that's about 30' deep with straight up-n-down sides.  I like this spot because there's a "cut" going down into the canyon and back up the other side.  It's where the seasonal sheep herders move the flock from one side of the canyon to the other.  Mule deer and Pronghorn Antelopes also use that cut, as do things like coyotes and rabbits, and Sasquatches. 
Anyway, the dogs were out running around and I walked down into the canyon.  Wanted to see if there was any water flowing down there.  It was wet, considering it was only 5 degrees outside that day!  I was looking around and saw what looked like a small kid's bare foot-prints in the mud, about 5 inches long.  The tracks showed it had been walking around down there and stopped to look up the canyon around a tight bend with a lot of brush. 
I had my camera with me, but didn't have it turned on when I saw the 2 creatures.  I did take pix of the foot prints, which I put on Imgur:
My first sighting happened up on Smith Mountain while I was driving through a rocky area on the road with both my dogs in the Jeep.  A large male Sasquatch ran across the road in front of us, about 50' ahead.  This was also in the 1st week of February, but a year earlier, in 2013.
The Sasquatch saw the Jeep and stopped in front of a juniper pine tree, looked at me, then went down onto it's knees, as if to hide?  I turned around in the Jeep to make sure both my dogs were still in there, since the windows were down.  Neither dog even saw it.  When I turned back around, it was gone.  There's lots of places out there to hide in those junipers.
Once again the camera was sitting on the seat, not turned on, so I didn't get any pix of it.  I went back about a week later and looked at that pine tree and the Sasquatch had to have been over 8' tall.  It was covered in fur the exact same color as an Irish Setter's fur would be.  It's face was the only thing that didn't have hair on it, but I still only got a fraction of a second's worth of view of it.  What startled me most were it's eyes.  It looked like it was looking right through my soul, if I had one.
My 2 sightings happened about 8 or 9 miles apart, but both times were in desert terrains.  Adobe Buttes is about 5,600' in elevation and Smith Mountain averages around 6,500'.  From the direction the male was traveling, it had to have just climbed up over a 300' cliff to get up to where we were (the road runs about 30 feet over from the edge of that cliff).  It was also headed towards the Gunnison River and towards the town of Hotchkiss.
Good Luck Out There...

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Shoshone Bigfoot "Tsawhawbitts" Meaning "Cannibal Giant" RMSO Explores This Legendary Location

Arguably one of the most remote locations in the lower 48

This legendary Bigfoot location was
first named Tsawhawbitts by Shoshone Natives meaning
"Cannibal Giants"

Settlers moved in to mine gold & renamed it Jarbidge meaning
"Monster That Lurks In The Canyon"
Also means
"Weird Beastly Creature"

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