Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Two Years of Bigfoot investigations in Deadwood

After reading the three Bigfoot sighting reports by 5 witnesses in 24 hours we had to go to Deadwood.
Because of the Bigfoot sightings surrounding this location we already knew it was a Bigfoot sighting hotspot. It is surrounded by The River of no return wilderness, Challis National Forest & Salmon National Forest. Twice the size of Yellowstone National Park. Over 4.5 million acres of untouched primitive forest for a Bigfoot to live un-molested by man kind.
Prolog to the location of the Bigfoot sightings.
1st Bigfoot sighting.
2nd Bigfoot sighting.
Location of 3rd Bigfoot sighting.
Full Bigfoot expedition to Deadwood October 2014.
Next 3 videos full Bigfoot expedition to Deadwood July 2015.
Hike to Logging Boss Bigfoot sighting.
Night investigation.
Drive to Deadwood.
View of Deadwood from the air.
Drive from Cascade to Deadwood.

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