Friday, October 23, 2015

Does a deadly species of Bigfoot dwell & hunt humans in the forests of South Montana?

For more than a century there have been tales of an aggressive Wildman described as what most today would call Bigfoot in South Montana. Tales of it attacking people & even sometimes killing them by Native Americans & early settlers. With so many disappearing or being found dead of mysterious circumstances in South Montana. We bring up the question, is there still a deadly descendent of this Wildman or Bigfoot stalking these remote Montana wilderness areas?
Report of an attack near Bear Mouth Montana
Late President of the US Teddy Roosevelt's tale of his close friends deadly encounter with a Wildman.
RMSO expedition & discovery of Bauman's deadly Bigfoot location.
News report of a man missing in South Montana. He was later found dead of unusual circumstances.
RMSO video about 2014 Baumann reports
Another missing person with in a year.
Another missing person in same location Baumann was missing.
Most recent missing person a hunter in South Montana
Bigfoot sighting South Montana


  1. my guess, if there is a group ofdeadly squatches in a certain area 2 things come to mind. 1, disease of some sort? Genetics got off kilter maybe? 2, being hunted by man in that area has turned them deadly angry at man? For example, Man hunted and killed their family members.. I'd be Pissed!

  2. Agree any of those reasons may turn one of a lineage of them into aggressive personalities.

  3. No question in my mind that some of the Bigfoot in this area are unusually aggressive and territorial. This may be due to local food supply, in some areas the land is full of deer and elk year round, so they don't need to move around much and may get very protective of their food supply. Several examples of them making off with hunters may be they consider those THEIR deer or THEIR elk, and don't appreciate us hunting their food supply.