Thursday, November 5, 2015

Is this Bigfoot vocalizing near the 77 sighting location

Clip with the vocalization.
77 Bigfoot sighting report.

Suspect Bigfoot structure at the 77 Bigfoot sighting location.

Derek's 1st look at the structure at 77 Bigfoot sighting location.

Eye shine video near structure during night investigation.

Eye shine video a couple of miles away from 77 Bigfoot sighting.

Suspect Bigfoot track way in snow near eye shine incident.

Something running up mountain & hiding from us near where we found the large footprints in the snow.


  1. the vocalization weren't no bear........ and the eye shine if ya was to ask me it had a hold of the branch above sure did look like it was looking around for one of it`s buddy`s i believe they come in two`s or more and constantly want to know where the others are

  2. We recorded this vocalization 2 years ago. Listened to it hundreds of times, & cant place it to a known animal in the area. Finally decided it was time to share it with our viewers. Agree they are rarely alone.